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Site News and Updates! Samsung NX300, Improved Site Speed, Buy and Sell, and more!

Hello to all! It’s Saturday and I am getting ready to head to San Diego for the next 3-4 days for some cooler weather, fun and of course, shooting! It was 119 Degrees here in Phoenix AZ yesterday and today is supposed to be the same. I had enough of this heat so I will be staying on the beach for a few days with Debby, my lovely fiancée 🙂 What will I bring with me?

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How about something new, different and a camera I have never mentioned on this site but have been starting  to really enjoy what it offers.


The Samsung NX300! 

Yep! A SAMSUNG! Usually I have never been inspired by these cameras and while many have said they offer high IQ and features, none did it for me until the NX300. Samsung sent me a nice NX300 in chrome with the brown covering. It looks pretty damn nice if you ask me. Also have the 18-55 Kit zoom and the 30mm f/2 lens (which while slower in AF, delivers nice bokeh and sharpness). At the price, I really can not see anything that beats this camera in build, features, joy of use and quality!

Check out the Samsung HERE and look at what you get for the money.


For under $700 you get an APS-C 20 MP sensor, a 3.31 inch OLED touch screen display on the back, WiFi Connectivity, HD video, solid build, nice design with grip, and the LCD tilts as well! I have been messing with the NX300 and shooting JPEGS for now and am quite impressed with what this can do for the money. Makes me want to try other Samsung lenses out. The camera feels better in my hand, with more heft, than a Sony NEX-5 and the quality is not lacking in any way.


It is not up there with what I see from the Ricoh GR and X Vario in regards to total and sheer image quality output, but I have not yet used it much nor with a premium lens. This is under $700 APS-C with IC Lens capability. I think it deserves a serious look so I will be reviewing it in full, hence, the camera I am taking with me  to San Diego. 🙂

It also has a retro design, almost looking like a cooler NEX. It does not feel plasticky or cheap either. When talking to Samsung it seemed to me like they are having high hopes for  this guy, and I can see why. I even ordered a Leica to Samsung adapter to try some lenses on it. Should be fun.

The 1st test snaps I shot with it at home are below, all JPEG and some at higher ISO. I will go over all of this in the upcoming review, so remember, these are just for fun test snaps! The NX 300 is available at Amazon here with Kit Zoom for $689. B&H also has all of the colors available HERE. You can go there to read specs, see images and order if it floats your boat.

The 30mm f/2 is HERE. AT $299 it is a bargain. Gives you a fast 50.

All Samsung NX300 JPEGS with the 30mm f/2 lens






Buy and Sell going strong!

Just a couple days after announcing the new Buy and Sell forum there are plenty of ads up and it appears to be working well. It is officially still in beta mode but I feel it will be working quite well, and a big improvement over the old classifieds for sure. Be sure to check out the buy and sell, you may see something you want..instantly 🙂 If you have anything to sell, feel free to join in the fun. You must be registered to participate. This helps keep out spammers and scammers. Check out the Buy and Sell HERE in the Forums. It is the forum at the top.  There have already been a few successful sales and transactions in the past 48 hours.

Site Updates

Over the past few weeks I have noticed some quirks with the site. Crashes, slowdowns, comment issues and an overall lag. I do my best to keep this site running smooth but being popular has its downsides. Namely, spammers and those who want to see you crash. Between the 200-300 spam registrations a day (which I have no put a 99.9% end to) and the Denial of Service attacks that brought my server to its knees, security is now in place and while it is costing me an extra $300 per month for all of this, it is well worth it to keep the site running smooth and spammer free.

You should see an improvement in overall site speed and responsiveness starting today. There may still be glitches here and there but know I am behind the scenes every day working on it all. Still a one man show!

So thank you all for y our continued support, friendship and just for stopping by when you can!




  1. Hi Steve. Have you considered reviewing the NX1 or NX500? I’m very curious what you think of the Samsung colors. In particular, I was comparing these shots that you took:

    To me, the NX300 colors look pretty similar to those of Leica. What do you think?

    Best regards,

    • I held the NX1 and I would never use it for daily shooting. MUCH too large for my tastes. It’s a nice camera but not one I can get into. Just didn’t feel it.

      • Hi Steve. Thanks for the quick response.

        I agree, I find the NX1 too large as well that’s why I got the NX500 🙂 Anyway, I’m hoping you can get a sample of the NX500 from Samsung (they seem to be happy to send review samples), and if so, what you think of it (in particular, the image quality).

        Best regards,

  2. This was the post I was referring to, where you said you would get the samsung to Leica adapter to shoot with the samsung. I was wondering did you ever do it with the noctilux or nocticron.

  3. Like the site. Following for a while. Interested in the Samsung NX 300. Been shooting Nikon D700 but too big to carry around candidly. I have to ask: what’s the deal with the weird black outlines on the pulls of the blinds? Is that in the original file or is it an artifact of processing?

  4. Steve, is this NX300 in your opinion/Test better than the Canon M ?
    and how does it compares to the Fuji’s
    Have a low budget and wish to have a Mirrorless body and use my Nikon lenses.
    Love the Sony RX1 but far too expensive to replace my Canon S90

    • The NX300 is leagues better than the Canon M. No contest IMO. Compared to the Fuji X100s, I prefer the Fuji just for the style and EVF. IQ out of the Samsung is superb though, body is built better than the Fuji and is a great camera on the cheap.

      • I agree, that’s why I keep saying that the nx300, with the same form factor, and an evf in a corner would be a real winner. But the evf should be better than that of nx20. Should be not sequential and higher res (2+ mpixel). Or should be hybrid, ala fuji.

        • Samsung nx is really a darkhorse. They just need to sexyfy or classify their cameras and add a evf or hybrid Vf for the higher models and with some marketing, that could do it. I still say to them to just clamp on an old rangefinder style shell over some of their bodies and they’ll be off to the races. Beauty in this market does count for half the time. The Samsung ex1 is a nice looking tough camera with variable screen, that should have been the nx200 styling imo. they need a style and a aesthetic direction, otherwise they will be like Sony, all over the damn place.

        • Samsung are crap – want to run some of these ‘facts’ that are being presented?

          For a scoring system (DXO) that favours fast apertures (as one of three key metrics) the Samsung lenses surely don’t score particularly well here.

          Their best scoring lens is 2/3 stops faster than Sony’s best (85mm f1.4 vs 50mm f1.8), is 3 times the price yet only manages the same score as the Sony? That’s a pretty poor result to be honest and I expected better.

          The fabled 30mm f2 is a full stop faster than the Sigma 30mm f2.8, yet only manages to score equally as well, again a poor result.

          Samsung’s 45mm scores lower than the Sony 50mm.

          Their 60mm Macro only scores as well as their 16mm pancake!!! Seriously?!

          Their lenses are ok, but nothing to write home about it seems and that has been the main thing that NX users have tried to hold over NEX users for so long. Not that I think NEX lenses are great because they aren’t that hot either, but goes to prove that a) NEX has a buttload more lenses for it than NX and b) that the lenses which were supposedly enough reason to choose NX over NEX, because the cameras weren’t as good – really aren’t better at all, so why bother with a platform nobody cares about?

          I think the NX10 was a decent mirrorless and even the melted plastic NX100 wasn’t terrible either and had a clip on EVF, but Samsung really have gone backwards with each step towards the abomination that is the Galaxy NX. But hey, if you like the NX stuff, go, enjoy, you don’t need my approval!

          New! 59 minutes ago | Reply

          Who me? Here I am! What’s that? Yes Samsung are crap – want to run some of these ‘facts’ that are being presented?

          For a scoring system (DXO) that favours fast apertures (as one of three key metrics) the Samsung lenses surely don’t score particularly well here.

          Their best scoring lens is 2/3 stops faster than Sony’s best (85mm f1.4 vs 50mm f1.8), is 3 times the price yet only manages the same score as the Sony? That’s a pretty poor result to be honest and I expected better.

          The fabled 30mm f2 is a full stop faster than the Sigma 30mm f2.8, yet only manages to score equally as well, again a poor result.

          Samsung’s 45mm scores lower than the Sony 50mm.

          Their 60mm Macro only scores as well as their 16mm pancake!!! Seriously?!

          Their lenses are ok, but nothing to write home about it seems and that has been the main thing that NX users have tried to hold over NEX users for so long. Not that I think NEX lenses are great because they aren’t that hot either, but goes to prove that a) NEX has a buttload more lenses for it than NX and b) that the lenses which were supposedly enough reason to choose NX over NEX, because the cameras weren’t as good – really aren’t better at all, so why bother with a platform nobody cares about?

          I think the NX10 was a decent mirrorless and even the melted plastic NX100 wasn’t terrible either and had a clip on EVF, but Samsung really have gone backwards with each step towards the abomination that is the Galaxy NX. But hey, if you like the NX stuff, go, enjoy, you don’t need my approval!

          • Dxo does NOT favour fast lenses. They compute transmission, which is a ratio among the declared f value and the actual t value. Nx lensesnare clearly better than nex counterparts, the only exception being the zeiss 50mm, which is on par with nx.

  5. The nx300 is a camera that should have come out years ago, but still a very good camera nonetheless. Though many prefer the shape of the nx300 it’s best to go for the nx20 instead, now the body is slightly cheaper than the nx20, and the variable screen moves in more positions than the nx300. The nx20 doesn’t look inspiring at first but once you hold it, it feels better and better all the time, it’s quite a good camera and for the comparable price, the nx20 is better for the money, looks aside. I wish Samsung would hurry the hell up and release the so called rumored for year NX-R already.

    • The nx300 has many more features than nx20 and above all is much faster in operations and has better iq. Why do you say it should have come out years ago? What do you think is “old” in the nx300?

      • nx300 and the articulating screen and better higher iso performance should have come out as a 2nd generation of nx cameras. Samsung needs to strike faster before the iron gets cold. They would and i have said this many ties, they would have sold a heck of a lot more nx cameras had they just put them in a leica m shell. Here’s one time I wish samsung copied directly but no, they wont. Cameras have to be beautiful as well as functional. All they still have to do is put in a canon rangefinder styled shell over their nx00 series. and I can see them selling a percentage more than what they are now. Beauty and performance are always a seller in anything. Looks do count for half of everything, like it or not. Even the lens design look could be better. Some corners are round and ” bubbly” and it does look more feminine. Design isnt hard…you just have to trust your own eyes and not over think things.

      • And no I’m no Samsung hater or sony m43 shill, I also use Samsung nx myself. The Samsung bashing shills are over at mirrorless rumors, starting with the biggest shill, MdB. He’s probably friends with the idiot who runs the site, seeing as how he never gets banned for his shill-trolling over there.

        • I also think that samsung should have hurried the development of better sensor tech and useful features. Sometimes it looks as if they don’t know very well the camera market. For example, I can’t understand why they don’t do a rangefinder style camera. And why they don’t put a better evf in its products. Samsung is a giant in amoled development and its evf are worse than those in sony or olympus cameras.

          They should make a 2+ mpixel evf, not sequential, with uber contrast, and place it on a rangefinder body. Then, they would sell.

          • The rangefinder market is a bit overblown if you look at it scientifically. For example, way back when when the first Leica came out it was popular for those who could afford it for taking street pics, why , because of it’s small size compared to cameras of other kinds back then. it was Leica or a camera the size of a small suitcase. The Leica was small, nimble, and it’s rangefinder focus was quick for what it did, take photos on the go. Fast forward, to lightning fast AF, and you can see that the benefits of the Leica are negated or trumped. Even the PS cameras are way smaller, and with their electronic shutters it is literally noise free.

            Now, although you can still shoot with a real rangefinder film or digital if you can afford to, the problem with cameras like Fuji x is that their AF is slow and not up to the standard of the best phase AF. Just because a camera ” looks” like a rangefinder or a street camera, does not mean it can perform like one. The x cameras are nice, look nice, but as for its AF, I don’t think for it it can cut the mustard, thus to me, they are not street cameras or people cameras. i think the faster 43 Af cameras can perform better in terms of speed, but the cost is what’s keeping it down from mass adoption. I would like the nx20 but realistically, I don;t want to pay anything north of 400 for any camera anymore. because there are so many good cheap solutions for me.

            I have used about every kind of camera shy of medium format there is. and soon as a trial and error I will try the mega zoom bridge cameras. You see, if you really look at it analytically, even the small ps cameras of today can resolve better detail than what film could do back in the 60’s. And what many don;t want to see is that even a PS digital cam can make clearer pics then the famous pics you see reproduced nicely on a 11 x 14 book. I will still keep my nx cameras if I want more resolution for landscape on a trip, but I think ps cams have come a long long way. Great IQ for the price, AA batteries so you never had to worry about ions again, the huge wide and long zoom, no more heavy lenses. If Samsung can make a nice affordable apsc or even cx sensored cam with a fixed lens of 28-200 with a variable screen than I’m all in. Till then, i think I’ll stick with my older NX cams and lenses, and hopefully, I will be shooting mainly on my soon to be bridge camera! LOL

          • Also, the biggest problem with having a good EVF for nx is cost. That’s a problem they really have never been able to solve. If the cost of a csc camera with EVF is more than a dslr , than it is a huge hill or mountain to climb. What Samsung and the other m43 makers should have really done wa look at alternative solutions with a mirrobox like the old film pens. Arguably, you can get a porro type of mirror in a body that isnt too thick, well, at least thinner than dslrs for sure. OVF EVF problem then solved. LCD screens can be made thinner with new tech, and the thought that everytime you buy a csc that has a OVF is very tantalizing for anyone , noob or experienced photogs. They could still take out the small mirror for cheaper and lower end models for the entry market and keep the mirror for the high models. Certainly, it’s a hell lot better than forking out 1400 for a camera and a EVF. Most folks hesitate spending more than 800 on any cam.

  6. The NX300 is a very very underrated camera. The image files one can pull out of it are really excellent. The 30mm 2.0 is outstanding and for a kit lens the 18-55 can hold it’s own with any other brand.

  7. I’m glad to see a Samsung presentation if not a complete review. To me, the NX system seems more complete than the one from Sony NEX to which it resembles more. Good and nice looking lenses in their line up (it’s sad not seeing Sigma and Zeiss -or other AF lens manufacturer – making lenses for the NX mount). What I regret about this system is that despite their experience with Pentax, they didn’t choose (“copy”) the on-sensor image stabilisation. The other observation is a little more subjective and referes to the position of the lens release button which wasn’t “copied” from Pentax but from Olympus/Nikon/Canon (weirdly, the NEX system , and Fuji-X, have the lens release button in Pentax like position) 🙂

  8. Can’t wait for my white nx 300+18-55 came, this could be a refresh to improvement over my existing E3+E-PL2

  9. One insight that others have mentioned is that the established brands like Canon and Nikon have a huge edge in public perception. In the US this seems to be true; the cameras I primarily see in use other than point and shoots are Canon and Nikon DSLRs.

    I think the average novice photographer just goes with the brand name they know the most, and right now that is Canon and Nikon, and so they buy their beginner DSLRs. Plus most big retailers like Best Buy do not carry a great selection of mirrorless in the majority of their stores; it’s mostly P&S and then DSLRs.

    So there is a huge bias to overcome for any company to establish itself with mirrorless. To me that will take a huge marketing campaign, and if there is one company that could and would launch a massive marketing blitz that would be Samsung. I wish they would because the mirrorless market deserves a chance.

    • Having worked as a camera salesman, I can say that Canon and Nikon if we are honest make the best, most powerful, most reliable on and on dslrs. They make pretty damn good ps cameras and bridge cameras too, probably the best. They are capable of making the best mirrorless cameras if they truly want but the question is of market share and cannibalizing their dslr sales.

      Enter mirrorless, they are cameras with one absolute benefit over dslrs, that is their smaller size. They have one absolute weakness, no ovf. And if they put in an EVF than the cost goes up exponentially. This cost does not and will never help the mirrorless dethrone the dslrs. Besides size, the fact is many users will tolerate a larger size camera for more features at the same cost. Not to mention the smaller sized sensor for the price of a apsc camera does not help either. That’s maybe why there are those who choose Samsung nx, because though the asking price for bodies is highish, the lenses can be had for song on a sale. I have seen all their pancakes, except the new fisheye and 45mm, and the tele 50-200 go for 199 usd. 199! when was the last time anyone has seen a Oly or Pano prime go for less than 200?

      As for marketing, you can market all you want, the greatest obstacle will always be price. Let’s be honest here, the mirrorless cameras are just dslrs with a smaller sensor and have had their mirrorbox taken out. They then cost the same if not more to a dslr. Consumers are not that stupid, they wont pay more for less. That’s like taking a lasagne, taking out the meat balls and some of the cheese and then calling it a new dish and charging more. and if you want meat balls again well than that’s extra. The fact is the mirrorless cameras on camera store shelves outside of Japan just don’t move. It’s not because of its features, but it is always the price, first. But I’am glad so many ppl upgrade their cameras eyar after year, it leaves more used digital cameras I can buy for song, unlike the days of film cameras, where old POS shaped bodies still were selling at premium rip off prices. Digital is great, for those who dont wanna plunk down a grand every year for a new camera.

  10. I’ve been using nx cameras for about two years now. Started with nx100, then nx200 and a couple of months ago I bought the nx300. For me it’s the best mirrorless system on the market, and I tried many of them. I have many nx lenses: 20,30,45,60,85mm primes and 18-55,20-50,50-200m zooms. The primes are gorgeous, fast, sharp. The zooms are a bit less “wow”, being a bit slow and not ultra sharp at the longest end.

    Anyway the nx300 is – for me – better than any nex and fuji out there. Comparable iq, much better af, better display, more functions, faster operation.

    Unfortunately this is such an underrated system due to the fact that it’s samsung. If it were Canon, nikon, fuji, olympus or sony, it would be regarded as the best on the market.

    P.s. in what do you think ricoh gr or x vario are better? My experience – at least with the first of the two, is quite different.

    • The kit lenses are not bad, in fact quite good. Also, the kit 18-55 focuses faster and near silent compared to the 30mm. The only thing is speed, but all kit lenses are slowish if you like shooting in lower light, but serious shooter many of them do not use anything lower than 5.6, if they dont have to.

    • I totally agree with you Tecnoworld, for me too, the Samsung Nx is the best mirrorless system on the Market. I love the Fuji too, but I think is having a quite higher price tag. With Samsung you can get the same quality with less money. Only field in with Fuji is still superior at moment is the extraordinary performance at High Iso with the new x100s.
      Have you tried the 85mm f71.4? I have it and I found incredible sharp already at f/1.4

      • Ciao Alessandro, I’m Italian as well 🙂

        Yes, I own the 85mm lens, along with the 20,30,45,60mm primes and the 18-55,20-50 and 50-200mm zooms. I’m now looking fw to the announced 10mm fisheye lens.

        And I’d like samsung to produce a rangefinder styled nx, i.e. a camera with the shape of nx300, but with a high res (2+ mp) evf in a corner. Or even better an hybrid vf.

        Anyway I think that with nx300 even high iso shots are at the level of fuji.

        • Funny! I was thinking to be the only crazy in Italy to use to personal and professional reason the Samsung Nx System! 😉

          I have to give credit that for me, at the moment, Fuji has a very big advantage on high iso. Last days I did a night Shooting test throu Florence with the X100s (soon on our blog the test,, and I was amazed how clean are the file at 6400Iso and how much color is having the file. There’s no match at the moment with the Samsung, but who know on next Samsung sensor’s generation? 😉

          • I’d really like to see some comparison shots at iso 3200 and 6400, taken with both fuji x100s and nx300. I think that nx300 at those iso is already outstanding, much better than nx200 (both jpg and raw).

          • Problem with Fuji is AF speed and cost. And the shutter and lag, not good. The Fuji shutter sounds like a weak piss, and i’m not trying to be sarcastic, compared to a Sony NEX or even m43, which sounds like a quick and assuring chop, the Fuji x 100 or xe1 shutter sounds like an old man weak piss. Not very reassuring. Even the nx20 souds alot better and responsive.

  11. The Samsung NXis not compatible with M mount due to the flange distance. Only M39. Not a camera system I’d invest in, as a result.

    • Why, because Samsung has created a system that’s not compatible with another company? Last time I checked, Samsung was not in business to help Leica make money? Look at the pancakes Samsung is able to make with their mount apsc system, now look at Sony, they have just the 16 until the new 30 came out, and the 16 isn’t very good. The nex 50 is as long a s kit zoom. So it doesn’t take your M lenses, go and buy a M camera than. Does Leica worry that their bodies wont accept Samsung nx lenses? Nuff said.

  12. Looks like Samsung is doing the smart thing and sending its NX300 to several unbiased bloggers, including yourself and Kirk Tuck. He seems to be liking it, too, as an adjunct to his Sony stable. Wonder if it will do anything for their sales and attention at the major review sites (DPReview, Imaging Resources, etc.).

  13. What is wrong with not putting in a viewfinder (EVF/OVF)? I can’t get a real sense of connection to a camera without one. Maybe it’s me and my failure to adapt.

    • The viewfinder thing is overdone. You can shoot the same pics using the lcd as you can a VF. The only thing is the VF makes holding a little more stable, but everyone a mile away knows youre about to shoot and thinks youre some ” serious” shooter if you use the EVF. You are less likely to be noticed if you shoot with the lcd, you look more like a tourist. Plus, with the lcd you actually see more, the pic and the outside of the frame, so if someones about to punch your teeth out for shooting a pic, you can see it coming, looking through the view finder though means a potential black eye. The connection to the subject is what one should look for, not a connection to a machine, that doesnt help shoot better pics. It can be done if you want to find a way. Why would anyone today feel the need to look into a small tunnel of pixels when they have a large eye relief lcd screen or even a ipad to shoot pics? For almost everyone, the lcd is more than enough.

      • Probably overdone, as you say; but a VF helps in bright light when the LCD is difficult to see.

  14. Finally someone on an international important website is talking about Samsung Camera and the qualities of their lens!
    I’ve been using it from three years, from first camera out, the Nx100 and always been amazed byt the quality of the lens and the fact that none is talking about: eveyone stick with big names as usual canon, nikon, olympus, fuji, sigma. I’ve used for personal and professional jobs too, for example during the fashion week in Stockholm.

    In this years I’ve used all lens from Samsung, the 16mm f/2.4, 20mm f/2.8, 30mm f/2, 60mm f/2.8 Macro and the AMAZING 85mm f/1.4

    You can find more about Samsung Test lens on our Italian blog (sorry for language but easy to translate with Chrome).

    (there’s many other article about Samsung lens but don’t want to do Link Spam)

  15. I have used dslrs, Pentax and Canon but ever since I bought myself an nx10 with the 30mm pancake, I have not been wanting more, at least with lenses. I also have the 50-200 nx and that is also a fine performer and the prices I got them for on sale maybe a thing of the past because i think slowly folks and Samsung are starting to really just how good those lenses are. I once compared the plastic kit 20-50 to my collection of legacy lenses, including Zeiss, i was surprised that the only lenses that looked equal to the nx lenses were only my Zeiss lenses and that I’am not making up. I’m no scientist, I just shoot and compared by enlarging and see what my ” eye” prefers in sharpness and colors. Then again, the 20-50 nx kit lens once won the mirrorless kit lens of the year award a few years back from Amateur Photographer Magazine.

    Since then I have not bought any new old manual focus lenses, nor have I been wanting to get new sensationalized Af lens, why , when you you find out that only the Zeiss lenses ” look” the same as the results your nx lenses, you start to ask yourself if lenses can get worthwhile better. Now I’m not some Samsung fanboy, my first gen nx camera lacks many things, and the nx300 and nx20 is something I’d buy in a heart beat if I wasn’t frugal, but imo modern lenses from mirrorless cameras are really better than many people want to believe. Even the kits lenses are extremely good if people just judge by looking and keep an open mind, instead of re-vomiting what everyone else says about kit lenses, that they’re plastic, and junk and how ppl ” should buy a higher end lens”. Sometimes people are even ashamed to mention they have a kit lens. Once a friend showed me his Panasonic g3 camera and lens, he said “..and I have this plastic kit lens, i know…” It was as if he was ashamed to say it. I responded by telling him that through my years of shooting, from film to digital, I can say to him that his kit lens was much much better than he thought it was, because he didn’t know, he’s never seen how other lenses perform and in his lack of experience, just went and regurgitated what every other person says without ” trying” them.

    There is a lot of misinformation and elitism on the net, coming from many so called camera experts. I read how one guy on a blog I wont mention lately has changed his perception of the Nikon V1 after finally trying one. He had been bashing the V1 prior before even laying a hand on one and see the results with his own eyes. It is amazing how so many people can come to a forgone conclusion about something they never tired. It’s like someone saying they don’t like to eat seafood without ever trying it…. total ignorance.
    I bought into the NX as a cheaper route into mirrorless and I can honestly say that the lens quality has been sort of an accidental sweet surprise. I’m looking forward to your review on the nx300 Steve, but I’m leaning more to the nx20 because of the side moving screen and evf. Once upon a time I would have preferred a rangefinder styled body like the nx300, but I have learned that the photos you want to take and technique you need to use to get those photos determines the camera, not the other way around. Smile.

    • Oh, this guy on a blog I mentioned is NOT you Steve, i know you didn’t like the V1 at first and you changed your mind about it after trying. This guy I was referring to lives in he UK and yes, he was and still is an elitist bonehead who thinks his mundane photos are better then sliced bread.

  16. Hey Steve, I’m glad you finally got hold of the Samsung. I am definitely a gadget/gear head and also obviously I love photography! I own or have owned the x100s, em5, nex7, rx1..even have the Ricoh GR and LARGE debt on my 3.2% credit card 🙂 In any case I couldn’t resist TRYING the NX300 as it’s price point was so low and in my past owned the Samsung cam that was supposed to compete with the LX5, Olympus XE1 etc.I really liked that Samsung a LOT..I’m drawing a blank on the model # now. In any case so I get the NX300 and right away say WHAT?? WOW the output looks GREAT..I had purchased it with the 30mm pancake. To me it’s color is probably better and more accurate IN MY opinion than my x100s was, RX1, Certainly the NEX7. Pics have a lot of dynamic range and tons of detail. What I didn’t see you mention yet though is my biggest negative on the NX300. Samsung is using WAAAAY too much NR on jpegs once you go above 400iso etc, and you can’t adjust it t seems.. But shooting jpeg + raw as I do I am astounded at many pics I have taken with the Samsung using LR5. Matter of fact and this may sound dopey, I took a bunch of pics out East where I live sort of farm country and a lot of wineries. I took the RX1 and the SAMSUNG. My wife without knowing which camera was which definitely liked the jpegs of the Samsung actally OVER the RX1 pics. All taken in similar light or even same place, time. I’m not going to say the NX REALLY beats the RX1, and certainly not in the same league at higher isos, but for it’s price point..and for how sharp that 30mm prime is with WAY less CA than the Pana Leica M4 1.4 had, I’m pretty blown away with the Samsung. THAT said VERY disappointing you can’t add an EVF to it and in that regard it loses a star for me, and I have had times it was difficult to see the lcd in bright light..a shame!. Anyway too much coffee LOL sorry for the long post 🙂

  17. Great little article. At that price, the camera is definitely a real value. Not sure if I would buy it but more competition is always a good thing. On a separate note, I hope Samsung brings that brushed aluminum look to their upcoming phones.

  18. Until Olympus released their super lenses for m4/3, Samsung had the best lens lineup of all mirrorless.
    Perception counts for something & i wish samsung would replace their name with a logo like superman 🙂

    (Similar with Sigma, replace with Greek Sigma symbol).

    • Yeah but how much do these ” super lenses ” cost? How many people are actually buying these high end Olympus lenses? Not many, as every time I go outside and look, it’s all Canon and Nikon. The perception is Nikon and Canon are the pros choice, which they are, Leica is the bling brand, and the other fall short, including Olympus , Pano and Richo isn’t even considered over here except in camera circles. for three years I saw one person with an OM-D, that’s not very good sales if you ask me, and i live in a big metro city. Any company can make super expensive super lenses, the point is, how many consumers actually buy them and how much? Mirrorless rumor fanboys won’t change that fact even with all their misguided fanboys

  19. Steve, glad you’ve started taking a closer look at Samsung NX…one of the most under rated mirrorless systmes out there if not the most.

    On a side note i mentioned a few posts back about the shill MdB here and over at Mirrorless Rumors, and there’s a new Samsung post, speak of the devil, guess who’s the first to bash Samsung again? You guessed it. I used to go on that site but refuse to do so anymore, especially when the guy who runs the site is worse than the delusional fanboys that have infected it like an STD. I have no respect anyone who’s supposed to be the warden of a site but is worse than the inmates in it. Mirrorless rumors? No, more like Shill-Wankers.

  20. Do not underestimate Samsung. They have very deep pockets, and if committed, they will pursue a market very aggressively. They know how to make quality products, they will iterate quickly if necessary, they will adjust to market demands, they will spend big bucks on marketing and promotion. They also have deep ties with major retailers like Best Buy.

    If there is a sleeper among the companies that can come out of nowhere and seize a significant market presence within a few years it is Samsung.

    • I’m an American living in South Korea, and I can tell you this is certainly true! For the last 25 years, Korea has had their sites set on markets that have been dominated by Japan. Hyundai has taken a bite out of Toyota / Honda, LG / Samsung have moved in on electronics, and now Samsung is looking to take a bite out of Sony’s camera line.

      But I’m still sticking with my Fuji for now 🙂

      • It’s because of the anti Samsung shills all over the net, especially on mirrorless rumors. They get around 4 cents a shill comment. Samsung has more bigger name overall then olympus or even panasonic in the world.

      • That’s because there are so many Samsung bashing shills on the net. Just go to the latet Samsung post over at mirrorless rumors, the biggest Samsung basher, ” MdB ” is at it again. First comment too, the kid didn’t even bother waiting. LOL

  21. Steve, you will not regret using Samsung lenses, their pancakes especially and even their zooms, I have used them myself and the sharpness and color beat any of my manual focus lenses, and to my eye they are tied with my Zeiss Contax lenses, although the Zeiss cannot AF. Samsung has come a long way from their first gen nx cameras which were not bad , higher iso like 1600 a little bit noisy but their lenses are the main reason why many buy their stuff. I used to remember whenever their pancakes went on sale, they were all just 199 usd. The 85 1.4 also has a great reputation among those who have used it.

    • With what? The NX300? It has been out for about 2 months though announced 6 months ago and I was just offered to take a look at one from Samsung. Hardly 6 months since it has been OUT. 🙂 Doesn’t matter if it has been 2 years though, I reviewed cameras 4 years after release before. If they are a great buy with great performance and I missed them at 1st release then it is still worth talking about.

        • And I’m glad you’re reviewing something that has been overlooked by many. It’s refreshing to see something reviewed that isnt Leica, Sony ,m4 Panny or Oly for change.

  22. Bought an NX1000 with kit lens on clearance from Best Buy for an amazing $299. Same 20.3MP APS-C sensor, wifi connectivity etc. Really not loving shooting from a screen tho. Gotta have a VF.

  23. I have a Samsung NX1000, which has practically the same sensor. I can guarantee all of you that this camera has one of the best image qualities I’ve ever seen, especially considering the price. And the quality and the range of the lens are also superb! Please have a look at Samsung’s website to have an idea!

    • Agreed, I have seen what the nx stuff can do myself. The problem is that with so many anti Samsung shills all over the net and especially at that mirrorless rumors site, many have a misguided perception of Smasung nx without ever trying them You can bet the Samsung bashers have never tried it either. There’s a new Samsung thread over at mirrorless rumors and you can see the list of haters and shill appear like an army of cockroaches in a seedy motel. It’s quite funny reading.

  24. One more note. Enjoy San Diego. I live in San Clemente and while it is a nice 83 degrees, it is nothing like the 119 you have. However, we are getting the marine layer going in and out.

  25. I have to say that I haven’t seen a better shot of Debbie than that one, even with the Ms and the X-Vario. Super sharp but yet the skin looks smooth. I’ll bet she liked it! She looks like a model in that shot. I have a friend that has purchased this camera and was trying to get me to try it. Now you have wet my appetite to take a closer look. 🙂

    • As a long time Samsung owner (started with NX10 along with beautiful 30mm f/2) I must agree, Samsung did have very strong pancake lens lineup.

      But be warned, it also has a few quirks. The NX300 for example forgoes one dial compared to NX210, which is a deal-breaker for me since 30mm has not yet released with iFn which will more than compensate lack of dials.

      Flash lovers also need to take note since NX cameras doesn’t play well with any kind of off-camera flash. Most of the standard hotshoe triggers just doesn’t work.

      What’s worse, in manual mode, the live view will always go dark if you turn the settings down with no way to change that (I’ll be glad to be wrong).

      And since the flange distance is quite long, within 2mm with the M-mount. I don’t think they have an adapter that doesn’t involve opening up the original mount. It does have the advantage though. The long flange distance seems to help downsizing the lens a lot.

      All in all, since my main priority is about the lens selection and size, I seem to use my NX a lot more than M43. The 30mm alone is enough reason to buy one of their cameras. The upcoming 10mm pancake fisheye also made me sure of their commitment in quality pancakes.

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