FIRE SALE! Nikon J1 and TWO lenses, $229 at B&H Photo

FIRE SALE! Nikon J1 and TWO lenses, $229 at B&H Photo

The Nikon J1 is now on fire sale at B&H Photo for $229 WITH two kit lenses. Either the 10mm 2.8 and 10-30 or the 10-30 and 30-110. Camera is available and IN STOCK in SILVER or RED!!! Click the image or link below to go to the page.

UPDATE: My $229 Silver J1 and two lenses arrived, free shipping and all. Solid, fast and fantastic for $229. 


THIS IS A DEAL – A STEAL – A GREAT LITTLE CAMERA that provides a film like feel just like the V1 and V2 but in a basic body. It looks pretty sweet in silver and at $229, it is a no brainer just to have around. It is FAST to AF as well..SILENT and is a fantastic little camera.

You can see my old V1 review here, which has the same AF speed and IQ as this J1..

You can see images I shot with the 1 system over the past year or so HERE. This is the same IQ that comes from the J1 below.




  1. I’m a fan of your site, coming all the way from canada. With that said, doe this camera ship to Canada?

  2. That black GR-N2000 grip coupled with a silver J1 actually looks REALLY GOOD! I’m a fan of the Nikon 1 CX, have 2 V1 myself and am thinking of getting a J1 just to go along with the 10mm pancake, the perfect match.

  3. Thank you Steve for the tip. Purchased through your link and my kit in silver arrived today. Couldn’t pass it up for $229.!! :).

  4. Hi Steve nice offer from B & H.
    Have a go at my dealer Lumix GF5 Camera with 14-42mm lens
    Not more than 199,00 Euros paid.
    The Lumix GF5 came out in 2012, you know that yourself.

    Gr, Richard of Stouwe.

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