Leica M10 in Southern Italy Part 2 by Dan Bar

Leica M10 in Southern Italy Part 2

by Dan Bar

Hello Steve,

When I wrote my previous article I knew I will send another one as I feel It is such a beautiful place. As always I used my Leica M10 & 50 APO Cron. The 50 is a wonderful lens but sometimes I feel I need a wider lens so lately I was thinking about the 28 Elmarit which seems to be a great lens + relatively cheap and light.

Speaking of light weight I recently bought the “Cosyspeed” which seems like a nice bag which might resolve my neck pain. I usually carry my M10( quite heavy camera) all day long. As for the 28 I would appreciate if 28 owners can tell me what they think about the lens. The summaron is out of question as i shoot a lot in the dark.

Here are some more M10/50 photos….

Thank you 🙂



  1. Dan, The atmosphere of your shots is wonderful. I am always excited to see a new story from you. Regarding the 28 Elmarit, it’s a great lens, super sharp, light, compact, easy to travel with. I find it is the most contrasty of all the Leica lenses I own, so on the M240 I have to back off the contrast a bit in post processing. I also set the out of camera jpeg contrast to low so that I can see into shadows if I need to chimp. With those adjustments it’s a fabulous lens.

  2. Hello Dan always a pleasure reading your stories and pictures. I have the 28 elmarit, apoqualia 28f2 and lux. All are great but since I have an M9 and uses film iso 400 most of the time – I just cant shoot at night not changing to bw. Check the apoqualia it has its own character and so light. Im loving it leaving the elmarit and lux lately. An everyday lens.

  3. Great pics and gorgeous b&w conversions.
    I use on a IIIc the old Summaron 28/5.6. Do you think it would be too slow on your M10 ? At night, I prefer the Summilux 35 aspher (pre FE).

  4. hello,
    great pictures and I always like the contratsty and dense pictures you get. What I can say about my experience with the elmarit 28mm is it’s a little gem, as sharp as a blade. I’ve also shot with elmarit before the asph version and the new one is much better as regard sharpness though I really like the creamy images of the pre asph versions. 28mm is my go-to lens. I would also consider the elmar 24 mm if you look for a wider angle. Of course it’s a little bit bigger and wider than the elmarit 28mm but it’s really worth a try. I also shoot with the ricoh GR which has become my favorite camera when travelling. The black and white are really amazing and it’s a breeze to convert colors to B&W. You won’t get the leica look, it’s only an apsc sensor but when you shoot with a 28 mm you don’t look for a dof and the B&W high contrast are really great. If I had a M10 I think I’d go for a pre-asph version (although it’s bigger) but I guess it’s it’s a matter of personal taste.

  5. I have a M240 and a 50/28 combo. Originally tried the 28 elmarit on vacation in China and loved how compact it was. Also tried the 28 lux but imo way too heavy to be a convienent travel lens. I settled on the newest cron and love it. But to Steve’s point, if I had the M10, probably wouldn’t need the extra stop between cron and elmarit.

  6. Dan, great stuff – as usual 😉
    Concerning the 28: I used the (almost) perfect Elmarit for quite some time and liked the compact built and quality. I changed to the Summilux because of the 1.4-aperture while shooting mainly at low light with an M9. Despite the superb image quality and “picture style” wide open, sometimes I miss the compactness & lightweight of the Elmarit. However, for ME the change was the right thing to do and I enjoy using the Summilux very much 🙂 Cheers

    • That 28 Lux is nice. Larger but nice. The latest 28 cron is also quite nice. The Elmarit is a little jewel and for the M10 would be fantastic, as the ISO capability is so much better than the M9, M240, etc. The f/2.8 should not be an issue.

    • Thank you Jan
      The M9 needs a LUX no doubt. I think the 28 Elmarit will do fine on the 10 but what really interests me is the 28 handling, will it be too small for my big hands. How does the tub function? is it easy to focus?

      • Just to clearify, I used the already compact Elmarit predecessor (11606, with the click-on plastic hood) of the current/latest version, which has the new screw-on metal hood (11677)!
        True, the Summilux is large, but works well for me – also as a travel kit. However, I also think on the M10 the Elmarit and Apo 50 might be a very convenient pairing. From the handling point of view, the Elmarit did not disappoint me in the past and I prefer the focussing tab lenses enabling me to use especially the smaller, compact lenses also with gloves when it is colder. Operation of the lens was never an issue – the focus throw is relatively short, which I liked.

  7. An Elmarit would prove too slow for your minimal-light predilection. The 28 Summilux seems perfectly suited for your preferred style. Or perhaps a Q, with its 28mm (equiv.) ƒ/1.7 lens. No lens swapping in dim corners of tiny villages at midnight.

  8. Very nice pics, thanks for sharing them!
    Concerning your lens question, I own the 28 Elmarit and I am extremely happy with it, very lightweight as well…

  9. Converted. I first started with DNG +Jpeg B/W , Than changed to JPEG color .
    I sometimes find the JPEG more interesting and more Leica M9 like , so now a days I usually choose between both and convert when I feel like

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