Daily Inspiration #377 by Ian Wightman

Hi Steve…..Iam a daily follower of your brilliant site and love your real world reviews…so would love to thank you personally for your time and effort and hope you keep the good work up. I have enjoyed the knowledge i have learnt and inspiration i get from visiting your site.

Having taken up Photography little more than 2 years ago,i discovered your site at that time when i purchased a new M9 after a short time with a Canon 30D.I spent the first year learning to use the M9 and what lens to use. For the past year i have been shooting with a 50 Summilux PRE ASPH and have lots of images,but are learning the art of processing them and i have fallen in love with black and white.

I would like to thank Jason Howe for the encouragement to submit a daily inspiration of images I took on New Zealand’s national day Waitangi Day held on February the 6th. I have tried to portray aspects of our culture,ceremony and even protest on our national day.

These were all taken using the 50 LUX PRE ASPH and converted in silver efex2

All the best Ian Wightman


  1. Wow! Do I love your images. If I could get that look, I would start shooting black and white. Maybe it’s time to try.

  2. If there was a LIKE button i would push it ! the Leica M9 is superb and the lux 50 pre is a monster , and somehow i feel with this combo even I can capture fantastic images , BTW …LIKE ! 🙂 😀 😉

  3. These are all stunning images! Hard to beat an M9 with Leica glass, and the Silver Efex Pro adds a perfect finishing touch to B&W … I use the same camera with a Summicron 35mm f/2 ASPH, and same workflow.

  4. Hi Ian

    Nice shots man! Hope You’re enjoying Your M;o) Which version of the Pre-ASPH are You shootin’ (v.1, 2 or 3(E46, 0.7m close focus)) – Im on the search for a nice copy and have shot the 1’st and 3’rd and really like solid build of 1 & 2 chrome but find it a little hard to accept the 1m close focus limit,,,, What are Your impressions… Are You using the 50mm as Your sole lens?


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