Wanna save on a Hasselblad X1D? B&H Photo has a few USED.

Wanna save on a Hasselblad X1D? B&H Photo has a few USED

I had a couple emails last week from some asking me if I knew where they could buy a used X1D. I happened to check B&H Photo this morning for just that and low and behold they have 3-4 available used, at a savings. Even the black set, with 45mm lens, which is a special edition set comes in for less than I paid for my silver and is practically new at a 9+ condition rating. See that HERE. 

I still stand being my statement of it being the best camera I have ever reviewed or tested, then again, there has never been a handheld, portable medium format camera like the X1D ; )

Browse the used X1D cameras at B&H Photo, and yes, they also have a 30 day return policy



  1. The jittery scroll buttons are due to a set of chips (front and back) that were faulty. Hasselblad will replace them for free but shipping is on you (which in my opinion is not acceptable for a camera that expensive).

    The other issues mentioned were mostly firmware. And of course the EVF is matter of opinion but I found it on par with my A7rII EVF.

    It’s a good system but definitely has it’s quirks. Though I liked it enough to buy two bodies.

    Hopefully hassy keeps updating the firmware and hopefully the new 65mm that’s coming soon will be a bit faster while remaining relatively small and cheap.

    • Good system with quirks is not good enough in this price range. Classless on H’s part not to include shipping on a defective product. Show’s where their heads are at. My 2 cents.

      • My X1D is not defective in any way, at all. It’s perfect. Not one issue, and I Have shot it for 3 weeks, almost daily. It’s the best camera I have ever used, owned or reviewed for my use. That’s a fact.

  2. Hi Steve. Your impressive reviews of the X1D has almost convinced me to break the bank and buy one. The availability of used models really whetted my appetite. Not wanting to be made sick and stuck with buyers remorse by poor performance at high price, as happened with my Leica M8 purchase several years ago, I decided to check out some X1D reviews on YouTube and looked at a review by TheCameraStore.com. I was shocked: poor viewfinder rapid motion follow on, jittery wheel accuracy for aperture and shutter speed control, roaming focus point touch control on the LCD. Your reviews don’t mention any of this, and I wonder if there might be early release shortcomings that Hasselblad has addressed through upgrades, but that might be present in used models. After all, there must be some reason why early buyers turned them in. What are your thoughts for a worried non millionaire possible buyer like me?

    • I mention a list of cons that may be important to others in the review, none of which effect my use or enjoyment of the camera. I also mention one or two other reviews who bashed it, one who used it for a few days, another guy who never even held one. Viewfinder, well mine is on par with the A7RII, so if you think that is poor, then well, it is. Me, I am fine with that performance. It doesn’t hurt me taking an image in any way. Jittery wheel? There is an easy menu fix for that that I posted if someone has that issue. Just a setting in the menu, but most reviewers would never even search for a solution. Roaming focus point? Nope, not here. What I say in my review is spot on for my use of the camera. All four parts, 15,000 words and 4-5 videos. I also have updated my camera to the latest firmware. But no issues here at all for me. It is the best camera I have ever reviewed or used, for my use. It is not for action or sports, no medium format is, doesn’t exist. Other than that, it’s beautiful. Maybe rent one for a few days and try it for yourself. It all depends on what you shoot and what kind of camera you enjoy. Most reviewers love DSLR style cameras, and if you are a DSLR fan, you will not enjoy the X1D. If you enjoy the Leica M, Leica SL and cameras that slow you down and make you think about the shot, this could be for you. If you shoot in low light and near darkness, and want fantastic ISO performance, this could be it. If you want 50MP and snappy AF as well as manual focus that works well, this could be a choice for you. If you want fantastic color out of camera and the best AWB you may have ever seen take a look at the X1D. Anyone who bashes this camera, is not really into the art of photography but moreso “the art of gear”….or they are a Fuji fanboy who just trashes it to trash it. Good luck!

    • Just offering an alternate opinion to Steve’s, but I’d imagine those who buy this camera are extremely well researched and put a great deal of thought into this purchase. So, I’m actually surprised there’s so many used X1D’s at B&H. Just speculating, but the camera had to have been a major disappointment or low performance/cost ratio for many. Maybe the small defects are too much to stomach for such a heafty price tag.

      Keep in mind there’s also some reviewers get irrationally exuberant about their purchases and are so hot on a products benefits that they cant objectively evaluate their shortcomings. IMO opinion, at this price the camera has to be perfect. Out of the box issues with controls, LCD input and EVF issues are unacceptable at this price.

      • It was due to the early firmware, as when it was launched it had MANY bugs. Today after several FW releases, there really are no bugs at all. None that I have found. But if I bought one early on, I would have gotten rid of it or returned it as it was not ready for release when they released it, sadly. But since, they fixed the bugs, sped up the AF, added the electronic shutter, fixed LCD issues and it’s solid. But the is why there are 2-3 used ones on B&H right now. They have been there for a while, before the updates. If one buys them, all they need to do is update it, which takes 10 minutes or so, and they will have an all new camera ; )

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