Thumbs Up looking good on my M9!

Some days are good πŸ™‚

Just got this VERY cool Thumbs up in the mail and it was sent from a reader who “donated” it to me because he decided on a black M9 instead of a silver. Wow, this is so nice and even though it is silver, I like it on my black M9. I believe these go for $160 but it adds a very nice thumb grip when holding your M camera. It slides into the hot shoe and it fits in nice and firm.

I love it, thanks David! I really appreciate it!


Oh, and that sweet little lens you see on the Camera is the Zeiss 35 2.8 C-Biogon. The review for the lens will be up tomorrow afternoon/evening!

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  1. I bought a thumbs up and I love it. I had a Leica grip because I shoot a lot of portrait, but I found that uncomfortable. The shorter thumbs up does the trick, I can swivel the camera and it just seems to balance on my thumb. It’s exceedingly well balanced.

  2. Thanks for the comments on the “flaws” of this device. I just started using it so I will give more feedback in a week or two. Ill be shooting extensively next week so if I have these issues or others I will let you know! Thanks, and yes, I wear my M across my body. The only way to do it!

  3. Yeah, those ‘thumbsup’ doodabs are pretty cool……on first appearance but I found that for me at least, the love affair ended after about a week. I bought my first one in Australia and liked it so much that when I got back home I bought two more for my other M’s. The problem with them is that if you wear your camera across your body ‘Bandelero’ style, they have a tendency to dig into your rib cage and after a while this becomes increasingly uncomfortable. It wasn’t until I was shooting with an MP film camera that I realised it just wasn’t worth the discomfort.

    Again, this only applies if you wear your M as I do…across the body.


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