Daily Inspiration #365 by Suryo Widjaja

Hi Steve,

I have visited your web page since my transition from D700 to Leica M9 back 2,5 years ago, but i did not have a chance to participate on your daily inspiration pages which astonishing to see some people photos around the globe.

Today, as I have left Leica M for good (yes, i sold all my Leica Systems) for personal reason and just found out that Leica M9 is not really my ย “camera for a lifetime”, so I sold them and yes go for mirrorless system Olympus OMD-EM5 after reading your review and having my chance to try out my friend’s OMD before buying it.

These Photos were taken after 2 Months I have my OMD. Myself and 3 other friends visited Bali for this yearly event they always have, called “Makepung”. It is a BullRace with competition rules just like Formula 1, but less round tracks. In Bali, there’s a lot of Tracks for Makepung, and in Delod Brawah, is the longest and biggest Tracks among all of them, and where these two photos were taken.

After hunting some photos at “Delod Brawah”, in the evening before flying back to my home town which is 45 minutes by plane from Bali, we went to have our dinner at “Jimbaran”, the famous place for its seafood. Along Jimbaran, you can find fishermen and their families living among the restaurant along “Jimbaran’s Bay”. For my photo with title “Looking for Sea Shells” this old Balinese woman were digging the sand looking for small shells, as I asked her, it is for their food.

I hope these photos were inspiring enough for your daily inspiration.

Warm regards,



  1. To All,
    thank you for visiting this Daily Inspiration, if you guys want to spend your holiday In Indonesia or doing photographic tour, i will be glad to help and arrange everything for ya…, any information about Indonesia, please do not hesitate to email me.

    Thank you Steve for your support.


  2. Nice pics interesting subject matter would have been really great with a Leica M9 and a 50 lux or any other Leica lens mod takes nice pics but there’s no comparison with a M9 and Leica Glass

  3. Suryo…

    great moments ๐Ÿ™‚

    esp love the photos of old man in the beach
    momen dan lightingnya bagus banget dari sisi kiri wajah ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep up the great moments capturing images

    William Jusuf

    • Thank bro!
      Just for correction, is a old woman not man ๐Ÿ™‚
      next time should we hunting together…tinggal di kota mana?

    • Hahahahahaha…you have read my statement bratherrrr….at the moment i can not buy Leica, if Leica supplier in Indonesia has 12-24 months interest free to buy Leica, i might consider to buy it again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Wow. I must say, these are the best images I’ve seen yet from the omd! The shift from the more mechanical old world influenced m9 to the highly electronic auto focus omd must have been an interesting transition.

  5. i liked the pics very much, especially the 2nd one, and yet i find Leica colours to be wormer + retro style sort of colour.

  6. Wow, I am impressed. I have seen people go from DSLR to m43 but not an M user, which proves once again that m43 is just as good of a tool as any other system out there (given the type of photography people do).

    I like the 3rd picture the best!

  7. Very nice photos. Brilliant colours. Thanks Suyro.

    Does anyone know if the Fuji X-Pro1 (or E-X1) would produce the same colours as the OMD-EM5?

    • The Fuji colors are different but also beautiful. SOme prefer Fuji some prefer Olympus. It seems Fuji has a way of rendering red and blue and Olympus Green and Yellow. At least to my eyes.

    • I used an Olympus pen with 12mm, 17mm and zoom. I changed for the xpro1 instead of OM-D. Even today, and though I am usually pleased (or very pleased) with the Fuji rendering of colors (when it could focus, which is not that often), I can recognize Olympus colors, and love them or feel nostalgic about them. I would say that in the overall they are less “spectacular” than Fuji colors, but the skin tones of Olympus, the yellow-gold / pink and green (Steve is right here) are unique. And sometimes the xpro Jpegs are too blue/cold and the green can turn out horrible, no matter what the film mode preselections were.

      • Roland – I have both and and the X100 has, for me, a much better balanced tonal range, and better IQ as well. The OMD is very good, but I find the RAW files to be a bit smooth to my liking (I have turned off in-camera NR).

        Suryo – That first shot is really, really nice. Is there’s an art filter (or maybe Alien Skin Exposure 4) that’s been applied? Great image.

        By the way, Steve. I’ve been trialling the Alien Skin Expo 4, and it is awesome. Thanks for alerting us to it. It does something really magical with good light and good file.

  8. Images people are producing with this camera system continue to impress me, there is something about them.

    Of course the artist and the subject matter most….however is it possible there are “artifacts” that the m4/3 sensor produces that are just straight up EYE PLEASING!?!?!?

    • Hi Pavlos,
      Hmm difficult question you have asked…hahahaha. All my friends in Local Leica Community also wondering and surprisingly “why i left Leica, which is who, i am the one who dragged them into Leica!”
      (i am very poisonous person after i have got poison by Steve, hahahaha)….even my wife is really mad when i sold all my Leica….but when i have gave her half the money of it, she calmed down.

      The main reason is…i like to shoot any unique object that pass by in front of me while i am driving my car..if you visit my country you will know my reason more….you can’t really just walking around when you want to go somewhere, you have to drive. that why i need small compact camera with fast AFS to capture the moment which i can’t do with M9.

      I also found out two of my friends in Leica Community has problem with their M9 sensor and shutter and have to send their M9 to service center in Singapore, even Solm and took about 3 months to finished. So i think, camera cost you $6500 (at that time when i bought my Leica M) when is broken or in case when the guarantee is no more and Kodak has close down their business of making sensor…i can’t afford to buy another M although the second hand. My financial is very tight, i have wife and 4 kids to feed, education and health in Indonesia is very expensive, that why i need wisely to use my money.

      With M9 i miss a lot of good moment…when i am traveling, because i always do business travel so time is very tight. Maybe someday when i retired, i might buy Leica M again…for my passion of Photography.

      hope this can answer your wondering….


      • Hi Suryuo,

        Thanks for the honest reply. I am using an M-9P teh last 6 months after 3 years with a Canon 5D II and I really miss the AF but at the same time every pic with Leica is a creation. Where do I have to stand, where is the light, is the focus good enough etc.etc.

        At the end of the day only thing that matters is to take pics and I can clearly see that you are enjoying that.

  9. Really inspiring pictures. Olympus OMD is perfect joice for that kind of photos with real action a far better tool. The colors are fantastic are real plus for Olympus IMHO. I did the other way round and purchased an brand new M 8.2 for 2000 euro. I had the EPL 1 and the X100. At the moment I am really impressed by the sharpness and the 3d look that 8.2 is producing.

  10. Beautiful images Suryo. Especially the first two. I would like the third one much better if the woman wasn’t looking at the camera.

    • Hi Wira,
      you are the second person that i know, who want to change system from 5D to Oly OMD, i have “Poisoned” my friend with this mighty small Camera also. He change the whole system of 5DM2 to OMD for its small form factor and compactness.
      For your information The third photo were taken using magnificent 75mm F1.8 which Steve has review it few days ago. As you can see Steve review, the lens is damn sharp, even SLRGEAR has claim “The Sharpest lens they ever tested”

      Hope this information help you and poisoning you more, hahahahaha.


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