Daily Inspiration #460 by Warut Rinprom

Hi Steve,

Hello from Bangkok, Thailand. 🙂

First of all I am a BIG fan of you! Great reviews, You inspire me to keep shooting photo everyday.

I know the Fuji X-Pro1 is worst focusing in low light situation, but I never mind to used this gear to hunting to shot people dancing, listening, enjoying music (because I used focus manual only. :P)

I know that you have a limit photos to submitting “Daily inspirations” but Ι wanted to present 17 photos, you can choose some of the photos, that’s up to you.

You can found me in : https://www.facebook.com/warut.rinprom / http://500px.com/warutrin

sorry for my bad language.

Cheers Steve !

Hope you like.

Have a great day.

Thank you for your time.

-Warut Rinprom-

ps. all shot non flash I boost up ISO 6400 only all the night / all photos processed by LR & VSCO4 film









  1. Hi Warut,
    Just buy a nice 21 mm manual focus lens, and set the hyperfocal distance so you are in focus from 3 to 7 feet or so and shoot away. No auto focus needed and you will never miss a shot. I use a voigtlander 15mm but that gives an equivalent of 21mm which may be a bit wide for these shots. NICE WORK, artfully done.

    • And, despite the fact that the AF is slower than a DSLR, it is very accurate. I use my X-Pro 1 with AF in low light pretty much daily, and I have had no problems with it. It definitely is not blazing fast, but it is not too slow either.

  2. Nice partyshots with that “little” extra plus that makes them stand out of the crowd. But i like the expressive and more free of boundaries stuff at your facebook page more. E.g your Multiexposures, hand in the rain . . !!!!
    Greetings michael

      • I do believe that for club/disco or any low light the Nikon AF are more accurate on moving target and will be enable grater percentage of photos that are in focus.

        photos are without exif and with a low resolution and do not look clean.

        regardless of the gear used, all photos are super nice and the poster is a great photographer.

  3. In the UK the X-Pro1 is now selling for £949 including both the XF 18mm and XF 35mm lenses. That includes all taxes. Should I wait pay more than double that for the A7 plus one Zeiss lens?

  4. Hi Warut, you don’t need a fancy new camera. The first picture shows that you are just doing fine with the camera you have. Fantastic use of available light to your advantage. I just love the mood of it. I will check out your other pics too 😉

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