PRESS RELEASE: HoldFastGear releases the Sightseer Sling Strap

PRESS RELEASE: HoldFastGear releases the Sightseer Sling Strap

Allright! Here is a new strap release that looks fantastic. I am a big fan of and own two bags of their, some pouches, the money maker strap, a wallet and a few other pieces of their gear and WOW, it si always 100% top notch quality. Made here in the USA, the HoldFastGear products are beautiful, functional and they have converted me to such a fan I extended them an invitation a year ago to be a site sponsor (I do not allow anyone to be a site sponsor, has to be a company I love and respect with products that help photographers) and ever since I have been checking out more and more of their very cool products.



While I love the Money Maker Strap system, I do not use it often as I rarely have 2-3 cameras on me, and while it was made for pros who shoot multiple cameras I was hoping they would release something cool in a single strap, and they just did with this SLING STRAP in their Sightseer range of products. I love that you can add the sightseer pouches onto the strap and make it you own…for whatever the day brings you.

You check it out at their site, click HERE or the image below which is the info that I just received via email. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 3.48.46 PM


  1. Nice piece of kit, but again way over priced…the photographic industry is now a continual conveyor belt of new and more expensive photographic gear that the everyday guy with a camera and a few lenses is faced with…if you can afford it, that’s fine…but most of us can’t…

  2. Nice, but, I have a much cooler looking sling strap made by Heavy Leather New York. It was custom made to my specifications for my Olympus OMD E-M1 and is completely Badd Ass with soft camo-dyed leather and a safety leash for extra piece of mind. I further tricked it out with the addition of a Black Rapid safety lock for the carabiner and Black Rapid nylon tripod mount for silent use while filming with my E M1. You should do a review on my strap for Micro 4/3 owners. It is a cool looking, superior material quality, custom made strap with very functional improvements by myself for enhancing the performance and safety of my Olympus OMD E M1.

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