The new 52″ Street Strap. A quick look video!


The new 52″ Street Strap. A quick look video!

Some of you may remember the Street Strap. It has been out for a while and I took a look at it when it was released. You can read that HERE. 

About one month ago myself and a few local guys to Phoenix AZ met up to check out the new LONGER version of the street strap which adds more comfort when carrying your camera. It is amazing what a little length can do to a strap. One of my pet peeves with straps is that many of them are just too short. I never ever wear my camera around my shoulder, I wear it around my body for added security and comfort. If a strap is too short this is impossible and feels and looks ridiculous, so the new Street Strap is now 52″ which adds 6″ to the length. Just enough to make it perfect.

The street strap is not made of fancy exotic materials. It is basic, simple and understated. All black and matches well with just about any camera. I have two of the new long ones attached to my cameras and have been using them for a month straight without one single issue.

The positives of this strap? Comfort. Simplicity. Length. It just works. 🙂

The negatives? Well, if you are looking for fancy and exotic, this is not it. No gator skins here 🙂

Take a look at the video below to see it in action. Links to purchase at Amazon after the video.

Where to order?

You can order the new 52″ Street Strap at Amazon HERE. If you like the shorter straps, the original 46″ strap can be found HERE.


  1. Also look at the DSPTCH straps as the smaller one is great for mirrorless cameras and the main part of the neck strap disconnects with pinch clips allowing you to clip on their wrist strap instead in an instant. A big favoutrite of mine on an X-T1.

  2. I’ve long wanted a longer strap, and finally just had one custom made by Roger Yip. 53.5″, perfect for across the body with my Nikon Df. I’ll order this street strap for my M Monochrom.

  3. Hi, Steve,
    I understand what you mean. Actually, I use no strap at all with my OMD EM1. I use my Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 30i as a holster. Works well. (I’ve got it after reading your review).
    Again, this strap seems to be a useful thing, and I would not mind to buy it for $15.00.
    Every one is different – maybe for someone it is the most convenient thing.
    Thanks for the keeping your site an interesting place to visit on the regular basis.

  4. Looks like a convenient strap. I could use one. The only problem is that it is ridiculously overpriced – for seventy bucks I can buy two leather belts.

      • This is not a leather strap, please watch the video and check it out. The leather straps, like the one from Luigi, go for $280 or so. There are some leather straps that go for $70-$150 but all is personal preference.

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