Ricoh GR Bundle Holiday Deal

Ricoh GR Bundle Holiday Deal


B&H Photo is having yet another deal on another fantastic pocket camera. First they had a great buy on the Nikon Coolpix A, then the Hasselblad Stellar, and now the Ricoh GR! This camera is yet another amazing pocket camera and while some may prefer the other two cameras, many prefer the Ricoh which is geared and designed for photographers and not the masses.

B&H is offering the camera as well as a FREE 32GB SD card and a FREE Ricoh OVF which normally sells for $229 – The entire package of camera, OVF and 32 GB card is now up for $596 TOTAL! You can see my original Ricoh GR review here. 

THE GR IS AN APS-C LARGE SENSOR COMPACT with DSLR image quality that will fit in your pocket.



  1. So, a month ago I bought a Fujifilm X30 as I could no longer wait for GR stock. There was a long delay in Australia to get these. Two days ago my camera store rang, “we have four in stock”….jump in my car and race over with paranoia setting in.What if they are all sold?! Anyway; got one and am truly astounded. This is the camera I have been looking for for so long. Amazing, amazing piece of kit.
    My previous gear included Nikon D200, Canon 60D, Sony RX100, Fujifilm x30, but (for me) nothing touches the GR. CRICKEY, why did I wait so long??!! Love it. My first set of pics at the link below…

  2. How come Ricoh digital produces some of nicest black & white.

    Ive had Ricoh GX, GX8, GX100 p&s
    along with Super CCD Fujifilm
    they produced some of the nicest b&w.

  3. A bit random – but why are clip on OVFs so outrageously priced? Aren’t they just a small window that shows the same field of view as the lens? I realize that nice glass is expensive to produce, but this isn’t even a camera lens; it’s just something to peak through when you snap.

  4. They had this deal about 2 months ago with the OVF. The new Ricoh is coming soon. They need to sweeten the deal to move his product…just saying!

    • Yeah, I think so too. But it is still a nice camera and I bought knowing that there would be something newer on the way.

  5. Awesome, thanks Steve! Clicked on your link and placed my order. I had the GXR (twice) and really like what Ricoh did with the menus and how nice it feels in the hand. Looking forward to an everyday camera with those same features. Will make a neat street/travel/hiking camera.

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