Sony A7 Portrait Images by Adam Laws

Sony A7 Portrait Images

by Adam Laws

Hello to All!

Since my last contribution in relation to the Sony A7 I have completed my first year of my photography course (It has been strange going back to school in the evenings after 10 years), and now feel way more competent around photography in general. I don’t generally feel you need to take formal lessons in photography but I have found having set goals each week, and most importantly having constructive feedback from my peers and tutor has been very beneficial and far more useful than facebook likes.

Back to the A7. I have previously posted my views about the A7 here and I still find the camera to be very competent since I’ve owned it in January. Not once have I needed or wanted more though I still wish for some new glass to become available with autofocus capability. The Zeiss 55mm has proven to be a great portrait lens it would still be nice to have a longer prime (When doing art nude shots you really don’t want to be within arm’s reach of the model if you want her to feel comfortable). It has also been interesting to see that originally traditional SLR users sneered at the Sony when I arrive at shoots for what they perceived to be an inferior cropped sensor camera, now the same photographers are all now contemplating moving to Sony, Fuji and Olympus. I do wonder what the next reiteration of the A7 and the rumoured Sony pro full frame cameras would be like but I can’t imagine it would be substantially better for me to upgrade for my purposes.

I have submitted a selection of my portrait work for my college assignments and personal work to hopefully showcase the quality of the equipment. Yes some post production has been done on some of the images, but without a good source file, which is produced by this camera you would find that your flexibility to produce ‘your’ desired image would be reduced.

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  1. Very nice, bold work. I, too, notice a film-like quality to the colour.

    The very first shot (woman with the flame) shows a weakness which still plagues digital sensors: harsh treatment of strong highlights. But that’s not your fault – it’s still a good photo! 🙂

  2. I like the first grainy B&W photography (the 4th), which says more about post processing than the camera. But given the others are so-so you either can’t see the wood for the trees or are more interested in demonstrating what the camera can do rather what you can do (there are salesmen in shops and reviewers for demonstrating ‘gear’).

  3. I tried out the A7 in a camera store and I noticed the WB on the test shots had a very orange & cyan shift going on. I still see a little of that here. Anyone else notice this about the A7? Nice portraits btw.

    • I don’t own an A7. But I bought my camera from a dealer who allows returns. A camera store test is of zero value. Shoot raw and white balance is not an issue. Have you considered that the incandescent lights in a camera shop are of differing wavelengths and you can’t balance for everything. From what I’ve seen from the A7 its images are generally impeccable.

    • Hello Mike, I hope Sony goes to this website and read your comment.The color is the only thing wrong with this great photographs. Nothing’s wrong with the photographer. I don’t know if post processing would help. I usually processed if in the first place the colors are good.The B&Ws are great. I also noticed a while ago some of Steve Huff’s photos using the A7 has more yellows. Might be because of the orange shift you’re talking about.

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