Daily Inspiration #401 by Sante Castignani

Hi Steve.

First of all, thank you very much for your work. Every time I wish to see how really could perform a new camera, I come to your website to check some (pleasant) real world samples.

I am a professional photographer from Italy; it’s now more than three decades since I became a pro; I was a child at that time, BTW 😀 You find attached four pics from an evening at the pub; all shot with OMD and 25 PL.

My website: www.santecastignani.com

Best regards,

Sante Castignani






  1. Ciao! Sante

    I love these… so Italian! La dolce Vita!!
    … the black & white, the framing, the ‘thru the glass’ views ; layers & reflections, observed moments of smoke, light, laughter and joyous interactions…

    I am looking forward to viewing your website.

    grazie mille

  2. thanks to Steve for the hospitality and to everyone for the attention to my work.

    @ Martin: not a special story behind these shots, just an evening with friends; I thought, however, that could be images suitable for these pages; some more similar shots from my blog: http://www.santecastignani.com/1/post/2012/04/la-porta-a-vetri.html

    @Ernesto: in my website there are pictures from almost any kind of camera 🙂 from 70’s Zenith E to Sinar Norma 5×7″, through Leica, Nikon, Bronica; my recent professional work however is generally done by Canon gear; personal shooting these days is done instead with OMD (12-50, 25, 45, 75, 45-200), or Sony RX-100; occasionally, M8 too.

  3. Hello Sante,
    are all the photos on your website shot with the Olympus OMD-EM5 or did you use other gear?

    Nice work BTW!

  4. Sante – I also like your website, particularly the personal section and out of that the iPhone images stand out for me. The pub images are completely different to your others… Almost like breaking free from clinical correctness and saying anything goes since I am having fun… Atmosphere, yes ; fun, yes; characters, yes: is there a story behind it? Thanks for sharing your work.

  5. Beautiful – but for the really good stuff visit this fellows website – just wonderful !!!

    Thank you, Steve

  6. Hello Sante from Canada,

    It is strange….but it must be the glass between you and your subjects…..but it is one of the few times

    looking at photographs and in doing so….I felt very much like a voyeur…..strange….because I have

    done many photographs in the past similar to your work here.

    I went to your site and love the home page photograph….it just puts me there…..also like your essay on

    Mr Tisato…..and of course your commercial is very accomplished!

    All the best

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