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Leica Camera is raising their prices by 8-15% on ALL lenses as well as the D-Lux 4. How is this possible you ask? Well, they seem to do it every year but Leica nuts still continue to make purchases. The good news is that the M9, S2 and X1 will NOT be going up in price (THANK GOD). BUT hot lenses like the 50 Summilux ASPH which currently sells for $3595 new may be as high as $4200 after the 1st of the new year. If you are in the market for Leica lenses I would buy them before the end of the year price hike!!!

The new Noctilux up to $11-$11,500, the 35 Summicron as high as $3200? Yep, but I am not sure what is getting as 8% hike and what is getting the 15% hike. I have compiled some links of my favorite Leica lenses at B&H Photo just in case you want to buy a lens you have been wanting, BEFORE they go up!

Also, my friend Ken Hansen also sells Leica so if you e-mail him for pricing info be sure to tell him I sent you! BTW, I do not make any money by referring Ken. I do so because I have had such great experiences buying from him.

My favorite and recommended Leica lenses at B&H:

My faves from the premo stuff…

Leica 18 Super Elmar – CURRENT PRICE – $2695 – BUY NOW AT B&H!

Leica 24 Summilux ASPH – CURRENT PRICE – $5995 – Will this lens come close to $7k soon? BUY NOW AT B&H

Leica 35 Summicron ASPH – CURRENT PRICE – $2795 – Will be going up 10-15% after Jan 1st! BUY NOW AT B&H

Leica 50 Summilux ASPH – CURRENT PRICE – $3495 – Will be going up up and away! Out of my reach, that is for sure – OUT OF STOCK AT B&H, Check Ken Hansen as he had a few a week or two ago.

Leica 50 Noctilux .95 – CURRENT PRICE – $9995 – Will be 10-15% higher after January 1st 2010. BUY NOW AT B&H

The cheaper but still awesome list of my favorite Leica lenses:


Leica 50 Summicron – CURRENT PRICE – $1995 – BUY NOW BEFORE IT GOES TO $2300-$2400!

Leica 75 Summarit – CURRENT PRICE – $1595 – A current favorite of mine! BUY NOW AT B&H

D-LUX 4 – CURRENTLY $699 but will be going up to $799 after Jan 1st. – BUY NOW AT B&H!

Also, keep in mind that if you buy a lens and use my links above through B&H then you are automatically supporting this site as B&H is my main sponsor.

As for the price hike, I think it sucks. After the hike, mostly all new Leica lenses will officially be out of my reach so I am settling on my permanent set before Jan 1st. I can only imagine what this stuff will cost in another 5 years. One good thing is that if you are someone who has owned some Leica glass for many years, those lenses have performed better than the stock market. If I had my 50 Lux I bought in 2004 I could sell it today for $2000 more than I paid for it new. I also bought a brand new Noctilux F1 from B&H in 2004 for $2995. They sell USED today for up to $6,000. But, those days are most likely over as the new lenses are beginning to be priced so high that I can not imagine them doubling in another 5 years. I mean, could you see paying $8000 for a 50 Lux Asph? Only time will tell.

So get them while you can and before the price hike. I also have a feeling that many of these lenses will sell out before Jan 1st. More and more M9’s are getting into the hands of shooters and some lenses are high in demand (50 Lux #1 sought after lens for M9). As soon as everyone realizes the price hike is real (which can be any time now) these lenses will be selling quickly. Just a heads up so good luck!


  1. Firstly Steve thanks for the great site, I really enjoy reading it.

    Secondly you guys in United States shouldn’t complain at all. Below are prices in Austria just to give you an idea how much we in EU have to pay right now:
    Leica 18 Super Elmar – $3500.-
    Leica 24 Summilux ASPH – $7500.-
    Leica 35 Summicron ASPH – $3380.-
    Leica 50 Summilux ASPH – $4130.-
    Leica 50 Noctilux .95 –$12000.-
    Leica 35 Summarit –$1950.-
    Leica 50 Summicron –$2330.-
    Leica 75 Summarit – $1950.-
    Leica M9 – $8250.-

  2. Not so long ago $ 2000 would buy a Leica lens with a 2500 euro value.
    Today, thanks to Bernake, pumping in billions of dollars, $ 2000 will not get you more than 1400 euros. Actually, what you think is a 8-15% price hike is a steep
    discount bij Leitz. At this rate your prediction will come thru in about 3 years time.

    Keep on buying!
    Onno Schroder in the Netherlands

    P.S. GREAT Website

  3. Looks like the Zeiss lenses will go up too. On the Popflash site it says the price of the 25mm f2.8 will increase as of 12-14-09. It doesn’t list how much they will go up. A good incentive by Leica and Zeiss to sell their stock for holiday gifts.

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