New Seal Album “Soul 2” to be released in November (and my image made the cover)!

New Seal Album “Soul 2” to be released in November!


My image from the Paris show made the cover and there are 6-7 more inside  the booklet and back cover!  

Just found out today that the new Seal Album “Soul 2” will be released in November, which is extra super cool because my image made the cover! I have to say, I think it is his coolest album cover ever (but I am biased), lol. Anyway, check out the info at SEAL.COM!

BTW, the cover image was shot with a Leica M9 and 50 Noctilux wide open at 0.95 in Paris France!


  1. Yes, congratulations. It is always very nice to be recognized for your hard work and passion. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Steve,

    A hearty and well-deserved congratulations – the images are wonderful. Here’s to making your dreams come true.


  3. .
    Terrific, congrats! ..Now’re you’ll start hustling record companies..? More hard work ..aaarghh! ..looking forward to buying my 1st Seal album/download ..especially for the artwork!

  4. The picture is amazing . . .

    And thinking it was taken in low light, @ 0.95 with manual focus camera . . they’ll conclude, Steve is the master . .

    Congrats buddy.

  5. Hey man congrats! I remember not too long ago you let out a couple of post that sounded like the site wasn’t going to make it, but you seem to have had quite the comeback and some great success. Its been a great journey to watch.

  6. That’s a cool pic! Would look great printed on a 12″ vinyl album cover. Shame they don’t make too many of those any more!

    • Actually vinyl production is growing by huge amounts. They make tons of new albums on vinyl, and brand new. I buy new (and used) vinyl on amazon all the time. A lot of newer albums even come with a coupon for free digital download as well.

      • That’s good to hear. I always thought the covers made a great canvas. I used to enjoy buying those. CDs and MP3s are more convenient, but buying music on vinyl always felt more special. More like you actually owned the album due to the physical size of the thing and impact the covers had. I still have my Technics SL 1200s. Been going strong for years. Just as I imagine my M7 will. As convenient as digital is, film and other analog formats will always have their place. With film photography I see it as an escape from being concerned about the ever changing face of digital photography or chasing the latest gadget. Camera, lens, film… done! Lets go take some pictures. Advancements in technology are great, but can be distracting at times too.

  7. Well done, Steve, you must be thrilled to bits – not only the album cover, but the inside book and back cover. It is a great photograph of Seal, and you deserve the honour, as I am sure you worked your backside off on the tours.

  8. Excellent work steve. what a reward! They must have had a real hard time to choose only 1 picture out of the millions we saw on your site.

    • this is ridiculous.. Steve is the official photographer.. of course Seal will use his captures.. duh.. nothing really surprising..

      • I guess you don’t know how music labels and art directors work. Just because you’re a tour photographer doesn’t mean you’re going to be used on the packaging. Photographers selected to do cover shoots by the label and art directors tend to command 3 times the day rate as tour guys. So big ups to Steve, great work!

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