Jealousy will drive you mad! Stay cool, calm, will all be ok.


Jealousy will drive you mad! Stay cool, calm, will all be ok.

I find it funny that every now and again, when my blog gets more attention than normal, a certain forum on the internet has certain members that just love to bash me . Now, I do not go there and read it as I stay away from this particular forum, and have not been there in years but I get readers who love to email me about what is happening there and it always makes me chuckle..then I get sad. Why sad? Not for what they say about me, not at all, but for those few who engage in such hateful and negative things. I have posted many articles here on this site about positivity, negativity, passion and things I do in my daily life to be able to live such a blessed life. In the meantime you have sad individuals who hate their life posting away and bashing me on a forum that is filled with hate, anger, jealousy and frankly, so many uninspired photographs. It is very silly and makes no sense other than the fact that there are just so many jealous people out there.

Yep, jealousy. It will drive you mad. So much so it will turn you into a bitter, angry, hateful and all around negative person but as I always say, DONT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF! You should see some of the e-mails I get from these guys, it would have you scratching your head. One guy was so mad at me because I received one of the 1st 240’s available and he did not. I asked if he pre-ordered and he said he did, but 2 weeks prior. I informed him that I pre-ordered at announcement time and he said it was still unfair because he deserved one more than I did. Sometimes you just have to sit and wonder what goes through the minds of people like this. BTW, he came from the un-named “forum” where he read about me getting the camera. I guess it is nice to know so many of these hateful people are eagle-eyed on my site and feel they have to talk about me so much, lol.

I remember the week I started my site 4 1/2 years ago. A select few members of that forum attacked me, calling me many things, none of them very nice..all for starting “another review site”. I was told I would fail, fall on my face, have no readers, and I should leave the camera reviews to the professionals. Of course at that time I chuckled and stayed on my positive path. Before long (and it did not take long) my site passed that forum for traffic coming in. Yep, my site was getting more traffic. Today it gets considerably more traffic and to those who have been faithful posters on that site, that irks them, It irritates them. Why? because so many of Β them were wrong.

Now a few there want to complain that I sold my Leica M 240. Boo hoo. Yep, I got one before them and they couldn’t stand it. I sell mine, and now certain members there feel insulted. I think they seem to forget what I do..I review cameras. I keep what I can but I can not keep them all, I am not rich or even well off. But I am happy and I am thrilled that this site continues to grow every single year. So I thank all of you who come here, even those nasty ones who hate me as you are giving me more traffic regardless πŸ™‚ I also thank those who defend me on the forums as I am told many of you do.

But the angry ones..many call them “Haters’, I just call them “confused”. Me, I Β do not have a negative or hateful or jealous bone in my body and my life is amazing in all aspects. No, I am not some Magnum photographer but I never claimed to be. I am not better than anyone else, in any way, but I never claimed to be. I live a real life outside of my blog, and you guys know this as from time to time I will post articles from my heart that tell it how it is πŸ™‚ I just go with the flow, do what I enjoy in all aspects of life and treat everyone with respect and kindness (unless they come here to attack me, then I just ban them). It is the only way to be!

But man, Jealousy and anger will just bring you down in life, and it sucks. It also serves noΒ purposeΒ at all and will never solve your frustrations.Β 

Before anyone says “just ignore those guys Steve, they are not worth it”..well, I do ignore them, every day. I do not associate with ANYONE in life who is bitter, negative or hates their life πŸ™‚ I stay away from it and has made me the happiest guy I know for many years now. The only reason I wrote this post (and I did not even read what was written about me, never do) is to challenge everyone out there to go one week in life without anger, without jealousy, without bitterness and without a “my life sucks” attitude. I know many of you live like I do, with a positive vibe. Live like this and you may be surprised at what happens πŸ™‚

So to all of you who follow me here I thank you! As long as there is something out there in camera land that is exciting to write about, I will be here writing about it. To all of you bitter ones, get over it. My site is here and here to stay and if it makes you feel better attacking me, then so be it but I am telling you will be much happier in life if you drop those nasty bitter feelings πŸ™‚ I sold my M 240..not because I did not adore it, as I did, and do and I really miss it. But Β I did it for other reasons (paying taxes, sending my son on his summer dream trip to Japan, etc) that I did not realize were going to be so expensive. To me, my son and taxes will always come before owning TWO Leica cameras. Besides, when I save money again I will buy another.

In any case, hope everyone is having a GREAT day! I am excited as today I have a Nikkor 35 1.8 LTM lens coming in that should be magical on the Leica MM. I also have a few new photo books I will be reviewing for inspiration and a slew of other things coming along the pike. I am also excited that in June I will be seeing 10 of you who signed up for the Palouse Roadtrip. It is sold out and is going to be one hell of a weekend. I decided to bring along some goodies to give away as well that I have been hoarding in my photo cabinet…Hmmm.

Until next post!



  1. Well written Steve. I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and was telling him how I am tired of most forums I frequent. I have been working my butt of to become a good and respected photographer in my area. I am beginning to think there is a natural progression of getting better at what I do and essentially out growing and maturing past forums and others input and opinions. There one forum that I am a member an moderator that has never had that kind of immaturity about it.
    I do however depend on honest reviews to buy my equipment.

  2. Hi Steve, I have followed you for 2 years already and, although I have no system camera (yet), love to read your blogs and reviews. Keep up your positive vibes as I do that as well.

  3. Thanks, Steve for the great post, and site, as always. I quit all other sites several years ago, due to all the trolls and downer people. This is my only photo site, and I have but one Leica… πŸ™‚

  4. Steve,

    I love your site because it’s more user friendly towards newbies. I know nothing about photography and bought a NEX based on your review. Most other sites just shoot charts and walls. I like to see your pictures with each camera you took. It’s also nice to see your son grow up with us as well.

    I hope you will have time to do more tutorials because those also helped me decide which software to buy.

  5. Seal episode drew this site to my atention.

    Since then i have posted seveveral hundred, i feel more at ease here than forums where peole attack each other, have cliques. This site was a breath of fresh air. Although even on this site some people sometimes attack each other.

    Steve published a daily inspiration of mine, using 2mp cameras of a decade ago, which one poster said were the worst he had seen on this site, to which i replied all my photos are just as bad.

    I did make one reponse a few months ago to Steve when he said a particular photographer was masterful, i replied thousands of such photos are on flicr taken by smartphones. Since then my posts have always been sent for moderation. No sweat.

    No person is completely wonderful, everyone has thier negatives. To write a personal site which brushes over our own selves negatives, in favour of glowing self positives, is quite a smoke blowing up own ass. Remember real friends will like us for our honesty about our real self especially when we honestly admit our shortcomings.

  6. Hi Steve long time entertained reader of yours because i’m a gearhead BUT after reading this I think I need a career change to “mental health”, I would be gainfully employed for many many years *lol*

    Keep on trucking Steve and yes i’m jealous but never hating on you πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Steve,
    I just want to say I love your blog its Awesome and your Awesome!. This blog literally helped to keep me sane in a job I hated, and now having left that job and pursuing my photography goals it helps to keep me motivated.
    You do an amazing job, don’t let any one tell you different.

  8. Hi Steve,
    I’ve seen the other Forum… One thing you have seemed to achieve: you are quite a topic there. I think that is quite something. In my view, anybody who tries to survive with his passion, deserves respect. And I am following your blog since a few years. In the very beginning, you said, u will try for one year, if you can build up this platform. As far as I recall, your marriage broke apart. Not an easy thing to follow his own passion. I think u did a great job. So, u got my respect – I do not always agree with your view, but I give you respect for what u achieved.

    Funny to see, how easy one can step on the other forum’s members feet.


  9. Well I’m glad to see that there are, by far, many more defenders of your great, down-to-earth style than the few nose-in-the-airs inhabiting that forum. So, I’ll still keep it in my links πŸ™‚ Keep it up Steve – your site was a breath of fresh air when I was re-finding my way and style after returning to photography recently.

  10. When I went searching for a new camera to take on a trip with me I went into “Internet Land”! I found many reviews on the cameras I was looking at, the Fuji x100, Sony RX100, Olympus OMD.
    But all the reviews were just too “techie”..not enough real world advice. I found your website and it was exactly what I was looking for. I had all the cameras listed above for a little while but I ended up with the Olympus OMD and everything you said about it was dead on. Now you have me looking at the RX1 but I need the interchangeable lenses for the moment. Your site is great and perfectly fills a void in the Digital Camera Reviews market! Thanks!

  11. And then to think “Luf”, phonetically, is “love”… Ironic, innit. There must be a deeper meaning somewhere.

  12. Hi, Steve, thanks for the report on this. To be honest, you are not wrong, nor are you right in this matter, you are both.

    The human builds his character, or personality, on 2 levels of experience. One is consciousness that makes him aware of things, and with it he will make the difference from each experience and compares it with what he knows, what is engraved in his subconscious mind. Out of those experiences, he learns and feeds his subconscious mind that will imprint his habits and build his personality. But, this subconscious mind has a satanic side, and this part is the crap others tell you and imprint in there if you believe in it. Now, look at the world, how she is, you are an experienced man on many fields, and what do you see? Does it looks like this, “the people say, the priests told me, Obama promises, George Bush has said, CNN reports, the guy on the other forum puts sh.t on me, Assad is a terrorist, and so on.

    So, analyze the situation, and clean up your bad secretary, get the crap out of there. What other people say and think about you will not affect you, and unless it causes to you and your family any harm directly, give a clue to it. In the present case it made you a cheap and excellent publicity.

    Personally, I do not think that someone like you needs to prove anything to anyone, you know your job, your shots talk and they betray what you can and what is in your mind, and this vision of the world is sane, it is yours. Each of us is this creator we find described in scriptures, and each of us creates the world to his own image. So, do not trouble this image, continue on the path you walk, go on it, straight as a hanging plumb, right angled like a square, and flexible as a compass, versatile as a triangle, and infinite as a circle.

    For me, the world could disappear, I would only find it out when i go there. And, NO, I am not a Freemason, just for those who think about it by reading what I wrote.

  13. Well written Steve. I enjoy your blog and always look forward to reading your reviews. You are a great photographer and if you have haters like that, it just validates your success. Rock on brother!

  14. Keep doing, Steve. Reading your post makes me a fan of Leica. My first ever Leica (M) will be there in July. I appreciate your passion for photograph. Keep going, for we are passionate about πŸ˜€

  15. Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a new Leica M ?
    My friends all shoot Nikons , I must make amends.
    Photographed all my lifetime, with a cheap Kodak lens,
    So Lord, won’t you buy me a new Leica M ? (Apologies to Ms Joplin)

    Steve to mix cultural references as Bart would say, your blog is ” good squishy”.

    It goes pear shaped when respondents descend into issues of cost and value. As with Ferraris, custom shop guitars, IWC watches, and host of other metaphorically bejeweled things, cost and value is a meaningless conversation, you either can or you can’t. I agree you shouldn’t moan about what you haven’t got, well unless its a 250 Ferrari GTO then you have a legitimate right to buy the doll and stick pins in it Only joking.

    I have spent my life in the ‘content’ creation business, and the truth is this: that unless you are offending /alienating at least 20% of your audience, you will never create passion in the other 80%, better that ratio, than 100% indifference. A few malcontents, displacing misery , shows you are doing something right. Can you name a great show that is loved by all ?………no you can’t. So just keep doing what you’re doing.

  16. There is a famous quote of Albert Einstein, it goes something like this ” Imagination is better then Knowledge”. In my classes I always like to tell the students that inspiration is better then gear acquisition. Of course if new gear can inspire all the better. My point is your site doesn’t dwell so much on the technical merits of equipment, but more on it’s inspirational value. And that is exactly what your site provides for many of us, inspiration.

  17. Dear Steve, from what I see you are just a regular guy. Don’t let them get you down. Seen a lot of this stuff even on Yahoo News under Comments. They should go, get a life.

  18. Hi Steve

    Thanks for the great site. I came across your great site and felt the all round passion about photography about 1-2 years back. I knew little about photography and gear, and were looking for a camera for my work place, recommeded a superzoom before stumble to this site. The IQ wasnt so good from the superzoom so i search online for best jpeg camera and found your review on best jpeg camera ever, yes, the oly EPL1. I bought one and since then have great fun and starting shooting every weekend. Also tried lenses that were reviewed here such as the 45mm f1.8 (bought twice, sold once), sigma 19 and 30mm f2.8, pana 14mm f2.5, 12-50mm (macro and 24mm) and the greatly under rated oly 17mm f2.8. Also tried EPL2, EP2 and EPL3. I kept the EPL1 and EPL3, together with the 17 and 45. Intend to tried other great lenses such as 17mm f1.8, 60mm f2.8 macro, 12mm f2, and propably pana 12-35mm f2.8 eventually. Hopefully some day i can contribute to the daily inspiration and share some photos.

    Thank you once again and looking forward to learning and the inspirations from this site on the daily basis.


  19. Steve, I’ve read a lot of blogs and sites over years. Yours got me taking up photography again after eight years, making me rediscover the joy I always had before…

    All the way from the Netherlands I can only say thank you πŸ™‚

  20. Steve, it’s your site and you can do what you want with it of course. I, for one, would never honor persistent “haters” with a public statement. Sort of detracts from the positive vibe. Sill curious what that site is. “L”?

  21. love this site. though it may not meet everyone’s criteria, but still a fun place to gather all sorts of inspiration from ‘regular user’.

  22. I saw the site in question and it was good to see that there were many comments supporting you. It’s sad for those with a real passion for Leica that there seems to be a significant minority of users who can’t seem to deal with any criticism – perceived or real – of their choice of equipment. Maybe it’s the price of entry to the club can make some acolytes fiercely protective of their ‘religion’. Ironically, they seem to be the ones most worried about the ’emperor’s new clothes’ syndrome. But then I guess we only hear from the 10% of Leica users who are like that because they are the ones who have the time to waste posting cr@p on the internet. The others are out taking great pictures and enjoying their gear!

    Your site is written in a very distinctive voice, which some will like and some will not. It’s somewhat folksy, chatty, always enthusiastic and very ‘American’ in tone. And I mean all those things as compliments. They give it a distinctive style, which is a good thing in a world where there is so much blandness. More power to you.

  23. Participants from all over the world on other fora discuss for days that a certain Steve Huff has sold a Leica camera. This simply shows how influential and successful you and your site have become. Enjoy being a celebrity among camera enthusiasts:).

  24. Hi Steve
    I sometimes like what you write, sometimes i dont..Sometime i agree with what you say, sometimes i dont. That is the nature and the beauty of any site, one can not write only things that will appeal to all, it is the nature of any site and any article.Afterall we all have our own taste and mind.
    We dont always like any other thing on earth while others love it.
    So my advice to you my friend IGNORE !!!! just ignore them
    I can tell you, your site is one of my favorites , I read it every day , and i truely enjoy it.
    So simply IGNORE and just keep on in what you are doing
    With alot of appreciation

  25. Steve
    I enjoy your blog / website. Don’t let the bottom feeders bother you as they will always exist but never influence. You provide a first class forum for both Leica owners and to photographers all over the globe. Keep it up and never give up!

  26. Hang in there Steve. Ignore the haters and fools. They really are jealous. Happiness and joy and enthusiasm count for much more! Love the community you’re building. Keep up the great work!

  27. Steve, Your site is among my very favorites. Great enthusiasm and a great combination of topics. You are also a really fine photographer. Very refreshing all around. Keep it up my friend.

  28. Steve, great site, cheers for the Leica reviews in a ‘real-world’ setting. I can see why you like the MM, like I love mine and use it as a camera of choice over the rest of my stuff. It has that connection with silver halide images that none or the others have! It’s very old school photography, it’s a unique camera, almost the epitome in cameras, like you I wish I took ‘Magnum’ quality photos, but one can dream, can’t one?

  29. Although I frequently visit your site I haven’t ever commented but registered just for this post.

    Photography has been a hobby for several decades. One of the few that I’ve stuck with. Unlike other hobbies where I actively participate online I have purposely avoided the vast majority of photography forums since the very early days. The exception is every year or so when I want to upgrade equipment or have been waiting for the release of a new camera.

    The reason is very similar to what you shared in this post. I prefer my interactions with others to be positive, enjoyable, and educational, and I enjoy helping when in a position to do so. It seems like every time I dip my toe in the water and start reading photography forums to check reviews and feedback on a camera or lens I am blown away by the venom, arrogance, ignorance… I could go on and on. The forums can be very ugly places so I’ve learned to limit myself to a few of the bigger review sites and avoid the comment sections and forums.

    I tried again just recently–joining a couple of forums after acquiring some new equipment. I had some questions answered and was able to answer a few but it seems like most interesting threads eventually turn negative in some way and frequently the ugliness is jaw-dropping. Life’s too short to invite this kind of stuff into it.

    It’s sad to me that this is the way it is. There are a lot of great and helpful people out there yet it doesn’t take very many to drag an entire site down. I know some will say it’s just the nature of the internet but I think it’s more than that. I have several other hobbies with associated forums that are very enjoyable. Disagreements are civil, folks are mostly tolerant, and bad behavior gets you bounced. I don’t know what it is about photography but it really is a shame.

    Although I don’t read the comments here and they may well be the exception I do thoroughly enjoy your site. Thanks!

  30. Hi Steve,

    You should write a self-help positivity book. You’re quite good in these stuff. πŸ˜€

    P.S. Love your website

  31. Steve, keep it up and thank you for this wonderful site! I’m have been following you for the last 4 years and this is the best site!

  32. Steve, I think it’s great that you can be sooo cool and continue to give us a great service whilst being hassled by these pathetic individuals. Being happy and positive is a great way to be. Thanks.

  33. I dont know what site likes to can you steve i wont bother looking for it what a pack of narrow minded ignorant selfish w@#$%ers that do this you do a great job and express your opinion well not many sites can do that nothing wrong with being passionate with what you do and loving some gear more than other stuff you always explain how you feel about something and give a good reason why , i think back to an article you wrote about negative people thorston overgaard also had a good one too they are good to read when on the recieving end at least there are some great people out there .cheers phast freddy.

  34. Just stay the course Steve because you’re part of the 5% that are above “The Slight Edge” line while the naysayers are part of the 95% that are below the line. The Slight Edge is a book I can recommend and speaks of what you deal with in your day to day life as one who challenges himself daily to be his best. The 95% naysayers are those who in their “golden years” are angry and bitter and feel life has been unfair to them and jealous of those who succeed. They’re referred to as “Cuckoos. “It’s hard to have a good attitude with all that is going on in society. Negativity can show up at your doorstep every single day, seven days a week, with or without your permission. We are constantly bombarded by negative messages from the media and other sources that can impact the way we look at life.”

    Olson, Jeff (2011-12-05). The Slight Edge

  35. I only have two posts at that site over there and the second one will be deleted by the admin. They are such a bunch of old hens it is unbelievable. I like Steve’s site here. There is no malice in what he is doing and he makes reading reviews a little more light hearted than all the technical reviews we are accustomed to.
    His love of the MM was one of the reasons I should be receiving mine in the next few weeks.
    Thank you Steve Huff or making this site a comfortable place to hang out.


  36. Dear Steve
    you are quite right with your comment. It’s exactly the reason why I follow you because YOU CHANGE YOUR mind, you are open for the new thing and are critical with the good things before. There is no best for all time. Yes we spent thousands of $ for Leica and their lenses and yes it’s something special but still it’s not that they are untouchable. I see this as a forum where people with the same passion share and exchange – and yeas we have our own opinion. But respect is the minimum we should give each other. You spent your free time to test, try and learn – and we learn and share with you. So why complaining – why being envy ? No reason for that – be grateful for what you get and stop complaining. Like Buzz Lurman said in his song “Sunscreen” —“Complaining is as effective as solving an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum…”
    Steve – forget the people with no fun in life and do what make your leave quality better. I appreaciate your work and all time availability to help and to support. Thanks for that and move on.
    take care and move on Peter

  37. Steve, your thoughts,insight, and passion for life and serving others is truly inspiring! Thank you for giving me a reason to stay up late at night ;-). Btw, I also love reading comments and feedback from the vast majority of your subscribers so thank you to ALL!

  38. Bah! As long as you are enthusiastic and remain honest, I really don’t see how anyone can have an issue with that. Not everyone is going to agree with what you may have to say about a particular lens, camera, etc but that’s life… Reason I come here is because I like your honesty and perspective.

    You opinions are just that, opinions. Problem is, a lot of people think their opinion is the “right” one and that’s why you get the hate. Ignore and keep up the good work.

  39. I have read some negative comments concerning this forum and truly do not understand. ‘Course I am an old fart so far fewer thing irritate than most people just because I know I am lucky to be alive. There are times I wish I had the money of a Bill Gates or Warren Buffet then I wake up and realize I have been married to a wonderful woman for almost 45 years and we are just enjoying being together.

    ROCK ON, STEVE! While I can’t afford the Leica brand, I do enjoy reading your entries. Don’t always agree with ya but that is what makes this such a great site!!!

  40. Meh. I don’t even know what site you are talking about. If you write about a camera I can’t afford, I could always choose to skip on down to the next article. Similarly, if I read something about you in some other forum, I usually skip over it.

  41. Jealousy is never far behind success. Great success creats great jealousy. Your site is the reason I own most of the cameras, lenses, scanner, film, gear etc.that I do. I do not want to read a bunch of tech specs on stuff. I also do not want to read 100 different reasons why someones film or camera or lens is the only way to go. I want a real world user’s point of view. Not that I will take any one persons word or views as the only expert on any issue as my tastes are different from yours and your viewers. Thats because everyone sees the world differently. I frequent your site to learn. I take from you what I need and respect that it is your opinion on the rest. Keep on Keepin on.

  42. Steve, I came across your site a couple months ago and I’ve enjoyed reading your content ever since. I was looking for something different. Something that would inspire my photography and what I find here has definitely helped. I enjoy reading your site, viewing your photographs and lately, i’ve even added my 2 cents.

    Keep up the good work and the hell with the haters.

  43. I’m really agree with you Steve. Do what you want, listen to your feel and your heart, Don’t care of haters… Stay like you are and Thanks a lot for this site and you positivity, your creativity. Thanks so much. Better than the press ’cause, it’s the real world and you’re passionate. πŸ˜‰ Have a good day friend.

  44. Whenever I post anything on a forum, twitter, Facebook, YouTube comments, etc. I try to follow what I call the Internet Golden Rule. That is to: “Never post anything, that you would not be willing to say in person, to the subject of the post”. If more people followed that rule, then the internet would be a nicer place, in my opinion.

  45. Steve, I have followed you site over the last couple of years, and your passion for photography has been infectious. Your writing and photography inspired me to pick up a camera myself, so thank you.
    Photography is about soul. It’s about that moment in time, that memory, the way the light dances on the subject, captured forever using whatever camera inspires you.

    Thanks for all the work you put in to your site, it’s an inspiration.

  46. It amazes me that some people get so emotional about gadgets to the point of hurling insults at those they don’t agree with. Just go out and take pictures. Who cares what anyone has in their camera bag? Get angry about things that really matter, like child poverty or genocide. Cameras are just not worthy of it.

  47. Steve, it’s all your fault.

    14 months ago, I read thoroughly your review on M8 (and M9, too, but couldn’t afford it), and got a used one. 4 months ago, I ordered my M-E from Dale Photo after I saw the trade-in program, and preordered my M 240. Less than 2 months ago, I read your M 240 review and I REALLY WANT MINE! Yes, jealousy will drive you mad, but YOU are making me so jealous! You even sold your M! πŸ˜€

    But hey, I’m posting right now, isn’t it? Thank you for all you’ve done for this site, Steve.

  48. Steve.
    Clearly you’re doing something very right. And very in tune with your “followers”.
    Carry on!

    PS. I’ve no idea what site you were referring to but I guess it clearly shows how little time I have to waste online. My bad? Haahaha.

  49. Steve, I am a member of that site as I am new to the brand you review at times and they represent.

    I posted on that thread and defended you to as I don’t understand the bashing. I even used the word “jealously.”

    You can’t please everyone all the time. So true. Keep up the good work and I personally am thankful for your site and reviews. I find them honest and accurate. I own an X1 and X2 in part because of the reviews you did

  50. Good place to visit, always positive messages (even in criticism).
    I can be in agreement or not with you, but I think it is an honest person. Thank you Steve πŸ™‚

  51. Steve,
    I read your stuff every day. And I actually buy stuff you recommend, and I live in Tucson so we share the crummy summer climate :-((. I recently canned a guy, as a “friend” or he canned me. He was negative, sultry and non verbal…blah blah. So your right stay away from the naysayers.
    Keep up the good work!!!

  52. Well, my curiosity was roused, so I-foundthe site.
    What a load of strange people subscribe to it! Keep it up Steve. I love your open mindedness

      • In all fairness that is VERY true and should not be forgotten in this. There are some lovely members there & very good photographers too making it even more of a shame that the prowling alpha male types ruin it in so many ways.

    • That would be my guess too, not that I ever visit that forum or too many others these days myself.

      Some real sad, angry people out there on the InterWeb these days. Maybe they should venture outside their front doors every once in a while and see some nature and breath in some fresh air. Might calm em’ down a bit. hahaha πŸ˜€

      • Seems I was wrong, it was the one that begins with “L” instead. Ah well, let the dentists, lawyers & plastic surgeons that prowl around that little clubroom have their sad fun. So many with sociopathic & borderline psychopathic personality traits in one place it is at times unreal. πŸ™

  53. Haters gonna hate. Keep doing what you’re best at Steve, you have a lot more supporters than those confused people.

  54. Steve, pick yourself up a copy of The 4 Agreements. Once you read and understand its tenants, you will better understand why people say what they say. It has nothing to do with you.

  55. Wouldn’t throw oil on the fire Steve. The more successful your site becomes, the more you have to deal with politics. Human nature.

    Smile and keep on doing what you do so well.

    • I always write what I feel, and if it throws oil, then so be it. Just being honest, as always. I am quite different that most blogs as I am not afraid to say what is on my mind, wether it is politically correct or not. How I always have been, and always will. Thanks for stopping by though, love your site πŸ™‚

        • I agree with Steve. Great site you have. I locked onto the Inspired Eye link. Only started looking at the mag but it really seem to resonant with me. After a decade as a newspaper photojournalist who got laid off in the recession, I have been looking for some inspiration as I give up trying to get back in the biz. This magazine may be the ticket to inspire me to do something totally different from what I have done in the past. Thanks to both you and Steve….

  56. Idiots. Just be yourself Steve (you don’t need me to really say that anyway). The haters will just die with raised blood pressures and no Leica M πŸ™‚

      • I love this site. It has it all. Real life photos, genuine reviews and straight from the heart talking. Now it has drama too! Seriously who cares if you sold a camera someone else wants. That’s their problem. So many readers have relied upon sensible objective reviews before investing their hard earned cash into (let’s face it) very expensive kit. There is a fine line between love, hate and jealousy.

        • Leica romance is very exciting. Hehehe…
          Steve, thanks for being the “Go To” guy for all your fans.

  57. Steve, periodically you bring things like this up on your site – and I have to ask – why do you let it get to you? You can say you don’t really,but you did get sad. And something else as you keep posting about the haters. I feel the best action is to ignore them. And don’t give credence to them by bringing it up on your forum. It stands apart and with chin high just on its own. Now back to photography!

    • I got Sad? Ummm, no I did not. Sad for those who are so angry and bitter, not for me πŸ™‚ I guess you did not read this article, enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by!

        • Read on my friend…what comes after that? “Sad for them” – I hate seeing people that just constantly live life to be angry at others or hate others or are jealous of others. Makes me sad…for THEM. Not just in cameraland but life in general.

  58. Hey now Jonny, we all deserve Leicas…come on!! ;-P I love this site, it made me relax about photography a bit. I always felt like there was this void between the pros and me. But this site, well, it’s kinda my voice. We are ALL fans of pretty pictures! And we are all camera nerds, and want to dork out on cool photography gear! This site is all about the hobby of photography, and the enjoyment of being a photodork!


  59. I notice you mention a June trip to The Palouse, one of my favorites. I have a tip, dependent upon when you go. June 8, Lind WA (not far) is the annual combine demolition derby. Now how often does one get a chance to see that?

  60. Yes and it drives people crazy that you changed your mind! We all know that you simply can’t do that ever! People take this stuff way too seriously…You have your MM which you can enjoy, someone else has a near-new M, and all is good. None of us are “deserving” of anything we have…and definitely none of us *DESERVE* a Leica!

  61. Thanks for this site Steve. The best compliment I can give is that it makes me go out there eager to take more photos.

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