Daily Inspiration #328 by Ohad Bracha

Hi Steve ,

I just recently discovered your site and I love it!. I took the hobby of street photography a few years ago , (still learning ) .
I started with my dad’s Pentax K1000 ( my fav camera so far) , and now I am using my Pentax K20D with mostly the FA20mm , FA31mm, or the FAD100mm.
It would be so amazing if you would find my pictures good enough to post .
As well I am sending you a link to a set from my recent trip to New Orleans where I tried to capture the vibe of this most amazing city :




  1. Let me just add, the middle one is such a great statement, glossy ad against raw reality… I am sharing it on my facebook…

  2. I especially like the first to posted here. What type of processing was done to achieve the look?

  3. This is great stuff. Not easy to get in there close with strange characters in what appears to be a rough part of town. Good results.

  4. Ohad,

    Loving the expressions captured on the faces of the four children in #3, what are the hats all about?


  5. Ohad, I lived in NOLA for 3 years during grad school and your images capture the true vibe of the city. All the good, bad, and ugly. Great job!

  6. oh Wow ! thank you Steve for posting my photos !

    And thanks for the good feedback !,
    Tthe New Orleans is a personal travel album , and some of the photos even thou I technically missed, means something to me from my trip and wanted to keep them .
    I am still learning the art of photography . and for sure New Orleans at night with people dancing and a second line band marching was a great challenge even with a fast sharp Pentax lens, ( user error ).
    but I did learn on this trip to use better the exposure compensation . the K20D being a little older camera does not have the best high ISO , actually anything above 800 ISO gets very grainy .

    about B&W vs Color its always an issue , to me B&W photos looks timeless especially in older cities like NYC or New Orleans once you take a picture in B&W it could look the same as a picture form another decade , and many times I want to keep the time as part of the picture. as well I find that producing a good B&W picture is still a challenger for me. but it definitely something I would like to master .

    Thanks again!!

  7. Many of your photo is very good, but why not make some in black and white, it gives a special atmosphere that will be good for your shooting style ….. I think!

  8. Ohad, the three images in the main post are great! I also viewed all 105 images in the link, and there are many I love there, too, but the ones with missed focus detract from the set.

    I was in NOLO last May for the first time and I think you have done a great job of capturing its vibe. Your work is inspiring to me.

    Thanks for sharing,

    D7000 Guy

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