Daily Inspiration #379 by Steve Barnes

Dear Steve,

I’ve just read the recent post “The Ultimate Film Compact: The Olympus mju II by Illya Reddy”, on your site and it inspired me to send in some photos from a favourite film compact of mine: The Yashica T5 (or T4 in U.S.A.).

That’s what I like about your site Steve, it certainly inspires! I love the variety of posts from you and from other people – from the Monochrom M to the Olympus mju II, and everything in between!! The Yashica is very similar to the mju II in that it is completely automatic and auto-focus. Some will hate that lack of control, but others will appreciate the limitations and just enjoy the experience of pointing and shooting.

At the end of the day the Yashica is a plastic built compact film camera – no frills – but with a great lens and a lot of fun included!

Thanks for your time, Steve, and I hope you post these pictures up!

Kind Regards,

Steve Barnes








  1. Now this is truly bizare…
    I came to this site to read “1667 Nautical miles, 66 Days, 4 Countries and a Yacht called Rhombus. By Matt Draper” because I am now the proud owner of that boat, “Rhombus”.
    Call me confused when I saw my name attached to the previous post, this one…
    There is no such thing a coincidence… or is there?
    Steve Barnes..

  2. Steve, are all the pics on your Tumblr page made with the Yashica? The colors and composition of the pics are consistently amazing…

  3. Best thing about film posts is that everyone loves them and no one complains about processing, price of gear, or comparison to film. I enjoy seeing pictures created by the artist instead of the camera, and these are images are no exception. I wish posts of digital files attracted more discussion of composition like posts of film images.

    Great inspirational post, as usual on this site. Thank you for posting these Steve. I’ve gone from auto to “m” mode in the last year and your site is what sparked my passion.

  4. Yashica T5… My first ‘real’ camera. Plastic, but still a great camera IMHO. You don’t have to think about anything beside ‘taking’ or ‘making’ pictures. It’s very difficult to do just that in any digital camera nowadays…

  5. The b&w output seems way nicer than the output from the Leica MM. (And many other digital artifacts!) Someday, we’ll discover film.

  6. Well I was just doing my daily check here, and I find that my photos are up!

    Thanks very much Steve and thanks to all you who left such positive comments! 🙂


    • just got done looking at your web page. really, really like your photos. i feel like grabbing my ae-1 program and shooting some film now.

  7. Well done on the photos. Very nice compositions. The actual scans, your tone curve, and color adjustments are very well done. I see so many film scans that are not adjusted correctly or at all, giving rise to the common misinterpretation of what the “Film Look” is. Kudos!

  8. Beautiful images and love the second one especially.
    I think that it shows your talent to see the images before you have taken them.

  9. Wow, talk about stepping into liquid. These photos are so soft and delicate. Like finding beauty through breathing.

  10. When i was reading the text (before scroll down to the photos), i’m wondering how good this T5 is as compare to Mju2 (i used to have one but give it away to my close friend last month :))

    “Wow!!!” is my first expression while seeing the photos. I love all these photos especially the 2nd photo and the last one 🙂 It’s amazing how good this PnS camera can do 🙂

    Good one!


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