Peru Surgical Mission with a Leica M by Brian Ho

Peru Surgical Mission with a Leica M

by Brian Ho


Hey Guys

I had submitted some photos last year, and you guys were gracious enough to post them. I just returned from peru for another surgical mission.

We perform surgery mostly for cleft lips/palates on children. This year we performed > 100 surgeries in 4 days and I wanted to share some of the emotions and visuals from the trip. Last year I utilized my Sony Rx1, and you can read my first post to see my feelings on it.

This year I splurged and got the Leica M240 and 50 1.4, which was a learning experience in its own. I missed many shots due to my inexperience with the focusing system, but every once in a while it generated some really beautiful photos. Overall, I’m going to keep working on the Leica and see where it takes me. I still have the Rx1.







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If you’d like to see the trip, below is a link to a short documentary on it. There are some surgeries and its refreshing to see interactions. I encourage people to watch it!!!!

Well hopefully, i hope everyone enjoys these submissions. K, until next time


  1. You made a very important mission, but I feel uncomfortable by the public presentation of the patients, some of them are little children that are not award of loosing their privacy.

  2. Thank you ! So commendable your work, thanks for showing kindness and true love to my fellow Peruvian brothers and sisters. Love your pictures, more important is the content on them..

    • Wonderful. DEFINITELY keep working with that Leica, ..and the scalpel. Both precision instruments that can do great things in the right hands.

  3. Thank you for working to open a new world of opportunity to these children. No child should have to grow up with this condition in this day and age.

  4. Truly moving Brian, you’re an inspiration in helping these people.

    I very much enjoyed your story/images last year and I love these photos too!

    Keep up the amazing work 🙂

  5. Thank you for your Good Works among our fellow man. The Hope captured in the eyes of the woman in your first shot speaks volumes to her trust in your teams efforts.

  6. Nice subject matter. Your black-and-white images will be much stronger If you reprocess. These look very flat and blown on the highlights. I am guessing it’s a lack of experience in working with the files on your new M? Nothing wrong with the content, just how they present.

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