Daily Inspiration #314 by Will Storr

Hi Steve,

I hope you’re well. Thought I might send some pics in for a Daily Inspiration. As you may or may not remember, I am a British photo-journalist who uses an M9 in his work (and is also a fan of your excellent site).
Here are some photos that I have taken on assignment in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, interviewing and photographing survivors of rape, which is an enormous problem over there. The stigma is such that male survivors had to be kept anonymous, which posed a bit of a challenge when it came to taking portraits.
The pictures I have submitted here were all taken with my very favourite lens (and, yes, I own Leica glass): the now strangely extinct Voigt 50mm f1.5. I can’t for the life of me understand why this lens is not in production anymore. I love it.
Looking forward to a great year on Steve Huff – can’t wait to see what you make of the brilliant looking new cameras from Fuji and Oly.
The full set of pics can be found here, by the way – http://www.flickr.com/photos/willstorr/sets/72157629218283117/


  1. We have an old church open all day.
    Once in a while one person will go in from time to time for contemplation.
    When i am there and someone else enters i leave so they have their private moment.
    If i am about to enter and i see someone in there i dont enter so they can have their their private ment.

    I wonder if these photos are staged.
    I so they take away from the privacy of such moments.

    If they are not staged.
    I feel uneasy about the intrusion in these photos.
    (Whether the photographer asked the people or not).

    Such things are private.

  2. Bravo ! That’s the difference between “pro bokeh-geeks-gizmos-so-called-photographers” that change their gear every two months because a new version is released or people that take a mortgage to buy a Noctilux just to take photos of their cat and somebody who REALLY uses his camera.

    Framing, colors, postproduction, everything is here.

    Will, your photos don’t any title or comment. They speak for themselves.

  3. Fantastic photos! This is very, very strong work. Thanks for sharing, and also just for taking these pictures and documenting their story.

  4. Sensitive subject matter beautiful shots thanks for helping to bring this travesty to light it can be a brutal world great work

  5. Hello Steve and Will, these photograps are amazing. I really had great joy while watching these.
    Thanks for these good photograps.

  6. this lens is classic and full of character , Well done ..though i think pp is a little in the heavy side specially in the first photo

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