Daily Inspiration #422 by Wassim Diab

Hello Steve,

I recently came back from a trip to Turkey. For the past two years I no longer carry SLR cameras on the streets or during travels, I use instead my iPhone and the Fuji X100 that I purchased in 2011 and I keep my bulky Nikon D800E (usually coupled with the giant 24-70 F/2.8) for indoors shots. During this trip I used the wide-angle conversion lens on the X100 and still it didn’t feel bulky or obstructive at all. I usually shoot in Aperture and Manual mode, I post-process the RAW files in Photoshop. I love B&W and I try to “get rid” of colors whenever they’re not adding much to the story. I’m very used to the X100 and love its feel and IQ; I don’t mind its hesitant focus at times (I’m not shooting sports at dusk) since I can avoid those situations most of the times. I carry a spare battery with me all the times and that is more than enough for me to shoot a whole day. I got so “attached” to the X100 that I’m not considering the upgrade to the younger, faster X100s at all. I hope you’d enjoy the photos I’m submitting.

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  1. Wassim,

    You have some really strong photos on Flicker. In fact I would go so far as to say that you the images you have there are very good indeed, some of them better than what you have shown here.

    Folks if you have time do go and check out Wassim’s other work its worth your time.

  2. Dear Wassim

    I have been going back to Turkey regularly since 1968. I like the feel and atmosphere of your pictures. I have also the X100 and the 28 mm add-on permanently . With the 20mm pancake and the excellent 45mm on my GF1 this light combination covers the range of my need for travel photography. (28, 40 and 90). Please show us more 🙂

  3. saw your photos on flickr… well, you are an hell of a photographer (in a good way :)… you really know how to get the best outta X100..keep it going…

  4. Great shots. I have the X100. I did get the X100s planning on selling the X100. I’m glad I didn’t because the X100s broke the first day and I had to return it. The images coming from the X100S were fantastic though that one day I had it. But I preferred the X100 files because it had a different rendering, more film like maybe or less digital like than the X100s. I don’t know exactly how to describe it. More mojo as Steve says. But the X100s X trans sensor gives sharper results for sure.

  5. some really great photographs here. The first one is processed bang on. Has a very traditional film look to it. I like all of them a lot.

  6. “I love B&W and I try to “get rid” of colors whenever they’re not adding much to the story”

    – I couldnt agree more

    Good photography and I absolutely love your set “Urban Species” on flickr, great!

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