This page will feature links to all articles that are most visited as well as ones that I really liked. Enjoy!


A poor man’s road to Leica by Westerhuis and Westerhuis

Post-Mortem Photography – Strange Past: By Steve Huff

Shooting in Cemeteries by Jim Fisher

12 images for 2013 by Bjarke Ahlstrand

Precious Memories by Brad Husick

It’s all about INSPIRATION! By Sebastien Chort

A year with my Fathers Camera by Antoine Ringeard


Memories from Two Generations of Rollie shooters by Brad Husick

Creating Memories – What it is all about

Camera Craziness! It doesn’t matter what you shoot with!

Visiting with my Father by Amy Medina

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder by Steve Huff

Gear Acquisition Syndrome – Fighting The Addiction

Choosing a Rangefinder Camera Part 1: The Classic RD-1 by Steve Huff

The Power of Negative Thinking by Steve Huff

How to create a successful blog by Steve Huff

JUST GO SHOOT! By Aaron Hardin

Photographing Trees by Ibraar Hussain

It’s the lenses! Don’t upgrade that body just yet!

A Protest Post – By Benedikt Eckhard

10 Simple ways to become a better street shooter by Eric Kim

The Breakup Letter – “Dear Leica M9” by Paul Lanigan

Conquering the Streets of Mumbai – By Kaushal Parikh

Motivation, Passion and Love by Steve Huff

How to save a throw away shot by Ashwin Rao

Easy Street  – By D.J. De La Vega

The Lesson of my Photographic Lament by Rey Spadoni

Shooting at Marthas Vineyard by Michael Potiker

The Road to Somewhere Else by Donald Barnat

Five reasons I am glad I switched to a film Rangefinder for street photography by Eric Kim

A Day at the Matterhorn Mountain with the M9 and NEX-5. By Steve Huff

What makes a photograph a classic. By ~6

Lifes Little Moments by PROSOPHOS

The top 7 complaints of the Fuji X100 and how to get around them

More travel with the Leica M9 by Patrick Conaty

Film Types with Examples by Tyson Call

Be Inspired! Photograph Your Home Town! By Ashwin Rao

Is the Sony NEX-5 The Poor Mans Leica M9? By Steve Huff

LIFE. Live it. Love it. Rock it. By Steve Huff

A Better Camera by Randall Kelley

It’s not the photographer, it’s the camera stupid! By ~6 (Seal)

Why a used Leica M7 is more Expensive than a New M9 by Mikael Tornwall

Holga is my Friend by Max Marinucci

Photographing Sporting Events by Ashwin Rao

Photographing NYC Wide Open by Ashwin Rao

From a DSLR to and M8 by Scott Graham

How to capture Emotion and Feeling in your Photographs by Steve Huff

Shooting Fast with A Leica by Robert Boyer

A Trip With an Old Friend by Max Marinucci

Is the Leica M8 still a good choice? By Steve Huff

Finding Inspiration by Steve Huff

Leica Rangefinder Philosophy by Robert Boyer

Then and Now by Max Marinucci

Shooting Concerts with Various Cameras by Steve Huff

How I Became a Rangefinder Aficionado by Felix L Esser

I Love Taking Pictures by Tyson Call

B&W Conversion of Leica M9 files with Silver Efex Pro

Traveling the American Southwest by Ashwin Rao

Is film making a comeback? Why YES IT IS! By Steve Huff

Street shooting wide open by Max Marinucci

Picking a 35mm Lens for your Leica M Camera by Steve Huff

Best “Budget” Leica Lens when wanting to buy new…

Scanning film with the Epson V700 Scanner by Steve Huff

Kodachrome, the way it was AND STILL IS! By Max Marinucci

Refreshed, Re-Inspired and Reloaded by Steve Huff – Film article!

The Leica M9 goes to Colombia by James Klotz

The Decisive Moment by Ashwin Rao

The Leica Travel Companion – Vietnam, PART 1 By Ashwin RaoPart 2

Weddings with a Leica M9? Yep! by Steve Huff

Seven Quick Tips To Better Photos by Steve Huff

How to Develop, Scan and Print with no Darkroom Required! By Max Marinucci

I Take Pictures. Every Day. By Amy Medina

How To: Architectural Primer for the Somewhat Uninitiated by James Klotz

What is Bokeh? By Ashwin Rao

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…With an M8! by Micky Faas

My first four months with the Leica M9. Words, images and tips!

Leica M9 – Travel Camera Extraordinaire by Ashwin Rao

Basic Q&A on switching from a DSLR to an Rangefinder camera

My Leica Lens Suggestions for your M8 or M9

Why I Hate My Leica M9 by Steve Huff

To PP or not to PP? That is the question!

The Leica Digilux 2: A Trip Down Memory Lane by Steve Huff

The Leica M8 Shoots SEAL in Concert by Steve Huff – Old Site, may run slow.

My Leica M9 Daily Diary Page – Tons of samples from the Leica M9 with various lenses!

Leica Lenses and those funky names!

The Leica M9 – 21 Questions Answered

Stuck in a rut? Eight way to get motivated!

Improving the handling of a Leica M by Ashwin Rao

My “Open Letter To Leica” response

My trip to Europe for the Seal Tour

Shooting Bridal and Fashion With A Leica M9 by Tapas Maiti

Why The Leica M8 May Be Right For You by Robert Chisholm

The Leica Look? By Ashwin Rao



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