A Super Rollex 6×7 film holder. By Dirk Dom

A Super Rollex 6×7 film holder

By Dirk Dom

I won the Christmas “How Do I Get Filthy Rich?” Christmas show on the Belgian TV.

The winning answer was “By not buying photo gear!”

The prize was one eurocent. I haven’t bought any photo gear for the past three days, so I ‘m already filthy rich and I couldn’t care less about the amount of prize money.

I also won an Eurocent by betting that the Standaard newspaper in Belgium wouldn’t react to the abstract photography portfolio I sent them. That one was just too easy. I shouldn’t take people’s money that way, but, one born every minute!

Oh, yes, won another Eurocent by betting that Donald Trump would be the next U.S. president. That was an easy one, too! I couldn’t believe I found a taker! But I’m getting off topic.

You see, money just keeps on coming in. 97 more bets and I’ll have a whole euro!

I now, for no particular reason, have G.A.S. for a Linhof Technikardan 45. 1,400 Euro’s minus 3 eurocents, = 1,399.97.

You can do things like this with it, which I think ultimately cool:

Beware, this voids the warranty. I heard one can use it also to expose negatives.

The answer for the second prize of the “ How Do I Get Filthy Rich” show was “By not taking photographs”. Second prize was a roll of Kodachrome 25 with a mail in envelope.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, keep on enjoying photography and three hurrahs for Steve’s magnificent website!


  1. I have one of both of those; camera and back that is.

    When combined with a lens, a heavy tripod, and film, they are an excellent way to really focus (pardon the pun, but it does fit in more ways than one) on photography.

    Though, be sure to practice opening and closing the body a few times before going out to make images. As this can be an art unto itself.

    Go slow and enjoy the process.


    • Hi, Paul!

      I have a Technikardan 69 and six lenses which have 4 by 5 coverage image circle. I bought some 25 4 by 5 film holders for a very good price. So, I ‘d like to start 4 by 5. The Technikardan is a logical choice.

      I read that folding the camera is somewhat difficult.

      • Dirk

        The Technikardan 45 and 69 are functionally identical. So if you are familiar with the 69 you have a good understanding of the 45.

        Concerning difficulty, I would not say the 45 is difficult to open or close. But it does require a good amount of finesse, and the bellows needs a gentle touch. So, avoid forcing things to move. If I remember correctly, several things need to move in unison. So it is best to have everything unlocked so the standards can move and rotate freely. Also, use the rear focus gear to move the rear standard for the open/close process.

        Do you have the Linhof instruction manual? If yes, that is good. Though, I want to remember it as being a bit minimalistic. So it may not tell you everything you want to know.

        If you have difficulty, let me know and I will get mine out to see where it is fighting you and how to get through it. Who knows, I might even take mine out to make some images.

        What film are you planning to use? My absolute favorite was Ilford HP5+. Others I have used a lot and liked are Fuji Acros (100) andT-Max (100), then FP4+ and Tri-X. I also used quite a bit of chrome film. But, I’m not familiar with which emulsions are available anymore.


        • Hi!

          i have no difficulty opening and closing the Technikardan 69.

          the Technikardan 45 I’ll probably buy in three or four months.

          I’m a bit crazy about grain, so i use Kodak Tmax 400, pushed to 800.



          • Dirk

            Happy New Year!

            I have done that with HP5+ and I do like the effect. HP5+ Has a bit more grain normally and when pushed, though not quite as much contrast depending on the developer and development.

            For me HP5+ is a bit of a cross between Tri-X (for grey scale) and TMax (for grain). Though I think I have a large box of each in the cooler waiting to be used. 🙂 😉

            Have fun with both TKs.

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