Daily Inspiration #360 by Jason Boucher

Daily Inspiration #360 by Jason Boucher

Hi Steve and SteveHuffPhoto.com readers. My name is Jason Boucher and I have been a long time reader and fan of Steve Huff and this photography site. Thank you Steve and everyone for the continued inspiration.

I grew up as an oil painter and when I got involved in sports while in junior high, I put all forms of art on the back burner to pursue my passion of cycling. Seven years ago, I picked up a digital point & shoot camera while in Japan for work. While I enjoyed photography, it wasn’t until recently my photographic passion developed. Just a few short years ago I married my two passions of bicycling and photography. My goal was to learn, grow both personally & professionally, and share. Like many other folks, I just simply started a blog to share my pictures and stories. I remember having weeks where I had only a dozen or so clicks. Over time, my skill developed, as did the traffic to my site. My newest blog dedicated to bicycles, photography, people and exploration is www.imaginegnat.com. I fell into my own style of inspirational bicycle photography. I call my style of bicycling photography participatory as my strongest work comes from participating in the activity as opposed to watching it from afar or behind a race baracade.

While I am only an amateur photographer, I have been fortunate to travel the world by bicycle and shoot in amazing places. I shoot quite of bit of work for Salsa Cycles, www.salsacycles.com, my place of employment, and have sold a few images to dedicated cyclists and world wide cycling magazines. I’ve wanted to share some of my work here but always stopped before I hit the submit button. This time I hit submit. Hope you enjoy my 3 bicycle inspiration related photos.

Alaska – I took this last fall while in Alaska shooting Reveal the Path bicycle documentary. I shot this using a Nikon D7000 with Nikon 28-300mm zoom lens.

Kyoto – I took this in mid May while in Japan using a Sony NEX 7. This image was in the mountains above Kyoto. Kyoto is a beautiful city and an amazing place to experience by bicycle.

Montana – I took this while in Montana outside of Missoula, Montana. I was on a solo overnight in the mountains. I loved how the road and mountains disappeared into the heavy mist.

Again, thank you for the opportunity and the continued inspiration.

 Jason Boucher



  1. Gorgeous photos, as always Jason! I’m always inspired by your photos. They always make me feel like I’m there and part of it.

    I’m curious to know what people mean by the photos looking “too digital”. What is it that makes a photo look ‘too digital”? Is it too much dynamic range? Exposure too perfect? Lighting too even? I’m curious. Anyone got an insight?

    Jason, I feel an empathy with your “participatory photography” style, and maybe that’s why I feel part of your photos. And Goat, I also feel the same way as you regarding your traveller-photographer comments. Thank you.

    Thanks Jason!

  2. Nice photos! Are those the Jones Cut H-Bar on the bicycle in the 3rd photo or am I being fooled by the brake hoods on an extra wide drop bar (like a salsa woodchipper)?

  3. I like picture 3 the best. Very nice composition and subtle tones of gray. It looks more like a film pic and that is a good thing. I am not sure I would ride into that dark misty forest though!

  4. I like first and last, and I would like to be there in Kyoto too. Well done! Your blog is interesting too, congrats!

  5. Nice composition, but all the pictures look too digital for me, which becomes bland for my eyes to like them. Sorry, but just not my cup of tea.

    • Nice bike, but it looks too new for me. Definitely too lightweight. Probably need to get something from the 60’s.

      Nice shots, man. What a beautiful marriage of your two passions. To me, that’s what this site is all about – a reflection of what you love.

      Thanks to Steve for consistently finding folks who give us little windows into the soul of photography. Even if they’re using a *gasp* camera that renders “digitally.”

  6. Great set of pictures! I think Japan was where I also got interested in taking pictures, and also where I got really obsessed with outdoor adventures and started to combine the two passions.

    I like your comment about “participatory photography”. I’ve thought about that a lot. Unlike a lot of pros with heavy gear and the time and patience to wait in one place and wait for the right conditions or subject to come along, traveller-photographers have to hone a sort of “on the run” style, doing the best we can as fast as we can before jumping back on the saddle/hitting the trail (in my case) before we lose the rhythm…

    My favourite here is the 2nd. I’ve done a bit of hammock camping (though I gave it up as I slept too cold) and just yesterday here in Korea I walked down off a mountain through a plantation forest like that one.

  7. Thanks Steve for posting these and thanks for the kind words. One note as I see I did not share the camera information for the last shot. I shot that last one with an Olympus EP2, a perfect travel camera kit.

  8. Jason
    Great shots. I particularly like the third one. The mist is wonderful and I like that you added you bike to the frame. Makes me want to buy a bike and take off.

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