Refurb Nikon V1 Black Body – $249 on Amazon now


Refurb Nikon V1 Black Body – $249 on Amazon now

Nikon V1 Refurbished from Cameta Camera on Amazon

YES! More Nikon V1 talk, but this is the last post about the 1 system until my new 6.7-13 Lens review which should be in a week or two. I am posting this due to the fact that MANY of you are asking me where to get a cheap black Nikon V1 body, so I found some 🙂

Yep, lots of you have asked where to get a BLACK Nikon V1 at a similar price to  the $279 deal on Digital Rev (that was a white one, new with 10mm). Today I spotted that Cameta Camera on Amazon has a bunch of refurb BLACK V1’s for $249 a pop. This is a body only, Nikon refurb with one year warranty. A Refurb is a camera that goes back to the factory for one reason or another. A return, an issue, etc. Nikon goes over the cameras, replaces parts, repairs or just fixes cosmetic issues and then packages them back up for refurb discount sales. So if anyone wants the black V1, and they are getting harder to find these days without paying $600+ then this is a good deal.

Check out this video about the Nikon V2 and Street Shooting (V2 is no better than V1 in speed or IQ)

Just click the link above or below to check it out. It is NOT prime eligible but I have ordered from Cameta on Amazon 6 times in the past and they always came through with super fast service and it was always problem free.

Nikon V1 Refurbished from Cameta Camera on Amazon

I know I have been doing quite a bit on the Nikon 1 lately but that is because of these insane prices on such a great little camera. With these new lenses out now, it is a killer system, 1″ sensor or not. I have one more Nikon 1 review coming and that is for the 6.7-13 Ultra Wide Zoom. Stay tuned for that. Until then, you can check out the video below showing my three fave lenses for the system.

Links to my fave three lenses:

Nikon 32 1.2  – Nikon 18.5 f/1.8Nikon 6.7-13 UWA Zoom

and IMO, a MUST own accessory for the V1!

What to expect IQ wise from the V1 with these lenses


  1. Steve – I took your advice and went with a V1 with 10 2.8 from DigitalRev. Got it for $285 but only white bodies are available. I thought I would sell the NEX 5N. I already have the Fuji X Pro 1 with the primes so another APS-C body was somehow similar as a secondary camera. The different CX sensor would force creativity

  2. Hello All,

    I just got my V1 today. I have a question, the cover for the flash port on the left side seems to come off at the smallest touch. I’ve knocked it off a half dozen times already in the first 20 min. I can see that if I want to use this camera out in the field I will need a fix.

    Anyone have an elegant solution besides scotch taping it closed?

    – Roger

  3. Hi Steve I bought my Nikon V1 £250 with 10-30mm lens after reading your reviews and have had it for about three weeks now and I am very happy with it I love the styling and the build. I have one problem and it is the same problem as Ivan Lietaert from Flanders (Belgium) editing his videos of World War One cemeteries. I am having trouble editing the Nikon V1 movie Files with Sony Vegas, it runs slowly with a jerky motion. The files play perfectly in windows media player but if I drop the files into Windows Movie Maker I have the same problem that I have with Sony Vegas. Has anyone had the same problem and have they found a solution.

  4. I can’t figure out why so many people actively hate on the 1 System. I’ve used NEX and M 4/3 caeras and there is something about the 1 System that I love and I think Steve nailed it with his comment about the film look out of the camera. Even pushed to ISO 6400 can look very pleasing since the noise looks like grain, IMO.

    Olympus comes in a close second for me with their incredible JPEG engine. The NEX lenses are too big and you might as well carry a more versatile and rugged APS-C DSLR, IMO.

    • I think the “hate” has largely faded away. 3 main reasons for this are 1) we have come to see that smaller 1″ sensors such as the N1, Sony RX100, and to similar degree, the 2/3rd Fuji X20 can deliver decent image quality 2) the price has dropped a ton. When the V1 was $899 it was judged far differently than at $249 and 3) decent (and badly needed) faster glass has come out.

      Additionally, there are now so many great mirrorless options, basically something for everyone, so a lot of the frustration over the camera not meeting someones needs are abated. Previously so many loved the idea of the EVF, but then were turned off by sensor size. It was so close to what they wanted but no perfect, so they lashed out in frustration. Now you can get a NEX6, XE-1, OM-D etc to get your EVF and sensor you want you those people are happy.

      It may not be their perfect camera still, but its not a case of the “Missing out” because Nikon made a product wasn’t for them and no one else was doing anything, and oh no, now we are going to be stuck with nothing but small sensor cameras. Wasn’t close to what happened, but probably concerned a lot of people.

      Now, with the critics happily shooting away with tools they enjoy, there is no “threat” from the N1 system hurting the future develops of their platforms.

      Now many of the critics in fact are picking up a $269 kit, just to have something with fast AF for shooting the kids running around, and sticking to their Xtrans etc for other photography.

      I think we’ve gotten much less brand loyal and have people viewing different gear as simply tools for different needs.

      I happily shoot a Sigma Merrill along side a RX1, RX100 and V1 and love what each brings to the table, just as I enjoy different guitars and play different styles of music on each. A strat for blues is every bit as fun (though different) as my Les Paul for rocking out.

      Choice is great, especially when prices are low enough we can actually afford to pick up some different types of toys

  5. For those considering the Nikon1 system, and wanting to know more about the practical application of its capabilities, there is a great little video series on YouTube about 3 pro’s who used the Nikon 1 for a project, each in their respective fields (street photography, fashion photography, and motor car sport photography).

    It’s called the NIKON V2 SPEED PROJECT. Here is the trailer;

    It’s specifically about the V2, but I think really applies to the V1 (and other N1 cameras) as well.

    • Ha – sorry Steve – didn’t see you had one of the videos already up (I initially posted from work where I can’t view the videos) 🙂 Anyways… really shows some of the advantages of the system!

  6. I am sticking with the V1, I like the form better than the V2. If they stuck the SONY 1″ sensor from the RX100 in the V1, Nikon would have something really special.

    • The RX100/II Images doesn’t look that great at 1:1, means 100% view. A little mushy…
      The V1 RAW Output is more grainy, but also sharp, detailed…looks more like “film”.

  7. I think this is the new M8. Good lenses (same or better than the Voightlander M type, SMALL body, good autofocus, good metering. You lose rangefinder precision in focusing, but it’s cheap, and your photos look like iso 400 or 800 film.

  8. Great deal, but don’t discount the 10mm and/or 10-30mm lens too much. I originally wanted just the body only as I planned on getting it just to use with my Nikon telephoto lens as fun and affordable 2.7x TC basically (should be great for shooting baseball from the outfield tv positions with my 400) but low and behold, the 10-30mm is actually a pretty decent lens, and has VR as well. Same goes for the 10mm which was included as well in the bundle I bought. Its hardly bigger than a lens cap but works well for some grab shots. Not saying the body only is a bad way to go, its a great value, but adding a few bucks for a couple lens you may not have been otherwise excited about could prove to be a smart move. I’m rather glad I got them as they expand the versatility of the body, and I actually even shooting with them rather than using the camera just as a once in a while TC that I originally planned on.

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