Daily Inspiration #414 by Miriam Ottman

Hi Steve Huff,

My dad showed me your homepage and I really like your mindset and how you work together with your readers. So I thought why not sending you some of my pictures and see if you like them 🙂

My name is Miriam Anastasia Ottmann, friends call me Mimi. I am 16 years old and go to highschool. I am German but I live on Salt Spring Island in Canada for half a year. This is a wonderful place to do some of my favorite activities: meeting new people, enjoying the nature and taking pictures. I like to take photos of people and nature and work with them to create special, and sometimes crazy, pictures. My dad is very interested in photography and tought me, and still does, how to see the world with photographer eyes. I like to learn by practicing, just to go out and try some new things with the camera. I use a small LUMIX camera with a LEICA lense and I love how it works. I have experienced that also with small cameras you can create great pictures and amaze other people and first of all: yourself.

I took my pictures on the famous Saturday Market here on Salt Spring.

Best regards 🙂







  1. Miriam, it is unbelievable to find a 16 year old who already understands how to target candid emotions in people. you could be on your way to a wonderful career!

  2. Well Miriam,
    What a fantastic start to your online presence – Steves site is the best for getting honest (dare I say sometimes harsh?)critique. You have a very mature eye already which will only get better as you get older. You clearly have “the knack” and your father has taught you well. Keep it up!
    Clevedon, England

  3. Very interesting shots, well tought and beautifully composed. A great start, keep up shooting! 🙂

  4. Hello Miriam,
    Nice set of photos. I like the fact that all your photos have people in it. I like the composition. You have stuck to one basic rule of getting close to your subjects and I like that. Why did you not include a colour photo in your set?
    Keep shooting and good luck!



  5. Markets are great to photograph and you have captured the atmosphere and people very well. Would love to see more!

  6. Wonderful photos – you’ve got a real feeling for people and a knack for capturing moments. I wish I’d been half this good at 16.

  7. Mimi

    Thanks for sharing these images.

    People enjoying or being captivated by music can produce great images… I love the informality of the 1st picture and you have captured his enjoyment so very well – he is clearly having fun with his music…and the looks of concentration on the last image …

    I would encourage you to look around what you see and even when you have made your picture to step back and look again as there is often something slightly different to take – the whole instrument and bow – or to move in closer – perhaps the musicians hand on the violin(?).

  8. Miriam,

    Very nice shots, you are sensitive to your human subjects! You have a bright future. :^)

    I also admire your excellent command of English, especially for someone so young. Here in Canada,
    1/4 of our population speaks French, and if we anglophones all had your skills with a second language, all linguistic tension would disappear in this country!

    Peter (Montéal)

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