A Hot Summer in Rome by Massimiliano Tiberi

A Hot Summer in Rome

by Massimiliano Tiberi

Dear Steve how are you!

I am here in Rome waiting for the autumn looking back at what I shot this summer and I would like to share with you all my roll of film done with the Leica M2 and a great Tri-X. So refreshing to shot with a so simple camera.

Rome in August can be very hot and the city is a bit empty and lonely but so interesting because something that is hidden became more visible. The people in Rome are so incredibly surrounded by masterpieces that sometimes you forget the living ones to focus on what was done by the ancient inhabitant of this city.

Something of the beauty of this city is fading away so do not miss the chance to visit soon.

more if you like there : http://blog.massimilianotiberi.com/rome-in-an-empty-summer/

I wish you can enjoy 🙂











  1. I like them all, and they bring back good memories of visiting Rome.

    I’m noticing a gray shadow across the top of the horizontal frame and to the left of the (third) vertical frame. That would suggest a problem with a light leak during development. Since the shutter travels horizontally in the M2, I guessing not a shutter problem. Back the the development possibility, is it possible that the light trap on the top of your tank might be defective?

    I do lke the images and thanks for posting. The look of TriX is just so addictive.


    • Thanks Roger. Yes I assume there was a problem with my tank. To admit is the only shot of the roll with this issue. The second things come to my mind is that exactly behind the hand there was the sun, and I moved carefully to be sure that the hand was covering the sun but the sunlight was very strong.

      But probably is more a development issue 🙂

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