New Olympus Lens Roadmap Announced!


New Olympus Lens Roadmap Announced!

No, Olympus is not going out of business! I saw rumors this month about that and knew instantly it was not true. No, I did not make a clickbait video about it as so many did because it was based on one persons opinion, not based in any kind of fact.

In fact I am still using and experimenting with the Em5 III and honestly find it to be an amazing camera for video or photos. The AF on the Olympus is sooooo much better than Micro 4/3 used to be in that area and now compete up there with Sony, Nikon and Canon, even with video AF.

The 5 Axis is amazing, the size is fantastic and the IQ is a stunner in everything but the lowest of low light (see it here against the Sony A7III and iPhone 11 Pro). I also feel there will be an EM1 MKIII coming soon and I feel it will launch with an even higher MP sensor, even faster Af capabilities, and more pro video specs. But that’s just my thoughts and a prediction. I have no inside info.

But today Olympus announced their updated lens roadmap, with new lenses coming soon..

From Olympus:

“In addition to the previous development announcement of the M.Zuiko Digital ED 150- 400mm F4.5 TC1.25x IS PRO lens, Olympus will continue to expand the M.Zuiko Digital lens lineup, adding the ED 12-45mm F4.0 PRO standard zoom lens and the ED 100-400mm F5.0-6.3 IS super telephoto zoom lens. These three lenses and their detailed specifications will be officially announced in 2020. Further information will be available at the time of the official announcements.

An additional PRO telephoto zoom lens of an unspecified focal length will also join the M.Zuiko family, part of Olympus’ commitment to the market to broaden the field of photographic expression.”


  1. I would be excited to see Olympus dip their toe in the full-frame waters with a camera like the Leica Q2. An M.Zuiko Digital ED 28mm f1.2 mated to a 42 mp sensor with Olympus color science would be something to behold.

  2. m43 sensors also keep getting better at low noise at high ISO, and last time I looked the sensors were the same size as they were when first introduced. Less appealing to you perhaps…

  3. Beautiful lenses to be sure but as Sony’s (and others) Full Frame sensors keep getting better at low noise at high ISO and dynamic range and cheaper, M43 keeps getting smaller and less appealing. Olympus should have entered the Full Frame category with Panny then thrown everything but the kitchen sink at it. Now they are struggling to remain relevant.

  4. One of the strongest points in using m43 gear arises when using tele lenses. The 75mm f/1.8 is fantastic! So is the 300mm f/4. Now, where is the 150mm f/2 ?

    • M43 makes the most sense not in situations where it can be directly compared to full frame, but rather when the alternative is simply not being able to carry an equivalent full frame to where the “action” is. For subjects requiring loner teles, away from where cars can go, this comes up all the time.

      Less obviously, M43 also works spectacularly well for macro. And “just as well as” full frame at the very wide end, where you rarely seek huge apertures and/or lots of focus blur.

      Leaving traditional Leica M focal lengths, the area where M43 struggles the most, vis-a-vis ever cheaper and more compact larger formats.

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