Daily Inspiration #335 by Suzanne Burkholder

Hi Steve,

I love taking photos at concerts and recently picked up the new Canon G1X to replace my older point and shoot. I went to the Bruce Springsteen concert at the Verizon Center in DC and got some great shots from the floor. The attached photos were converted to B&W using the RAW file and I did a little adjustment to contrast, shadows, cropping, etc…

All were shot in shutter priority mode at ISO 1600, f/5.8, 1/100 sec, 60mm. I was about 70-80 feet from the stage and at the max zoom range of the G1X. The G1X did really well and anyone who likes to shoot concerts should consider it, especially since there are a lot of restrictions on cameras at shows that usually prevent taking an SLR.


Suzanne Burkholder


  1. Suzanne…your photos rock! Hahhaa… really, I think they look edgy the way a concert is meant to be. I shot with a G-10 for almost 3 years and would love to try the G 1X… I have an OM-D on the way. Nonetheless, I think you did well with the Canon. Nice work!

    • Thanks! I would love to try out the OM-D at a show…seems like a great camera, especially when paired with a fast lens.

  2. Nice shots of my favorite artist! I have always loved concert photos but having a hard time sneaking in a decent camera.

  3. Nice pictures! I’ve had the G9, G10 & G12 what a huge improvement in high iso. Looks as though that big chip can really perform. Have you had any of the previous G Models? If so can you tell me how different this one is in use?
    Thanks, Jim

    • I think I had the G5 several years ago. Since then, as far as point-n-shoots go, I’ve had a Canon S2is and a Panasonic DMC-ZS3. High ISO looks great on the G1X – I could probably get away with 3200 easily. Not sure how it compares to the G12 in use but the G1X has the bigger sensor, screen, and can do 1080p video.

  4. Hmmm – nice ocassion of course to shoot but technically I have to say I won’t call them “tack sharp”.

    Iso 1600 is not that high so I presume either the 1/100s has still been to low due to zooming in or the in-camera noise reduction is to strong.

    Just my two Euro-Cents,

    Michael S.

    • I used the RAW files for these images so the in-camera NR was off. They may appear to have some noise due to these being crops from pics taken from the max zoom range (90mm on this camera). Before cropping, the entire stage was visible and no noticeable noise was present at ISO 1600.

  5. S the Boss is still the Boss.
    Send a copy to him (not to small, not to big) and ask for a signature. Send a stamped self addressed envelope for the return. You might get lucky, then you will have a real one off.

  6. Suzanne,

    I don’t care for his political comments during his shows but he still is one my favorites (I’ve been to 2-3 concerts).

    Thanks for sharing and they look great 🙂

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