Daily Inspiration #313 by William Jusuf

Dear Steve..

I want to share my short sudden trip to Kuala Lumpur on 30-31st Jan 2012..

Since I suddenly be called to comes there..

Only pack 1 ransel to go , shirt for 2 days.

I only bring my GF2 and Pannie 25 mm F1.4..

After the long meeting.. I had 1 chance to travel arround for just few hours..

I decided to try learning how to shoot in the real street… in a place I never been before..

This is my first time to Kuala Lumpur and without any preparation … since everything is so sudden.

I grab my little bag , containing my passport , some cash and GF2 + Pannie 25 mm F1.4 for warm up.. I shot a nice gentleman that is so serious doing text messaging in hotel lobby … then off I go , by myself,

I didnt even know where to go … I just said to the driver.. I want to see their traditional market..

He took me to this street called Petaling street..

then I wonder around in that street from 6 – 8 PM… before it rains….

I strengthen myself to take pictures in places I am not familiar with then trying to interact to people with different languages and culture.

After 2 hours wandering arround in Petaling street, it start to get raining so I went back to hotel to rest since I got very early flight the next day..

I want to share my first experience shooting in the real street… close to all the people.. since I got the 25 mm Pannie only…

Thank you for encouraging advices that I learn from this site from all the wonderful people.

I wish I will keep growing in capturing the moments through the glass




  1. very nice set. I like the 4th picture the most. it just kind nice timing of these 3 officers there. thanks for sharing the moments

    • Thanks Yong…

      in the 4th picture.. all of us (3 officer + me) are waiting for the green light to cross the street..
      I simply like the light , the street and the pose of those waiting gentlemen.. took up the gf 2
      I aimed focus at the sign board (not the officer) , and shoot ..

      Thanks again

  2. I like these shots. Maybe I’ll take my GF1 on my trip next week on my trip instead of a point and shoot .

    Maybe the people in the second photo are looking toward the grassy knoll?

    • actually , I was standing beside the trotoar , I want to take the old man picture..
      he is the one carrying the bag.. while composing the nice end of road, building and geometrical shape

      I think everything took +/- 5-10 sec, standing there look at my camera LCD..

      I just realized the irritate look from the people walking after reviewing my shot afterward..
      Since I focus in the old man who just took a glance on me and dont seem irritate , also at the geometric shape of the road, car and bulding..

      I also like the bonus from the irritate look of other people and a person backing me with the t shirt…

      Thanks so much for liking the photos…
      It keep encouraging me to keep learning and shooting


  3. malaysia is kinda perfect place for street shooting, so many different culture living together. so much different compare to western culture. streets are full with people and stories. any street photography lover should go there once in their lifetime.

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