New Leica CL in SILVER. Beautiful!

New Leica CL in SILVER. Beautiful!

Well today Leica announced a new S medium format camera, the S3. Great for those invested in that system (IT IS a gorgeous but very expensive system). Also new from Leica today was a new color for the CL. SILVER!

Yep we can now order the CL in SILVER and while I think many prefer black, I have always had a sweet spot for the silver look of the Leica M and now in the CL it looks equally as nice.

$2795 for the Body only, the CL is a beautiful camera and keeps with the Leica tradition of beauty, simplicity and overall image quality. It’s a beauty of a camera and while not to a level of these modern-day speed demons that do everything and more, the CL is plenty fast, small, solid and offers a unique shooting experience. Would make a great camera to go with your M10, SL or even on its own as a sole camera.

You can order this new color (or the old) from Ken Hansen ( or 

You can see my full CL review HERE and its worth a look if you missed it! 


  1. Agreed, silver is nice, but this raises the age old enigma in what lens will look better on this body, silver or black? Or maybe I wait for the limited red anodized version, to scream to everyone that I own a Leica 🙂

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