AMAZING WORKSHOP: Daytona Bike week with Craig Litten & Steve Huff – March 14th-17th 2013

WORKSHOP: Daytona Bike week with Craig Litten 

March 14-17th 2013 – Daytona Beach, FL

Workshop Signup Page and more details are HERE



UPDATE: I will not be able to make the workshop with Craig but it is going on 100% full steam ahead as it is Craig’s workshop, and I HIGHLY recommend it.

Come one, come all! This is going to be one hell of a photo workshop with so many photo opportunities surrounding you at all times you may just go into sensory overload. Craig Litten and I have teamed up to bring you this AMAZING opportunity to explore your photography limits as you learn how to get comfortable shooting people. In fact, you will have no choice but to get comfortable shooting people as that is all we will be doing!

This workshop is just that, a workshop. Craig Litten will be the main teacher for this one and I will be on hand as well for any questions and of course to shoot with everyone. Craig has done this event many times before and has shot some amazing images that make you say “I wish I was there to document it all”!

Well, now you can be as this will be a 3 day workshop allowing you to grow and open up as a photographer in a crazy environment filled with all kinds of opportunities.

All photos on this page were shot by Craig during his last Bike Week workshop.



So what will we be doing for three nights? TONS! This will be an action packed photo filled weekend and believe me, by the time it is over you will have some amazing photo memories of your Bike Week workshop! Take a look at what we have planned and yes, this is not for the timid because we will be out in the thick of it until 1AM on the 1st night, just when the action is heating up!


Thursday Night, March 14

8-9 pm – Introduction – Intro to workshop, meeting each other

9:30 – Daytona Ale House Restaurant “for Captain Jacks Buried Treasure” (informal group)

11 pm-1 am – Night Shoot 1 “Hit the Mean Streets of Daytona”



Friday, March 15

10 am-noon – Group Meeting 1 – Intro to Photo Mechanic, download night shoot

1-5 – Mid Afternoon Shoot – “take advantage of that great mid-day sun”

6–9 – Group Meeting 2 – Street Shooting Techniques, downloading and editing

10-Midnight – Night Shoot 2



Saturday, March 16

9 am-11 – Morning Shoot – “morning light is pure and beautiful”

1-3 – Group Meeting 3 – one-on-one editing help

4-8 – Late Afternoon Shoot – “evening light, you can’t beat it”

8-10 Free (edit or shoot more, your choice)



Sunday, March 17

9-10:30 am – Peach Valley “Best breakfast in Daytona Beach” (informal group)

11-3 – Group Meeting 4

3 pm – Slideshow of everyone’s work and final thoughts


This workshop will be pretty amazing. If you want to get in on it the fee is $699 for the entire 4 day, three night workshop. This does NOT include Hotel, Travel or Food. For more details and info please visit the signup page at . Craig will be taking the deposits and payments and for all of you who want to get in on it, I will see you there! Expect one hell of a time! It will be a time of amazing photography, new friendships and non stop craziness! SIGN UP NOW as spaces are limited.

I will be trying to get some cool gear to bring as well Maybe the new Leica M? New Fuji X100s? No guarantees but I’m on it and will keep everyone updated!

BTW, ONLY 12 spots available for this one, PERIOD.

Steve Huff


  1. If you go to bike week to pick up chicks, you may want to bring a forklift. Just kidding: there are some that you wont need a forklift for.

    “MdB says: January 15, 2013 at 6:45 pm
    .The cover photo is NASTY!”

    You say “NASTY” as though it’s a bad thing.

    Seriously,my father lived near Daytona Beach for a several years before he passed away. He had a big bike and loved bike week. This was after he gave up drinking and smoking and sort of found religion.


  2. Bike Week is full of surprises, as you can see from the picnic table display above. That was the girl’s, yes all real girls, parading themselves just prior to the coleslaw wrestling match down at a place fittingly called “Cabbage Patch. Just come, you won’t regret it!

    I first started shooting Bike Week more than 20 years ago in the early ’90s, and it’s different every year. You will see, hear and smell things that you’ve never before experienced. It’s a blast if you are passionate about street photography, or bikes. I promise those gals won’t hurt you.

    Hope to see you there!

  3. Attended Craig’s Daytona Beach Bike Week workshop in 2009. By far one of my favorite workshops ever! Think I only slept ten hours over three days but well worth it. I will be returning to this one and can’t wait. Greg

  4. Booked it….. Looking forward to meeting you Steve, photographing the Bikers and their “friends” and trying to find room on the picnic table for me and my camera, Oh..and not necessarily in that order….

  5. Take a look at that first pic of the folks on the picnic table. Now, while your looking at it, play Funky Cold Medina by TONE-LOC in your head.

    …it works doesn’t it?

  6. Man that is one extra strong picnic table there! I would have thought it was the Loyal Order of Moose, had the description not said otherwise.

  7. Steve,

    Well, you will be in my home town. Thee’s only one problem with being in Daytona any bike week (coming from one who loves motorcycles and has ridden for 25 years). Bike week can get just to insane! Most of us locals try to stay out of the way until these people go home.
    Now, regarding the first photo for those who inquired. This is at the Cabbage Patch before coleslaw wrestling. under those big mats is nothing but coleslaw! And trust me, once that starts the photos only go downhill from there! Not a place to pick up chicks if you know what i mean…to each his own.

    Would love to see you Steve, will think about it.

  8. Daaaaaaamn, this looks like a HELL of a trip – now is the time one thinks Denmark is tiny and very far far away from everything;o) Enjoy and then enjoy some more – lokking forward seeing what comes out of this one!


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