Sony NEX-5n Firmware Update just released!

Today Sony released new Firmware for the NEX-5n camera. Version 1.01 improves AF response in certain situations, improves stability when  using certain features and improves camera operations. CLICK HERE To go get it!


  1. I had my NEX 5N repaired by Sony last year (water damage). I now notice that the Background Defocus feature will not automatically reset to original status. All other creativity features, such as brightness, color, vividness, will automatically reset. Does anyone have this problem? Firmware version is 1.02.

  2. Just back from Canada, shooting with NEX 5N. Shutter froze shooting whales over water and again trying to shoot scenery from inside car

  3. Steve,

    What about the issue of NEX 5N freezing constantly? My unit just got stupid and seems to freeze every time I turn it on and take few pictures. Any reports from other users?

    • I taught i am the only one having the same issue with my NEX5N. I notice it would freeze up when using the 10 sec timer while using the tracking focus at the same time, try tapping the screen twice while holding the shutter button, i can assure you that it would freeze 9 out of 10 times. Does anyone else have the same issue? I am using the kit lens that came with it 18-55 lens

  4. My e-mount lens take way too many revolutions to focus from far to near. I’ve grown quite accustomed to manual focus because of my voigtlander lens, but need the OSS. So I wonder if a firmware upgrade can fix or add an option to change it. Like a mouse setting for acceleration and distance. I’d like to get from near to far in 1/4 turn or so, but am still open to the slower and more careful decellerated focus for micro focus adjustments. Any ideas?

  5. a bit reluctant given that I am shooting a dance performance next month. last thing i want is a chasing focus!!! i’d like to see what others are experiencing.

  6. If Sony is listening, numbered power settings for the flash would be welcome. I’d prefer totally manual flash control. I had an old Olympus point ‘n shoot that enabled me to set up a single flash on a scale of 1-10.

  7. I have tried the upgrade twice and it still has not executed. There are conflicting directions and a need to start a current MAC with OS 10.6 or 10.7 with the 32 bit kernel startup. I will probably call Sony about this.


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