The Voigtlander 15 f/4.5 III – Great on the Leica M 240 and Sony A7 series!

The Voigtlander 15 f/4.5 III – Great on the Leica M 240 and Sony A7 series! 

Old version on the left, new on the right!


I have been testing the brand spanking new Voigtlander 15 f/4.5 Version III lens on the Sony A7II and the Leica M 240 and have only good things to report back. The new V3 can now be used on a Leica M without ANY color issues whatsoever. It is a small, sharp, versatile wide-angle for your M that will not set you back $3k+. The new 15 f/4.5 III is $750 with free next day shipping at and below are just a few test shots on the Leica M 240 and Sony A7II. I will eventually write a full review of this lens but for now, I have too much on my plate as it is (New Sony 28 f/2, Sony 35 1.4, two cases, new bags, Leica M-P 240 Safari Edition and more). Just wanted to let everyone know this lens is finally good on digital full frame!

Take it from me, the new 15 4.5 III is a winner on the A7 series AND Leica M series. No issues and a true ultra wide 15mm 😉

You can buy it HERE at Cameraquest, or B&H Photo HERE.

Below are samples from the new Voigtlander 15 f/4.5 III on the Leica M 240 and the Sony A7II

1st up, the Leica M test shots. Notice no color edges or problems. Click ’em for larger!








And a few on the A7II with the Voigtlander Close Focus M to E adapter (Get it HERE)








  1. Great pictures! Im looking to buy this lens and use it on a M8 and i wondered if the focus is coupled with the camera!?? Or do you have to focus to infinity and stop the lens down in order to have everything in focus! thanks!

  2. In terms of Image Quality how does this 15mm compare with the Voight 21mm f1.8? I am looking for a wide angle and was going for the 21mm until I read this review. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the sample photos Steve!
    I’m trying to decide on an ultra wide for my M240, and I’m stuck between this new Voigtlander and the Zeiss 18mm ZM. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

  4. It’s interesting that a new version is available, however I found that the old one was very good especially in combination with a6000…I regret that I sold it all…but on the other hand these days I enjoy a Sigma adventure!

  5. How did you find the edges & corners performed on the A7II, Steve? Are talking native lens performance in the corners or just ‘less bad’ than many other M wides? I’ve not used a single M lens wider than 35mm that has convinced me totally and although this one is improved, I wonder how much better is it at apertures that are most used on a 15mm i.e. f5.6-f8?

  6. Steve, don’t take this the wrong way but the first thing I thought when I looked at these photos was, ‘Man, you live in that cool desert with so many cool things to shoot with a 15mm yet all you did was shoot people pics’. I for one am REALLY looking forward to shooting this lens on my M240 for landscapes, which is really what it is made for.

    It’s funny, I think we get ‘tone deaf’ to our surroundings and sometime don’t recognize the beauty of where we live. For example, I could go to the desert and have no end to creative ideas but here in Vancouver I feel like I’ve ‘seen it all before’…though I’m sure you would have plenty of inspiration if you came up here:)

    • Well I disagree that this would make a good LS lens. It is too wide. For LS, wide is not always best, especially ultra wide. Sure, it works for some situations but usually these work best when shooting up close as most LS shots need more reach than 15. Ive been in the desert for 20 years and I am not a fan – the torturous heat, everything is brown, rocks everywhere, harshest light in the USA, scorpions, snakes and 3-4 rain days a year. I prefer lush green, moisture and nice light. 🙂

      • 15mm too wide for landscape??? I don’t think so….a quick Google search provides countless examples. An ultra-wide angle for landscape work is all about including a piece of foreground interest (cactus, rock, flowers etc). Personally I find lots of creative opportunities with ultra-wides but to each their own I guess.

        As for the desert, yeah it’s an awesome place to visit but I tend to agree with you that it would probably get tiresome after a while.

  7. Did you ever try one of these on any APS-C camera?
    If by chance the issues of the old version would NOT be noticeable with the smaller sensor, I would be more than happy to buy yours. I’d love the smaller size for my a6000…

  8. Steve, you made my day. Have been vacillating between the 7S & 7II, primarily because of my need to shoot with 28 and wider focal lengths using mostly M lenses for now. Less concerned about anything above 6400 asa. Will be ordering the 7II for sure! Thanks for your thorough reviews of this system.

  9. Thank you for sharing. The images have a nice edge-to-edge sharpness. However, I did find them a bit tough to look at due to the distortion. But, after all, it is an ultra-wide. 🙂

      • The perspective is impressive, i’m really considering the V2 for my M6 ! And indeed, straight lines are straight !

      • Great Northern Lights shooter it’ll make, on an A7S, I hope on the M, too, with its short bulb mode. I’m grateful of the 21 super elmar for doing that. now 15mm and straight lines – awesome.

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