Daily Inspiration Bag Giveaway #22 by Coen Wubbels

Daily Inspiration Bag Giveaway #22

by Coen Wubbels

Heya Steve,

When time and connections permit I glance over to your website from time to time. As I’m travelling 24/7 internet is not always evident. Currently I am in Korea hiking a 730km thru hike called the Baekdu Daegan. With my partner Karin-Marijke we have to share the load and carry tent and food as we are constantly up on the high ridges. So the D700 (due to the weight) stays in our trusted Land Cruiser as we scale the walls and cliffs and I have to resort to my old LX5. This means a no brainer for stellar wide shots of above the clouds landscapes. But forms a challenge while pursuing my eye for the details around me as low light is not a given for this camera.

Amazing how many different sizes and colours of mushrooms we encounter. Being rainy season now, it is the hottest and wettest month in Korea and these little fungi thrive in this weather.

Some open spots high up on the ridges are cleared as helipads and have low shrub surrounding the clearing, protecting it from the high winds. Dragonflies seem to favour these locations as we encounter high number of different species.

Being the wettest month hiking thru dense foliage in the early morning has me walking up front to clear the way for Karin-Marijke in term of spider rags and the occasional snake. Paying attention to both the space in front of my feet and my head is daunting and spider rags find their way into my glasses on times. This one captured the morning dew perfectly.




Adventurous greetings,



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