Fuji X100s & X20 Available for Pre-Order at Amazon NOW – $1299

Fuji X100s and X20 Available for Pre-Order at Amazon – $1299


Amazon now has the Fuji X100s available for Pre-Order at $1299. You can check it out or pre-order HERE!

Yep, $1299 for the X100S which has the same body and style as the X100 but with the new improved X-Trans sensor, new Manual focus system, new phase detect super fast AF and more. Amazon does not charge you until the camera ships and you can cancel at anytime. By pre-ordering early you can be one of the 1st to get the camera. This is how I get all of my cameras that I am interested in, just by being early on pre-order lists. Amazon also has the best return policy around so it’s never a gamble. If you are someone who is upgrading to the X100s, I would get in now!



 Amazon has the X20 for pre-order as well HERE

B&H Photo also has the X20 up for pre-order HERE 






  1. I think I’ll pull the trigger and pre-order this and use Steve’s link… but I’ve never pre-ordered (or even ordered) electronics from Amazon before. Are they just going to leave it on the porch like they do with everything else? What’s the best shipping method to ensure they don’t do that?

    • Amazon does not charge you until the item ships (not even for an authorization) and you choose how you want it shipped. Ground, 3 day, 2nd day, next day. Amazon will require a signature at delivery. I get packages from Amazon every week and they ALWAYS need a signature (unless they are $50 or under).

  2. Steve – B&H is taking Pre-orders now. I’d like to use your link when I order. Please add one for the 100s at B&H.

  3. I have been reading the reviews and watching the videos of the X100S. I think Fuji has another big hit on its hands. I need to sell my beloved X100 and go for the X100S. I would’ve gone for the the Sony RX1 if it had a built-in viewfinder but no go. It’s the X100S for me.

  4. I picked up a Nikon V1 late last year for travel duties, but I just didn’t have the same joy for shooting after having owned an X100 for a short while. The X100 went back after a brief evaluation because it was tough for me to justify the asking price given its quirks (even after firmware updates).

    The V1 is a great little camera for the money (now), but there was something about handling and shooting with a X-series camera that the V1 will never duplicate.

    Both camera really have their place and I’m really considering adding the X100S to my travel kit.

  5. Finally after 2 years, we have the X100 that should have been. I’ve got my preorder in at Amazon (thanks Steve), B&H, and Adorama. The end of March can’t come soon enough!

  6. If they’d have made the ergonomics better (ie. make the jockey wheel more thumb friendly), rather than speeding up this that and the other, I might have considered it.

    As for any other improvements… no bad thing that Fuji are updating, but for me, for all the things that the current model can’t do, I have my DSLR.

    Plus, in the UK, a good used X100 can now be had for around £485.00. That’s cheaper than buying a good 35mm prime for my D600, so it still stacks up for some aspects of paid work.

  7. Same click wheel with a too tightly placed menu button? Shouldn’t that menu button be easier to hit like on the x-pro or ex-1? Don’t mean to be a party pooper, but that button sucks. I have small thumbs and I bump it up, down, and all around without confidence. For as much as I am invested in Fujifilm, I’ll skip this round….That said, I shot a party tonight with my x100 and I am still amazed at how amazing this point and shoot really is. Although not a New Year’s resolution, G.A.S has left me satisfied with what I already have. It’s time to shoot with what we own. Use what you have, buy what you need, and shoot…..shoot…! Shooot!!!

    • If money is an issue. Than the x100s is the way to go. I have been trying to decide on either x-e1 or a x100s, and i have decided to stick with the x100s because if i invest on the x-e1, i would be investing in various lens that they offer; which is more money.

  8. I currently have and like both the X100 and the X10. I’ve pre-ordered the X100s and the X20 through your links. The claimed improvements were too tempting. Thankfully, my wife is very understanding. Faster focus is the biggest draw for me.

  9. X30 with 100% EVF, 1″Xtrans & hybrid phase detect, F1.4 as Samsung EX2, flipout touch screen as OMD
    what a camera that would be.

    X20 is still a fine upgrade and the 2/3″ Xtrans and phase detect, focus peak, split screen focus make it the best handling and speed of premium compacts.

  10. Well done to Fuji for improving what was already a superb camera. I’m happy to keep my x100 with no hassle raw files for a long time yet and wait for the x pro 2 and better xtrans raw support

  11. fuji has stolen the keys to my bank account! my x100 and an rf speedlight setup is my go to for literally everything i do outside of a studio or paid shoot (and i’ll still use it there a little) and now with improved resolution and AF i pretty much have no choice but to get one.

  12. Still love my X100, a modern classic. Hope Fuji haven’t spoilt it’s low light capabilities. My only issue with this camera is no lock on the exposure compensation dial, so easy to move, still no lock ???

    • You should try the thumbrest for x100 that I have found on lensmate. It blocks the exposure dial and allow you to move less while shooting ( adding a soft release style button )

      Sorry for my poor english

      (I repost this answer because i think the moderation blocked my first one due to a very long internet link!)

  13. I have the x100 and it would have been nice if they would have added an additional, user programmable, fn button while they were at it.

  14. Have to say, it is getting to a point where it will be difficult to improve this camera except for fractional improvements in the sensor (iso)/auto-focus/start-up speed/shutter lag etc but all only fractionally except perhaps the iso so for all intensive purposes this could be the camera you realistically don’t need to change, ever, if you are happy with a 35mm focal length and many are.

  15. Gah, soooo tempted to order from the States and just live with the import duty costs to get my hands on one soonest… but I’ll be practical and wait until the Amazon.co.uk pre-order goes up. Plus I’ve still got a X100 to sell!

  16. I’m having a X100 now.. The fast focus is very tempting on the X100s … However, my bank account tells me I should wait till the next model at least…. sad sad sad…

    • sell your current one now before the price drops too much. hold out a few months and then you get the new one with only a few hundred extra out of pocket

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