Daily Inspiration #347 by Rajiv Majumdar

Dear Steve

Long time follower and lurker here. I’m an architect and hobbyist photographer from Bangalore, and have been shooting with intent for the last year or so. A few days ago, I took a road trip and in the middle of a busy highway, came across a goatherder tending to his sheep and driving them across the road in heavy traffic.

It’s not an uncommon occurrence unfortunately, and does result in a few accidents, but everyone’s pretty cavalier about it and one just learns to keep an eye out and slam on the brakes. I like how the images turned out, and thought I’d share them with your readers.

Needless to say, I’m a big fan of your brand of advice and reportage and I’m afraid you have an audience in me for life.

Warm regards

Rajiv Majumdar

PS: These were taken with a GRD and a here’s a link to my website.


    • Thank you Damian. The GRD is my quick and ‘dirty’ camera and even though I shoot with the more capable X100, the GRD because of it’s poor DR, forces me to be more direct somehow. Once you embrace the grain and motion blur, and start working with it, it ends up being a really enjoyable shooting experience.

  1. Hi Rajiv, i actually rarely comment in steve’s site but i actually love your photos on your website. were all of those shot with the GRD?

    • Thanks for your kind comment Xavier. Some pictures on my website were shot by the X100 and the LX5 as well as the Ricoh GRD1.

  2. Hi Rajiv, these are nice photos but I think the first and last would be even stronger if the eyes were more visible. Just a suggestion to keep in mind.

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