New Leica 0.95 Special Edition Noctilux and D-Lux

New Leica 0.95 Special Edition Noctilux and D-Lux

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Look at what Leica has announced, “a special run of 95 “Edition 0.95” Noctilux lenses is being produced. The limited run lens will feature a unique domed knurled focus ring, blacked out engravings (except for the 0.95 in white), all in a glossy anodized black finish. This limited edition lens will be available exclusively through Leica Stores for a price of $13,950.”

If you want  this special edition Noctilux, you can pre-order it at Leica Store Miami HERE.  

—– also sells Leica as does Ken Hansen.

Leica also announced a special edition version of the current D-Lux Typ 109, in grey with a silver lens..

“Leica also proudly presents the Leica D-Lux (Typ 109) Solid Gray, an additional color to the existing D-Lux (Typ 109) range. This new option has a solid gray lacquered housing, silver lens and buttons, and comes packaged with a gray leather strap.”

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  1. I’ve been using Leica’s since 1969, both M and SL/SL2/R series. These special editions have nothing to do with practical applications, Leica is in a new ‘dream-land’ now and that won’t change now.
    Leica majority owner, Andreas Kaufmann, recently spoke at an international gathering concerning Luxury branding and it’s meaning.
    Honestly, I’m not sure, but I may have, or should have thrown-up. He smacked of the German superiority cliche in delivery and words used. Then of course brought Leica into his delivery, but one thing he doesn’t understand: that his brand, is still alive not because of his knowledge, but because of his money and that’s all.
    New product designs at Leica aside from the inherited M line, have not been or are not of the ‘classic luxury’ that he speaks of. All of these special editions and new product designs are from, or designed from a traditional design ethos that Kaufmann and his other BL investors don’t understand; these designs were set into play by designers that understood the product traditional design ethos. Money cannot buy that, but it’s all that Kaufmann has, money. Not how to make product more available while maintaining quality and traditions. The owner’s are interested in owning luxuries and trying to gain profits, good for them, but it’s too bad they’re not understanding photographers, they’re just a bunch of money men.

  2. Hmm easier to paint and more expensive also good for people who need glasses cause you can’t see the numbers lol really not a great concept try again

  3. This reminds me of when Comic book companies started printing covers with different background colors or paper (silver or gold foil) for the same comics to stimulate collector interest. It worked for awhile, but the market figured out there was no real added value from these novelties. Also, although there are undoubtedly situations where a .95 aperture would be useful or necessary, I’m finding that I prefer to shoot at much narrower apertures, even in low light. In those situations, I prefer to use higher ISO than accept the narrower depth of field from wider apertures like 1.4-2.8.

  4. Any chance you please do a review of the dlux 109 Steve, there is not a great recent review online. It has the 4:3 sensor which I know you love so would be nice to hear your thoughts on it combined with the leica 1.7-2.8 lens. I think the silver is a nice fresh option, and the price is the same!

  5. Bump up the price as much as you dare and then match to the number of people you feel will pay the premium over normal version. Call it a limited run, special edition. Job done. Everyone’s happy.

  6. I see where they are going with this, but they didn’t follow through on the concept. It should not have an aperture ring, or even aperture blades, just a wide open .95 maw.
    Because that is what they are saying in essence with this product. It’s easy enough to remove the paint from your own Noctilux and pretend it’s this one..

    • Definitely! When I first saw the photo I thought, wow now that is awesome. Factory locked at .95…nope. Same lens. New paint job. Kind of a bummer!

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