A Look at the Wotancraft Hand Dyed Leather Apple Watch Band (Video)

A Look at the Wotancraft Hand Dyed Leather Apple Watch Band (Video)


I enjoy my Apple watch and while I feel it is not the best value in watches it is a cool device that stays on my arm every day. I can check my calories burned, I can see how much activity I have done for the day, I can use it as my phone and speak to anyone on my wrist. I can check my schedules, important dates, notifications, my facebook and twitter and all kinds of cool things. When I bought my Apple Watch I was not thrilled with most of the bands that Apple made available for it, nor was I overly impressed with most 3rd party bands. Then I saw THESE at Wotancraft and I knew instantly I had to get one..

Wotancraft did not have an option on their site to order a band for an Apple Watch but I was informed by  them that any band they sell can be made for an Apple Watch. So if you want o order a watch band from Wotancraft, just tell them the sizes you need for a standard watch or if you want one for an Apple Watch just contact them ahead of the order. They can and will do it 😉

Below is a video I just posted showing my band from Wotancraft.com as well as me fitting my Leica SL and three M Lenses into a Wotancraft Raven bag, which is TINY! Enjoy!


  1. I love Wotancraft gear! I personally have a few for my own mirrorless system and it’s my favorite… thanks in part to your review of the Paratroooper a number of years ago.

    Yes, they have really cool handmade leather watch straps. I don’t have anything particularly high end and not sure I’d justify the purchase for a strap that costs more than my watch… but, if had a Rolex, Panerai or Bell&Ross watch, these look perfect for them.

    They also use to make some cool Leica camera holsters.. similar to what you would get with that limited edition titanium Audi M9. Pretty cool and practical if you want to carry your rangefinder handy and ready for action, though, I’d be concerned people and especially police would think you’re toting around a pistol because you wear it just like a shoulder holster.

    Speaking of Leica and cool camera gear, I know you’re into high quality, unique, hand made camera bags and gear. Have you ever heard of Fast+Prime? They’re from England and make handmade products for Leica’s.


    I happen to stumble upon this when looking for some cool camera gear.. I don’t think many people have heard or know of this company, but they seem to offer some unique, stylish, high quality offerings.

    I think this is a style and offering you might be interested in checking out. They seem very stylish, but perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea. I personally think they look pretty cool and I’ve not scene anything exactly like what they have here.

    I believe everything is custom made to order, depending on the style and options you want. Most of the gear seems catered towards Leica users, but you could adapt to your own non-Leica mirrorless camera system.

    I’ve found a couple of options which look intriguing, however, they’re rather pricey.. However, if this is truly nice high quality hand made leather goods, it might be just worth it for whatever camera system you would like to hold within such a product.

    Thanks for all your great reviews and insights… and from your readers!

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