1. Great Job Jeremy and just to put it in perspective; there were almost half as many entries for this competition as there were for the Oskar Barnack Award which makes your accomplishment even more impressive! It can be a struggle for a photographers voice to be heard within the masses these days, so for you to be able to reach out to so many people with this image is very special.

  2. Its not going to happen but it might be interesting for these same photos to be judged on a different site,…… lfi or rangefinder forum.Im sure the advertisers would love that information.
    Well done to the winner.

  3. Congrats Jeremy ! To be honest it’s not the pic I voted for, but still very beautiful, mystic and inspiring. Thanks.

  4. Great job man! Congratulations! This is why I love this site, it gives ordinary people like us a chance to shine =) Now that the winner is picked, the winner should share a little bit of what the picture is all about=) Just an idea, because that picture is very interesting.

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