USER REPORT: More from the Fuji WCL-X100 Wide Angle Adapter by Justin Boisvert

More from the Fuji WCL-X100 Wide Angle Adapter by Justin Boisvert

Here’s my take on the lens so far:

I am a big fan of the X100. Fujifilm has created a beautiful camera and done a fantastic job of supporting the X100 through multiple firmware updates and now the WCL-X100. I purchased my silver 28mm conversion lens last Friday and was eager to test it over the weekend.

Attaching and using the WCL-X100 was a breeze, as the most recent firmware update, V1.30, ensures the X100 is ready for use. I simply removed the front ring of the X100, attached the conversion lens, and set the camera to WCL-X100 mode (I set this option to my “RAW” button).

For the most part the WCL-X100 performs as advertised. In comparison to the 35mm standard, the 28mm field of view definitely enables you to capture more of your subject. I found it especially useful when I was in a confined space, such as a subway or a small room. It was great for landscapes, as well. In my experience the image quality was excellent and quite sharp. I did experience some vignetting at F/2, but that issue was resolved by simply shooting 1 or 2 stops down. Barrel distortion was present in a  number of my shots and was most noticeable with subjects that contained strong geometric elements (e.g. lines, rectangles, square, etc). Thankfully, I was able to correct the issue using Lightroom 4.

Overall, I am quite pleased with the WCL-X100. Fujifilm’s design and aesthetic is spot-on and the lens functions extremely well. Aside from some vingetting, you won’t notice that you’re using a conversion lens at all. Is the WCL-X100 an essential purchase for X100 users? Probably not. However, I can honestly say that I’ve really enjoyed using the WCL-X100 thus far. It’s breathed new life into my X100 and I hope Fujifilm will consider releasing additional conversion lenses in future (50mm please!).



  1. Denis, thanks very much.

    The 2nd shot was at f/2, 1/125, iso 2500. The 3rd shot was f/9, 1/500, iso 400.

  2. Steve, been following you and the X100 for a while now. Any idea when the conversion lens will ship to the UK ? keep up the good work mate…

          • haaa mais il est quand meme resté dans la famille, puisque je lai donné a mon frere :), je voulais pas le vendre, alors comme ca je peux lui emprunter au besoin!

            tu te débarasse de tom M9P???? c’est a ce point décevant?


          • Pas déçu, bien au contraire. Le M9P est un excellent compagnon (quand on s’y fait).
            C’est mon deuxième M9 : je n’avais pas maîtrisé mon premier M9. Revendu, puis, retour au M9P avec plus de concentration et d’envie, du coup, ça marche.

            Juste une envie de changer et, le X100 et son 35/2, n’est vraiment pas très loin en rendu pour 5 fois moins cher : qu’il tombe, se raye ou se mouille, tu t’en tapes. Tu mouilles ton M9, tu pleures…

            Je tiens à préciser que mon M9P est mint 😉

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