My Camera Bag Collection, or

My Camera Bag Collection…or is it an Addiction? Lol. 

I was just cleaning up my house and all throughout the house in various closets, and various nooks I was finding random camera bags. I loaded them up into one room, separated them and decided to hang them in a spare closet we do not use. Holy moly I have a load of bags. Almost all have been reviewed over the last year or two and just to be clear, these are only bags I have received over the last YEAR, maybe TWO.

Bags of all kinds and there are even three on the floor not seen here. I will be doing a video soon, going over each bag, what I think of it today, if I still use it and I will show  my current favorite bag that I have been using for three months, and never reviewed. A wonderful bag from Wotancraft. How many bags do YOU own? I mean, ONE is enough, but I do know a few photogs who have a serious bag addiction! Stay tuned!


  1. Steve,
    Don’t feel bad. I just counted and I have 10 bags. All of them are filled with cameras and/or equipment.

    When I was a little kid, my father, who introduced me to photograpy, called them “gadget bags.”

  2. Steve… Don’t feel too bad. I have Two Nikon compartment cases for Nikon Rangefinder, and a Nikon FB-2, FB-3, FB-4, Two FB-5’s, FB-7, FB-9, and Two FB-11s for the F’s and F2’s. Leather cases last a long time. Then there are the field bags for cameras made after 1980.

  3. Hello…I have got 7 bags, sometimes I even use simple leather handbags for the small Leica or Fuji equipment.
    Otherwise I am very happy with my Domke F2, F6 and F1 bags. I can put three cameras with different lenses in the small F6 when I use a Leica M6& 50 2.0 , M5 & 35 1.4 Voitlaender and a Fuji Xpro1+MetabonesAdapter+Canon Fd 50 1.4 or 35 2.0,

    When I go out with my MediumFormat Mamiya equipment then I use the F2 or the F1.
    I former years when I still used digital Nikon FF these bags where always with me as well. Differently equipped and I am always since I use those bags come back to them… So actually they would be enough as the others are only for a change … sometimes.
    For transportation I use old school cases and when on trips or travel the Domke Bags again, as they are quite unsuspicious as well…
    Always good light,

  4. I have the same problem too i got the crumpler both the sling and backpack, nat geo sling back, think tank backpack and airport, ona brixton leather and camps bay, plus oberwerth freiburg and muenchen all leather… within this week adding a clifton ona bag too…

  5. I have maybe 7 or 8 camera bags, and yet I’m always on the lookout for the “perfect bag”. Of course I realize there is no such thing as a perfect bag, but I keep looking anyway. The bags I use most often are my Think Tank Retrospective 5 and Retrospective 10. I also really like my Domke 701-83D F-803. It’s great for when I want to go out with just one camera and lens. It’s slim and lightweight, very sturdy and has lots of handy pockets. I also have a Think Tank CityWalker 20, which was a fine lightweight and roomy bag for a couple of years until it began to fall apart. I also own an ONA Brixton, which is sturdily made, but too darn heavy to carry around all the time.

  6. Might the bag I won in your “bag giveaway contest” still be in your possesion? … because I Am still waiting for it…

  7. Only four bags. Not too bad and I was feeling quite smug about my “normality” – until I realised I have two big peli cases and 6 aluminium flight cases too! Ooops 🙂

  8. I have a solution. Why don’t you pick out the bags you’re not using and auction them off for your favourite charity.

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