1. I sent the camera in for repair in October due to aperture blades sticking. The problem presented at approx. 1000 actuations as increasing overexposure from f11-f16. Fuji were great about servicing the camera, sending Purolator courier to my door and back with a fixed camera (new lens assembly) in one week.

    Unfortunately, the serviced unit has now experienced the exact same failure after about the same number of exposures. This time it failed in Antarctica, so it is a good thing I had a backup camera with me.

    I will shortly be on my third Fuji lens assembly in less than 3000 exposures. Maybe they now understand the problem and can permanently fix what they could not in October. Maybe not. I don’t know, because Fujifilm has no official statement on the matter.

    One can argue that the problem is not common enough to warrant a statement. Perhaps, but the catch is that Fuji are likely the only ones with enough data to answer the question. What I do know is many, many people online present with the exact same problem with this camera and it presents in very similar ways. There will be selection bias on internet forums in favour of those who have a problem. However, there is likely a factor leading to underreporting as well: many people who bought an X100, or any nice new camera for that matter, may not have actually shot thousands of frames with it in a short time. If it takes many exposures for the problem to assert itself, there may be many people with less used X100s who think all is well.

    Like the last time my camera was repaired, I was assured by Fuji that this time the fix would prevent the problem from recurring. It is an excellent camera, with amazing image quality in a portable body with excellent service to back it. But I cannot throw it alone into a travel bag and trust it will get the job done when it has failed on two occasions. Every time I need to change a 32gb card, I’ll be wondering if the lens assembly is going to be needing a change as well.

    Fuji needs to make a detailed statement on this issue. For all potential buyers of the X100, my experience is that you cannot trust the camera’s reliability. As a potential buyer of Fuji’s upcoming products, it makes it hard to trust the brand despite great image quality and repair service.

    Hopefully third time is a charm and the lens assembly works as it should. I’ll report that if it is the case. But even if it is for me, lacking a statement from the company I wouldn’t assume the same will be true for others.

  2. I bought mine about two months ago and have the same problem. Bought many cameras in last 10 years. This is my worst experience. Stay away from X100 if Fujifilm does not provide a solution to the problem.

  3. I love my X100, but it sadly got SAD (sticky aperture disease) after 7000 shots. It’s in service now. I guess that many (maybe most) people haven’t done so many shots with their X100 yet. It’s directly stupid of Fuji not to make any statement at all after so much hysteria in forums. I would propably buy Leica X1 now if I could choose.

  4. I’m another x100 owner that has had the sticky blade issue come up – didn’t believe it would happen to me and thought it was overblown. Did some genuine research and lo and behold it is a real problem… something that FUJI really need to get on top of, they are sitting on a real winner with the X series, just ignoring the problem wont make it go away!

    Most worrying is the replacment policy of FUJI, they dont seem to really know what the problem is so getting a new lens unit may or may not fix the problem – quite a few repeat cases out there which suggests that it may be a combination of the lens AND the camera body – really pretty worrying for a camera marketed at professionals.

  5. The sticky blade issue as it’s being discussed and the just pathetic behavior of people on both sides, including the posting of so much personal information and ridicule for the lady from Fuji who issued a perfectly helpful response to someone inquiring about the problem, all that just flat convinced me to buy the camera make up my own mind. And to stay far away from dpreview’s Fuji forum. I put a lot of releases on a camera very quickly. If there’s a problem it’s going to show before my warranty has expired.

  6. The sticky blade issue is way overblown out of proportion. I had it on my first x100, and it hasn’t appeared on my second after thousands of exposures. Its just a few people bringing it up over and over again, and another bunch of people who start worrying about it when they don’t even own the camera.

    Kinda got pretty ridiculous. Point is, get the camera if you think it suits your shooting style. If it fails, send it in for repair.

    • sounds like a real issue to me that a fair amount of people have had, at least more than should.

      Oh, and for a lot of casual users your exposure count may not get up enough to even see if this is going to be an issue. So, say it happens and the warranty is out. SOL!

      • I agree, its a real issue. I experienced it myself. Its already been extensively discussed and fervently argued about in the dpreview forums – although I gave up arguing in there already, one should keep in mind that its the same people posting again and again in multiple forums, a flawed sample in any case. Most casual users wouldn’t even frequent the forums – they just use the camera and enjoy it if its their kind of camera.

        Most posters in the forums just go on and on about the problem without even having the camera – however, there are a few longtime and well respected members in the dp forums who have had it happen a few times already, and are acting real reasonable about it. Fuji could be handling this alot better than it is doing now, and just acknowledge this issue officially and put people’s minds at rest. Sounds like Fujifilm has differing standards in service in different countries. Canada, US, EU, UK seems to be really good. Singapore is decent from my own experience. Australia, by all reports are downright bad.

        I’m pretty divided on the issue; while I have experienced it once, and haven’t yet gotten it again on my second camera after about 2000 – 3000 shots, I’m having hope that it won’t return again. Its worrying, but the camera is too enjoyable to shoot with for me to sell it off.

        • Well said. I’ve got an X100 (along with an M9) and I’m worried because I’m a casual user. I also almost only shoot at f/2 too so I’m worried I won’t see it in time for my warranty to be up.

    • What can I say. I just can’t bring myself to spend $1200 on something that has a known issue(s). The same goes for the 5n I just returned for the video clicking noise.

      This has really made me appreciate my 5D MKII with the 50mm 1.4. It’s been quite reliable and I now realize it’s not really that big of a deal to carry around.

      • Agreed!

        People seem to moan about DSLRs being too big. My 5D mark II is not that much bigger than the M9 with a fixed focal length, such as the 50 1.4, Heck, even the 50 1.2 is quite OK in size.

        • Agreed about the 5D mk2. It is super light!

          I had the x100, and it totally crapped out on me on the 3rd day of ownership! Awesome camera but really slow compared to the Canons I own…and 5D mk2 is by far not the fastest DSLR lol. I really want to buy a EP3. I had GF1 and I enjoyed using it daily… I am hearing rumors that a pro GF model is being announced this week with a built in EVF and manual controls.

      • I see your point, especially when you’d rather not have to mess around with the servicing. Its a legitimate concern, and Fujifilm should really do something about it. My only contention is that people are making it seem alot worst than it really it – the forums are painting a real bad picture, which I doubt is actually true.

        On the other hand – the 5D MKII is a great camera! Have fun shooting 🙂

    • It is not been an issue for me or for my two friends that also owns an X100. Haven’t had the slightest problem at all after several thosand shots.

  7. i own one and i have no sticky blade problem … no problem i can recognize .

    i hate a love/hate relation with it.
    it’s so close to be the best camera ever ….

    a simpler menu, a lockable nob for aperture compensation, the ability to get rid of every settings about jpeg and why not a full frame sensor and it would be the best camera ever.

  8. I ordered and then cancelled the order after reading about the sticky blade issues – it seems to be a real issue.


    On a side note – I would love to see you review the Panasonic G3 and the 25mm Voightlander 0.95 Nokton. Any chance of that?

  9. The x100 forum on DPreview has become the Stick aperture blade forum. X100 everywhere are reportedly to have stick blades and people are infuriated.

    BTW, the leica m9-p at B&H is still in stock since last week!!! =D

  10. I Was thinking of buying another one. Alas their handling of the sticky aperture blade issue precludes it. Well. Lack of handling. They haven’t been honest. Their used warranty sucks. And people are getting them back only to experience it again. Shame on Fiji. They could have handled this so much better and not left bitter.

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