The Leica X Size? See it next to the X2, Vario, RX1, X100s and Leica M4

The Leica X Size? See it next to the X2, Vario, RX1, X100s and Leica M4

Thanks to the useful site CAMERASIZE.COM we can see the actual size of cameras when compared to other cameras we may be interested in. Many have been asking about the Leica X Typ 113 size compared to the X2 or even X100 or Sony RX1. Well take a look below for yourself and be sure to check out canerasize to see whatever you want side by side with the X or any camera you desire 🙂

As you can see the new X is larger than the old X1 and X2…

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 12.19.58 PM

It’s very similar in size to the X100 but with a larger lens protrusion…

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 12.20.28 PM

Next to the X Vario we can see what shell they used for the X 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 12.22.53 PM

It is larger than the power packed Sony RX1, which is full frame with a full frame 35 f/2 lens!

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 12.20.13 PM

…and next to a Leica M4, looking good!

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 12.20.48 PM

The Leica X feels good in my hand, feels substantial and solid. Gorgeous and the IQ is beautiful as well. Review soon!


  1. Crazy but size is an important feature as I find some micro 4/3 cameras too small for my hands and I think that a camera that is too light is not easy for me to hold steady and a large DSLR especially with a big zoom lens is for me impossible-so considering all the above -it is natural to want to know how everything scales up. This is why I seldom buy online as I like to try out the camera in hand in a shop.

    On the built in EVF debate -I think Leica would do well to consider one or a kind of Fuji X100 inspired option. Steve is right I think it would not be a threat to the M.

    After all the X100 owes it’s appearance somewhat to the Leica M so why not a Fuji inspired viewfinder on the X -just returning the compliment !

    No offense to Fuji fans I think their cameras are great !

    Best Wishes

  2. Leica bring out 90mm f2 equivalent already!

    Leica now has the most comprehensive useful sensor range in the industry :
    1/1.6, 1″, m43, apsc, FF, MF.

  3. If size matters… And it does 🙂 Sooner or later we all (!) need a camera for light travelling with a 24-70mm zoom – that is just how it is… So my question to you: What would be the current sweet spot for a system camera with good IQ based on size combination of body and 24-70mm lens? Nikon 1 V1? OMD EM1? A7x? And do you think the LX100 would be a better choise than a system camera?

    • Sweet spot in terms of size, weight, cost and flexibility: a6000+20/2.8+50/1.8

      An RX100 is almost too small to hold and operate properly.

      Translated into full-frame equivalent, the LX100’s f2.8 at the long end is only 5.6.

    • Saw the A7 recently for USD 999. What a bargain for an outstanding 24MP FF sensor in a weather sealed compact body. Put the 24-70 f4 on it and IQ wise there is nothing to complain about. O.k., the 24-70mm has its weaknesses but all in all it`s a pretty good lens.

  4. I was at the camera shop today. They don’t have the new X in yet, but they had an MP, an X Vario, a T, and I had my X2. The X2 is the smallest and lightest of them … It’s like having a lightweight digital Barnak model. The X Vario … basically the same body size and build as the new X … is ever so slightly smaller and lighter than the MP body and feels very similar. The T is a bit smaller but remarkably dense, it doesn’t weigh much if any less.

    Based on this look-see, the new X will be darn near perfect in size for me. Can’t wait to see one in the flesh.


  5. Would be interesting to see next to the Leica T and it’s 35mm equivalent prime. It’s really odd to me that they chose to use such a big “stock” body for a single focal length compact. I think this one will go down alongside the X-Vario as a low volume item.

  6. If Leica would put a credible state of the art concept in the market offering all what competition is missing, I’d immediately go selling that very inconsistent in way too many aspects disappointing Fuji stuff to buy one as a street-tool complement for my DSLR-workflow. But beside the looks – which are marvelous btw – what’s there to convince us? No built in EVF or OVF, no hybrid kind of VF, no FF-sensor, no SPECIAL kind of sensor whatever but yet another Sony sibling, no super-refined AF combined with on-sensor IS, no interesting battery life, no real match of the M-lens quality (I can’t believe it would have and in APS/C, F1.7 compares in 35mm shallow depth only with a F2.8, well?) and a price tag that allows you tho buy the best of anything else. Yes, Leica marketing and R&D are so afraid that doing anything credible outside M-range might kill the interest for that last one immediately from al those ever wanting to own a Leica. Isn’t it? What is beyond the looks there to convince me more over the Fujis, are my ‘tuned’ DSLR solution with the best glass around? Weight? The chance that I’ll also with this stuff, will be chased by some thieves in a narrow street for the red logo?

  7. X1 and X2 are real portable cameras that you can put in your pockets. The new X113 is much bigger especially the lens. Of course, it is a 1.7 and it is bigger then the X1 and X2 lenses, but too big to be pocket size.

  8. I got my X on friday. Beautiful to look at and a superb colour rendering. I was out yesterday afternoon in the streets of my town and I like the first pictures a lot. I still have my great ricoh GR, but this camera brings rich and smooth results. And it is a pleasure to shoot with. Does the Voigtländer view finder fit on this hotshoe?I would have needed one in the late autumnal sun…

  9. For this height, it should have built in EVF. Adding external EVF to this camera will make it too high, However if leica put EVF in X body, it would become M camera with fix lens, so it won’t be happened.

  10. If it had a built in EVF, I would replace my X100s in a heartbeat. It’s too bad they didn’t do this. They would have sold many more.

    • I dont think that leica will ever include an evf in this line of cameras; if they did, sales of the M would be severely hit. Bean-counters at it again im afraid. Sell up the range, You can hear the salesman now,”you want a built in viewfinder, here’s the M, nice isnt it, totally worth the extra cost, youd be silly not to, i have an M at home, spend wisely spend once”…etc. etc. You want a leica? Youre just going to have to accept that in terms of features alone, they dont stack up against the competition. You are paying for something else. Build quality? Yes. Kudos? Yes. Image quality? Only you can answer that one.

      • But an X is NOTHING like an M in IQ, in Feel, in USE. It is not an RF, not full frame, doesn’t take M an EVF would do nothing to M sales, at all.

        • I wasn’t comparing the x to the m. They are indeed totally different, which was the point of my post. Selling up to the next model relys on these differences. Lack of an evf on the x is just one more difference. I’ll be pleasantly astonished if we ever see a built-in evf on a real leica at this price point. Now i have envoked sod’s law, come on leica!

    • I use the 35mm Voigtlander metal viewfinder. It is not cheap – $230 – but is really bright with very contrasty frame lines. Really nicely made and looks great on my M3. I’m sure it would look as good on the X

  11. Do this same camera in a full frame with a built in EVF and THEN you’ve got something really enticing!
    Having said that, this is still a really beautiful looking camera.

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