Daily Inspiration #277 by Zacharie Rabehi

Hi Steve,

Even before to introduce myself, i would like to apologize for my english since I am a french speaker. Your website and in particular, the Daily Inspiration part has been to me a joy to read since months when i first came to check your gears revues. I started to take photos with my canon 60D, after discovering like many other video makers the still image function on the DSLR :). Now I can’t stop and I just purshased a 35mm film camera to click even more. The last month of August, I have been touring around India (where i live) for a Music festival. My job was to produce a movie about those events but during my free time, I took my camera and went to explore the citys we were crossing.

Here are a selection of photos which I have captured in Chennai and Kolkata (Madras and Calcutta). The first one is the portrait of this kid which i can’t recall the name… who showed me around where he lived in Chennai.

The second one is also been taken chennai and shows an other kid jumping from a truck wheel to the grass where a lots of nasty things are lying…

The third one has been taken near the road in Kolkata where all this young boys were playing in the water. This is a shot taken just before one of them enter in the water after jumping.

Thanks for reading,

Zacharie R.



  1. Nice snippets of happiness in an otherwise harsh urban existence! I hope to send in mine from Delhi to Steve soon!

  2. These are stellar! Very nice work! And I like in particular the wide angle you chose for your pictures, since it includes so much background information that might otherwise have been lost.

  3. Nice images and lovely tones. The first portrait is beautiful and the second image is brought alive by the separation in his fingers of both hands and the boy in the background looking on. Without that the image would not have been half as good – decisive moment and good composition! Well done.

  4. playing barefoot in the sand, jumping on tractor tires and swimming in the puddles of stagnant water.. how I miss my childhood..

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