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My “other” camera  reviews from Olympus, Panasonic, Sigma and any other brand that happens to be sent my way! All reviews prior to November 10th 2009 will be linked to at my old site. All newer reviews will be posted on this site! Enjoy!

ATTN: Many of the latest reviews have been moved and placed into the newer page “Mirrorless Central”



NOTE: For Sony mirrorless camera and lens reviews like the NEX-7, NEX-5n, NEX-F3 visit my MIRRORLESS CENTRAL page for a TON of reviews listings

CAMERA – The Sony RX1 Camera Review – PART 1

CAMERA – The Sony A33 Camera Review

CAMERA – The Sony A290 and A390 DSLR First Look Quick Review




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CAMERA – The Olympus XZ-1 Camera “Mini” Review by Steve Huff




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CAMERA – The Pentax K5 Real World Review by Steve Huff

CAMERA – The Pentax Kx DSLR Review

CAMERA – The Pentax K7 Camera Review



The Sigma DP2 Merrill Review



LENS – The SLR Magic 12mm f/1.6 Micro 4/3 Lens Review by Steve Huff

LENS – The SLR Magic 11mm 1.4 Toy Lens Review on Micro 4/3

CAMERA & LENS – The Sony NEX-C3 and Noktor Hyper-prime 50mm f/0.95 by Steve Huff

CAMER/LENS – The Sony NEX C3 and SLR Magic 28 2.8 Lens by Steve Huff

LENS – The Noktor f/0.95 Hyperprime 50mm low light test on the NEX-5 by Steve Huff

LENS – SLR Magic Toy Lens for Micro 4/3 by Steve Huff

LENS – SLR magic for the Sony NEX

LENS – The Noktor 50 0.95 Micro 4/3 Lens Review Diary



LENS – The Voigtlander 25mm f/0.95 Lens Review for Micro 4/3 by David Babsky



CAMERA – The Fuji GF670 Medium Format Film Camera Review

CAMERA – A quick look at the Contax G2 system by Steve Huff

CAMERA – The Mamiya 7 by Garry Taylor

SCANNER – Scanning film with the Epson V700 Scanner by Steve Huff



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