Daily Inspiration #329 by Ray David

Hello Steve!

I’m a huge fan of your site. I am a Registered

Nurse from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Whether I am on a 12 hour

day or night shift I do not start my work until I visit your site. I

have been using the Sony NEX 5N along with the kit lens and the 16mm

pancake for about 4 months now and I have been pretty happy with it

for the most part. On the other end of the spectrum, I sold my GF2

but have kept the 14mm 2.5 to go along with the upcoming E-M5. Ah,

it’s a disease I tell you!


I know Colin Steel and Dan Bar have both

contributed excellent Vietnam photos as party of your Daily

Inspiration. My wife and I along with two friends recently came back

about a month ago and it was a blast! We started from the south of

Vietnam and worked our way up North. Anyway, I thought it would be a

good idea to email you some of my favorites although Vietnam seems to

be a popular Inspiration post. Hopefully you would consider them good

enough to be as an addition to your “Vietnam Daily Inspiration

Coverage”. More power Steve and keep up the excellent work!


Ray David




  1. Thank you for the kind comments everyone. And thank you Steve for letting me share on your site. Vietnam is a fantastic place with many great photo opportunities.

    • Yes it’s quite a joy to use once you get the hang of the menu. At times I wish I had a viewfinder though. Like Steve with the K-01 I find myself shooting blind into the bright sun.

      • I got the viewfinder and recommend it – very expensive of course, but I love it and use it all the time. I still use the back screen for quick reviews and for the tilting when I shoot from ground level, but that EVF really boosted my shots, I reckon. I am a hiker and am often in bright sun. Just have to be careful not to knock it off when carrying/putting the camera away.

        • Do you find the EVF ever coming loose when you do your hikes/walk around? I’m torn whether to get the new 50mm or the EVF 🙂

  2. excellent shots, love them all, especially the stepped rice paddy shot. btw, is this Vietnam?wow, I almost mistaken it for China.

  3. Hi Ray, I really like the first shot, it captures the feel of the cities for me with the lovely motion blur. I hope you found it easier to cross a street than I did !!!! I have been many times to Hanoi and Ho Chi Min but can never get used to the terror of stepping off the pavement 🙂 I also like the mother and child shot (Sapa ??) Do you have any more of these ?

    Thanks for sharing, Colin

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