THREE NEW BAGS! Wotancraft, Tenba and BlackForest! See them!

THREE NEW BAGS! Wotancraft, Tenba and BlackForest!

By Steve Huff

Hey hey hey! It’s Wednesday and I have just unboxed two new bags and one I have been testing out and using for weeks. One fashion all leather camera bag from for under $150, one amazingly nice roller bag from and one BRAND NEW kick ass backpack from Wotancraft that may be made for the apocalypse. Lol.

See the video below! 


I made a video about them so you can see them and hear my thoughts on them. For the Wotancraft you guys see it for the 1st time with me as I open the DHL package.

The Wotancraft bag is the new COMMANDER backpack, and it is bad ass…

The new bag from is the Roadie Roller 21, and it is a VERY nice travel bag that comes in at $379. You can get a great look at it in the video at the top of this page.

Finally the K2 from BLACKFORESTBAGS.COM comes in at $149 and is a fantastic small all leather bag for your mirrorless system. You can not get a bag like this for less, or even at this price. It is a beauty!

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  1. Wotancraft is awesome, I got to get this upgraded backpack. I have the old one which is my favorite backpack. I concur with Steve’s comments regarding Wotancraft- they are the best when it comes to camera bags and backpacks, I currently have 6 of them plus probably 15 straps for my Panerai watches. You can never go wrong with them.

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