Reviews next week: Sony FE 85 1.8 and LensBaby Trio 28!

Reviews next week: Sony FE 85 1.8 and LensBaby Trio 28!

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is here, so have some fun and go out shooting if you can. Just an update to say that next week I will have my reviews up of the new Sony 85 1.8 FE lens (which is a beauty, and at $598 one of those huge bang for the buck kind of lenses) and the very cool LensBaby Trio 28. As for the new Sony 85 1.8, it’s buttery smooth and sharp as well, even wide open. Size wise it’s fantastic, nice and smallish (compared to the pro G master line). I have been enjoying it and will be shooting more with it this weekend while out and about.


So look out for the Sony 85 1.8 (which  is half the cost of the Zeiss Batis 85 1.8) review as it is a great alternative to the Zeiss Batis and Sony G Master.

The Lensbaby Trio 28 as shot by the Sony 85 1.8 at 1.8, ISO 1250

Another shot with the Sony 85 1.8, up close, My dog Olive who is the biggest ham ever!

The LensBaby Trio 28 is a unique lens inspired by the Petzval line of lenses, and features a three lens design where you twist to the lens you want to use. It’s pretty cool but more for those “Artsy” type of shots that some of us enjoy. I LOVE THIS LENS ALREADY! It’s cheap, 28mm, and offers THREE looks which are TWIST (Swirly Bokeh), Velvet (which softens the image, great for portraits) and SWEET (which smooths and enhances the Bokeh). The lens is small and super easy to use on my Sony A7RII. An example of the three looks right from the camera:

At under $300 this is a FUN lens, and I look forward to using it all weekend. This one, for me is an instant keeper.  It look funky cool on the camera as well…

I will be out and about all weekend shooting both of these lenses but from what I have seen, the Sony 85 1.8 is a no brainer for a fast and small portrait prime on the cheap while providing great bokeh and IQ. The Lens Baby is for those who like to get funky, and coming in at $279 a fun lens with three options for shooting called “Velvet” “Sweet” and “Twist” for some swirly Bokeh. Stay tuned and have a great weekend!!


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  1. Thanks Steve! Please try to shoot people with the 85mm lens, as that’s what most people would do with that lens. I love outdoor portrait photography and would love to see how it performs in different lighting situations, especially against sunsets.

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