Quick Shot: Analogue Love by Matthijs Beentjes

Quick Shot: Analogue Love by Matthijs Beentjes

I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time and really enjoy it. At first, I was interested in the articles because of what people got out of their Fuji X-gear (I’m a X-Pro enthusiast) but more and more I learned to check out the photos instead of the gear.

And got interested in analogue photography again. This shot was made with a Yashica D on Kodak rollfilm. The film must’ve been quite old, hence the weird colouring. Other photo’s from the same roll don’t have that. But I like it as it is! The mood, the grain, the speckles, the weird red blob… The anticipation before and surprise after the development of the film… I missed that. But now I’ve got it back. An I love it!


Keep it up and thanks for reading,

Matthijs Beentjes


  1. Nice comments guys, thank you! I’m taking it all aboard. I’ll be back with more..! There’s two Illford XP400 films waiting to get used.

  2. I like this very much, too. Even better IMHO if you raise the bottom frame line to get rid of the intrusive over-red nail varnish! Can take a little desaturation. Also looks superb in b&w. Forgive me if you don’t like someone else messing with your picture – it’s just that it’s worth it!!

  3. A lovely image making use of the window light! The imperfections add to it’s appeal in my opinion.I completely agree with you about film.I would urge people to try film if they have not already done so. My favourite camera now is my Pentax K1000. I am unusual as I like digital black and white from my M8 but prefer film for colour in particular Kodak Portra.

    If you get really into film try a dedicated film scanner. I use a Nikon Coolscan -it has a function called digital ICE which removes dust on the negatives from the image. Unfortunately the software wont work with anything above Windows XP. The solution is to use Vuescan which is easier to use and produces excellent results.

    If I have images I really like I send them to an analogue craft printer -she produces beautiful prints.Then you will really see the difference between the two mediums.
    Are they better ? Of course not ! – is a classic car more fun than a modern car?- to some yes -will they replace modern cars? – NO. Enjoy them if you are so inclined.


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